Best Bridal Chura Designs in 2022 with Prices

Bridal Chura

Bridal chura is something that everyone enjoys seeing. During their wedding festivities, Indian brides have a full-fledged kaleere and chura ceremony. After all, it says “bridal” on the label! It elevates the bridal look when paired with the bridal mehendi and bejeweled hands, and whether you want something matching or contrasting, it stands out no matter what..

Nowadays, most brides choose a chooda that complements and elevates their bridal look, and it’s no longer limited to red or maroon churas. Choodas have evolved from bright to light and even offbeat colors, with brides choosing to match or contrast their pastel lehengas with churas.

If you’re looking for one online, you’ve come to the right place! Because you will be wearing the bridal chura for some time after your wedding, choose chura designs that you will enjoy wearing! Here are some of the most recent chura designs for 2022!

The Chura or Haldi ceremony is the most unprepared and underappreciated ceremony at most weddings, with most arrangements made at the last minute or on the spur of the moment. But believe us when we say that some of the most awesome and fun photos from your wedding will come from this ONE! Most brides have the function at their home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it spectacular!

We fell in love with the Haldi and Chura ceremonies! So laid-back, so relaxed, and so much fun! It’s also a great idea to do it by the pool, which results in some amazing photos! They’ll be on your wrists for the duration of your wedding, so why not match them to your attire? Maroon or bright red Chura can clash with a pastel outfit, so get some pastel ones to round out your ensemble! Instead of red, how about light pink, peach, or even light blue?

Here are some Bridal Chura colors for you to choose from

We’ve divided the chudas by color, so go ahead and choose something that suits you, and just to make things easier, we’ve included the price as well! Choose one chura design from these designs that are mentioned below. We have mentioned several chura designs for you. Just enjoy the post.

Red and Gold

One of the newest bridal chura designs for 2022 is red and gold. Get some gold added to your red bridal chura if you want to brighten it up. This will not only look stunning with your bridal lehenga, but it will also add a splash of color to the chura.

Price: INR 5,000

Red and White

A red and white chura pattern is a timeless classic that will never go out of style! If you want to be a traditional Punjabi bride, this bridal chura is ideal!

Price: INR 4,000-INR 5,000

Baby Pink

One of the most recent bridal chura designs is baby pink chura. Pastel colors are popular right now, so why should your bridal chura be any different? One of the most popular Punjabi chura designs this year is a baby pink chooda!

Price: INR 7,000

Rani Pink

We’ve seen many brides wear rani pink churas to their weddings, and we absolutely adore this chura design! A rani pink chura, one of the newest chura designs for 2022, will undoubtedly make you stand out!

Price: INR 7,500

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Try a maroon bridal chura instead of the traditional red! The chuda’s maroon color will add a beautiful richness and elegance to your bridal choora design! Indian weddings love the maroon color. Just go for this color at your wedding.

Price: INR 7,000-INR 9,000


Who would have guessed that champagne-colored bridal churas would be one of the most popular chura colors in 2022? A champagne bridal chura is elegant and understated, and it will go with all of your post-wedding outfits.

Price: INR 5,000


These days, it appears that many brides are wearing white bridal churas. In fact, most of the latest bridal chura designs for 2022 appear to incorporate white as the main color of the churas, which millennial brides adore!

Price: INR 6,000

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Off White

Off white bridal churas are another unconventional Punjabi chura design that we will see practically everywhere in 2022! Yes white if for peace. Many brides choose white chura over red.

Price: INR 5,000

Parrot Green

A parrot green choora design?! That’s what we call fashionable and stylish! Wear a parrot green bridal chura instead of the traditional red bridal chura for a stylish twist on your bridal chura design! Ahmm just try this for your wedding, this will give you an amazing look.

Price: INR 7,000


Choose a peach bridal chura if you want your best bridal chura design to be simple, somber, and elegant! A peach bridal chura will look stunning with pastel-colored lehengas, especially for a day wedding or a sundowner wedding. So, if you’re wearing a pastel-colored outfit to your wedding, try this bridal choora design!

Price: INR 7,000

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Bejeweled Churas

Pair your bridal chura with kadas and bejeweled bangles to add some serious bling to your chura design. Here are some of the most recent 2022 chura designs.

Bridal Chura with Antique Gold Kadas

As the saying goes, “old is gold,” and pairing your bridal chura with antique gold kadas will elevate your wedding look! This kind of chura will give you a royal look. Just go for it if you like gold.

Price: INR 11,500

Chura Designs with Kundan Bangles

Do we not all adore diamonds? Especially the big, polki ones that draw everyone’s attention. Incorporate kundan bangles into your bridal chura designs, and we’re confident you’ll love this stylish take on the traditional Punjabi chura!

Price: INR 16,500

Choora Design with American Diamonds

We are confident that you will enjoy incorporating American diamonds into your bridal chura design! American diamonds, whether in the shape of flowers or paisleys, are one of the newest chura designs for 2022! This kind of chura will give you a lavish look.

Price: INR 10,500-INR 11,500

The 2022 chura designs are a sight to behold! As more brides become open to experimentation, we are confident that we will see many more stunning Punjabi chura designs in the coming years! But for now, take note of these unique bridal chura designs and their prices. Above mentioned chura design and price will help you to find the chura that you want in your wedding. That time has gone when you have to wear only red chura.There are many options there. Just grab those options and be unique for your marriage.

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