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Have you guys decided on your wedding date? Good, now it’s time to get that perfect wedding invitation cards to send your guests and declare the news. We know it’s 2019, with everything happening on the internet, giving a wedding card is moving to the internet too. But here’s the thing, sending e-vites is easy but giving a wedding card personally, that brings out the bonding. Now that we have convinced you a little to give wedding invitations, we’ll share a list of best wedding card designers in India.

Because, here’s another thing, this is young India and we want things fun, quirky and sassy, just like us. So, why have those boring wedding cards when we can things spiced up? Check out this list of wedding card designers who are catering to the modern needs of modern Indian wedding invitations. Wedding invitation card designs have been revolutionized!

Here we go…

1. Diksha Mehta Invites

Based in Delhi, Mehta brings something new to the table for every type of couple-to-be. Depending on your taste, whether you’re looking for contemporary or classic or a cross-over fo the two, you’ll get everything here. Mehta has a wide range of options and they include regular/premium paper invitations, laser-cut, packaged, boxed/scroll invitations, contemporary, story- and destination-themed, customized, pop-up cards, digital invite/e-invite, as well as video invites.

2. Be Jalebi

Another treasure trove from Delhi. They best describe themselves and their products as “unique”. Be Jalebi pays close attention to their client’s needs and create weddings cards and invitations that are personal to them. The team is a bunch of young, creative and enthusiastic minds who understand the need of Indian youth very well.

3. Studio Kohl

An upbeat and colourful design studio led by Mira Malhotra from Mumbai. Mira believes that “the Indian market has two polar opposites when it comes to invitations. One is the mass-produced, commercial variety, with clip art, and the other is the overly personal, quirky, colorful and fun sort with bride and groom as cartoon characters.” Mira likes to tread in the middle with her designs.

4. Vedic Invites

A small and distinct startup by Anchal Bansal. She started the studio in 2014 in Agra and the business has only grown since then. Clients from across the country are coming to the studio to get that ancient print wedding cards that have a rich and personal feel to them.

5. The Entertainment Design Company

Before telling you guys about their work, let us give you some prominent names from their guest list. They include Abhishek Bachchan, Nita Ambani, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Virat Kohli, Queen of Jordan, Ratan Tata, Sachin Tendulkar and many more. They have an office in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Dubai and New York. Pretty impressive, right? The Entertainment Design Company knows how to change the game of wedding invitations. They draw inspiration from traditional Rajasthani designs to the Baroque reflections of Europe. You’ll be in for a surprise.

6. Pink Whistle Man

This innovative studio in Mumbai is in a class of its own. When you sit down with these guys and discuss what kind of invitation cards you want, you’ll be stamped with the kind of ideas these guys come up with. Did you ever think of your wedding card being in the form of a criminal record? That’s ingenious, right? You may not want to go overboard with the cards or you may some crazy ideas. Whatever they are, Pink Whistle Man is the place for you!

7. Medha Srivastava

This young, bold and beautiful illustrator has an inclination towards faces. She specializes in funny caricature based wedding invitations that are personal to the couple. Medha dedicates a lot of time to sitting with her clients and what they want. Their ideas, coupled with her imagination and artistic skills result in some spell-bounding outcomes that will leave you gasping for air.

8. Perfect Invites

Perfect Invites is based in the bustling city of Bangalore. This small yet highly creative studio is the brainchild was started by Goutam Jotwani, a management graduate who discovered his love for art and went on to make a profession out of it. His speciality is quirky and offbeat wedding invitations that have exceptional attention to detail.

9. Divya Bhatia

Divya is extremely artistic, passionate and proud of her wedding invitations. She recalls, “I literally forced my friend to get an alternate wedding card made by me.” There’s one thing about her designs and invitations- her designs are simple and she always imbibes a purpose in them. Divya doesn’t believe in making cards that just look beautiful. She says, “I never thought my constant search for insights will help me in designing wedding invitation cards that connect with people.”

10. Red Square Communications

A design and print studio based in Kolkata, Red Square Communications offers to fulfil all kinds of creative services for their clients. Their work example speaks about the kind of creative minds that this studio houses. And their wedding invites are among the most sort-after services by their clients. Whatever crazy or subtle ideas you have for your wedding invitations, you can be sure these guys will turn them into a beautiful reality.

These are the best wedding invitation cards designers in India handpicked by us for you. Choose which you may like, we’re definitely sure you’ll be amazed by their work!

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