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Marriages are supposedly made in paradise. However, these do occur on Earth. Therefore, let’s create heaven on earth by having Destination Weddings. In order to make their special day truly unique, more and more couples are choosing to have destination weddings. Planning a wedding outside of your own country can be both thrilling and stressful. The world is your oyster because Indian couples are increasingly choosing destination weddings.

From Kashmir to Kenya, there is nowhere you cannot go to have the wedding of your dreams. Also, trust The Wedding Conteurs to turn your visions into stunning cinematography. However, it is tedious and time-consuming to select the perfect place for pre-wedding ceremony photo shoots in India.

Why is an Indian destination better than abroad!

You can find all the necessary wedding locations in the lovely nation of India. Photographing at some of the best settings for destination weddings. We’ll provide the full package for you, including candid wedding photographs and wedding films. No location, domestically or abroad, poses a hurdle to us. We’ve filmed in all of these places – Kenya, Canada, South-east Asia and are prepared for any new opportunities you could present to us. It may have been difficult to choose the best destination for Wedding Photography Artist in India, but now that you’re here, you’re in good hands.

So let’s make a list of the top pre-wedding photo shoot settings in India that you can choose from and visit whenever you like, whether it’s day or night, bright or light.

Here are some Best destinations for candid photography in India!


Many people choose Goa over all other places to hold events. Goa is best for Candid Photography in India. Every year during the wedding season, couples swarm to Goa for destination weddings, pre-wedding photo shoots, or bachelorette parties. Parties, pre-wedding photo shoots, bachelorette parties, weddings, honeymoons, and other events are just a few of the top things that can be held there.

Why you should have your wedding in Goa as a destination:

  • Because of the beaches, the churches, the exquisite aroma of the sea and sand, the waves, and the weather, everyone wants to celebrate their love in Goa.
  • Goa is widely regarded as the party capital of India, making it the perfect location for couples to do photo shoots with lots of fantastic ideas and beautiful settings.
  • Road access is available to the location. Madgaon is the closest train station and airport.
  • Both the most romantic walks on Agonda Beach and the most memorable recollections were captured at Cabo de Rama Fort.

The most stunning sites in Goa for wedding filming are:

Chorla Ghats, Calangute, Panaji, Bat Island, Agonda Beach, Amboli Falls, Palolem Beach, Chapora Fort and Baga Beach, Terekhol Fort, Chapora Fort, Basilica of Bom Jesus, and many more are among the popular tourist attractions in India.


Rajasthan is the best place, where you can get Top Candid Photographers in India. For As you tour India, a perpetually green city, Rajasthan is renowned for its ancient forts and lakes.

  • It is the perfect site for wedding photography in India because it is conveniently accessible to all of the country’s major cities.
  • The blue metropolis is best for post-wedding photographs masterpieces color and vigor.

  • You can also pass through the Mehrangarh Fort, Ghantaghar, Jaswant Thada, Old Blue City, Panchkunda, Ajit Bhawan, Balsamand Lake, and Kalyan Lake while you are there. You have the opportunity to learn much more about Rajasthan during the pre-wedding photographs.

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Pondicherry, renowned for its vibrant streets, beaches, stunning motorways, and incredible nightlife, is the ideal location for couples to shoot wedding photos.

  • One of the most beautiful photo backdrops is a bustling city with a touch of colonial elegance.
  • The vibrant, colourful walls make the city more lively, which will make shooting more entertaining and fun! The setting serves as a good frame, so you don’t even need to try.
  • Perhaps the greatest location for a pre-wedding picture session in Pondicherry that won’t break the bank is The French Colony.
  • Additionally suggested are Rock Beach, Street and White Town, well-preserved French windows, Serenity Beach, and calm coastal resorts.


Rishikesh is a well-liked location for extreme sports. Sandal beaches and rocky rivers are features of Rishikesh.

  • Shiv Puri and Rishikesh are regarded as the best locations for wedding photography because of their diversity and abundance of Indian nature.
  • Travelers can also explore and take the chance to enjoy the adventures in Uttarakhand at locations like Dehradun, Mussoorie, Auli and Nainital, Ranikhet, Jim Corbett, and Lansdowne.


One of India’s most picturesque landscapes may be seen in Kerala. Another name for it is “God’s Land.”

  • In Kerala, there are many places to take wedding photos, but the best ones are up ahead.
  • Images of you and your significant houseboat cruising in the midst of the setting sun at the backside of the seas of Kumarakom, a romantic location in India, will be breathtaking for all time.
  • One of the top locations for Wedding Photographers where opulence and aesthetic beauty coexist.
  • You can capture pictures from boats in Alleppey’s backwaters or from the beach.

As a result, it is a sought-after location for all kinds of picture sessions due to its tranquility.

# Jammu and Kashmir

  • India’s most beautiful region is Jammu & Kashmir. Consider Sonmarg, a romantic setting for the pre-wedding photography, if you want the lush foliage and snow-covered peak as your primary stream for photoshoot locations.
  • The breathtaking Himalayan views and the surrounding natural beauty will provide you with plenty of ideas for shooting romantic moments with your sweetheart.

  • Consider Gulmarg as well because it has a floral meadow that is bordered by majestic valleys that will give your shots an aura without any artificial snow or ice.
  • You will only consider doing the shoot there if there is actual snow and ice, mountains, and peaks.


  • Many people may have considered visiting Jaipur for one reason or another after watching the historical sites there in movies. However, Jaipur is the venue that works well for Rajasthan’s wedding destination shoot.

  • The monuments in the pink city and the area around them justify everything, not just the name.
  • The location is reasonably priced, and the rich, colorful colors make for a single snapshot that can hold a lot of good memories.

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Mumbai’s locations and population are inexplicable since, if you are a true explorer, only one trip there will provide all the answers.

  • The pre-wedding photo sessions frequently occur in Bhiwandi, popularly known as Sets in the city.
  • The ideal location for any type of pre-wedding photo shoot is a one-stop shop.
  • The colored cottages in Goa that are exact replicas, the lake view that is eerily reminiscent of Rajasthan, Ranch set, Rajwada courtyard, etc.

As a result, if you arrive at this location, you won’t need to travel elsewhere for photo or video shoots.

  • The one area in which everyone is perplexed when it comes to pre-wedding photography is the subject of the ideas to add.
  • Simple and less social folks can choose sophisticated themes, while outgoing and sociable people can invite their friends to the photo shoot.
  • There are old backgrounds, signs, the outdoors, and people. There are various possibilities, but the most crucial task is execution.

Regardless of the city, picking someone who is familiar with the locale or a local might be a smart choice since they will be comfortable with it. They are certain to be familiar with the greatest locations in the area for stunning wedding photos. Shortlist a few from a list of the best destination wedding photographers in India if you are concerned that they might not be up to par.

Last Words!

If the destination Wedding Photographer of your choice lives nearby, just take him along instead of looking for some stranger in a different town. Ask relatives and friends for recommendations. A thorough record of the entire event can be provided by including some pre- and post-wedding images. If you are planning for a wedding and need more help with it, then visit our website: Peppynite. Follow us for more blogs!

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