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An Indian wedding is a time when each of your distant friends and family member gathers to celebrate. This celebration is not just of the union of two individuals but also the union of two families. A celebration that is so grand that it can put an award ceremony to shame. Indian weddings are about traditions and rituals while having fun with friends and family.

But arranging a big fat Indian wedding is a pain-in-the-ass. Décor, guest list, food, accommodation, wedding attire, entertainment- there’s so much to stress about and a bride obviously doesn’t want to get and dark circles. That’s why the business of wedding planning services India is earning huge profits today.

Indian wedding is not just a wedding but endless rows of functions before and after the D-day. Putting all these together takes a lot of attention and time. So, we bring you a list of wedding planners in India who’ll let you relax and take the reign of organizing a wedding of your dream.

Here we go, Best wedding planners in India:

L’more Weddings:

First started in 2011 in the United States of America by Gunjan Bansal, L’more has been planning weddings in India since 2013. Under the experienced and artistic eyes of Gunjan, the company has organized some of the most astounding weddings that are possible. Be it destination weddings or a traditional one, L’more knows how to pull it off. With awards and certification from international magazines and organizations, L’more is recognized worldwide.

Reynolds Weddings:

Reynolds Weddings was established in 1990. That means this company has an experience of handling a big fat Indian wedding with ease. The company boasts organizing lavish weddings in Rajasthan, Goa and in Kerala. You can have a guest list running in triple-digits and still be relaxed that Reynolds Wedding will take care of the wedding for you. With a huge inventory of wedding related items, they can arrange a wedding of your dreams.

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Ferns n Petals Weddings:

A premier wedding planner based in Delhi, FnP weddings offers professional advice to guide their clients through the arduous task of planning their weddings. They guarantee attention to detail, perfect coordination in organising an event whether big or small. FnP not only plans weddings but also organises other events of corporate, social, educational or merchant type.

3 Production Weddings:

Working with a motto- “Trust unto us, and enjoy a fun-filled adventure”, 3 Productions offers a dynamic and flexible outlook and a readiness to combat unforeseen challenges with unforgiving attention to details. Their wedding arrangements go beyond cultural spectra. The company have a huge repertoire to make your wedding a memorable one.

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Elite Wedding Planner:

Elite Wedding Planner is a Mumbai-based wedding planning company established in 2011. So far, they have planned over 140 weddings successful with smiling and happy clients. Their objective is to offer you people who are as enthusiastic about your special day as you are. This leads a wedding of your dreams where everything exceeds your expectations.

Neeta Raheja:

Neeta Raheja wedding planner is based in Delhi. The company is run under the watchful eyes of seasoned professional wedding consultant and wedding planner Neeta Raheja. They believe in planning a bespoke memorable wedding, just as you imagined your special day in your dreams. Neeta Raheja specializes in customized wedding decor and design and planning.

Rings & Roses:

Rings & Roses Wedding Planners reside in the bustling megacity of Bangalore. It is the brainchild of Christopher and Rosemary Ratnam, established in 1998 and the first of its kind in Bangalore. The wedding planner has so far planned and organised over 300 weddings. The couple is married for 41 years and understands the importance of marriage. the value of each moment a wedding carries. They offer all the services necessary for a memorable wedding, even bridal wear.

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E Factor

E Factor came to life in 2000-2001. The company had a dream to stand out in its niche category as a super-specialized service provider. They have gained quite a name for their larger than life, awe-inspiring set-ups and personalized to client’s need. E factor works with highly skilled craftsmen and extremely qualified designers to add an extra edge over others in the business. The company has an office in Delhi and Jaipur with footprints in the Middle and South East and Europe.

Marry Me

Marry Me – The Wedding Planners are based in Mumbai providing a one-stop solution for your wedding and related events. They not only plan your wedding but also offer you suitable venues and vendors that fit your budget and taste. Marry Me works closely with the couple and their families to plan a wedding of your dreams, reflecting your taste. So whether your wedding is big or small, a traditional one or a destination, it will be incomparable to others. Marry Me blends Indian tastes and traditions with contemporary and modern touches.

Looking at this list of amazing wedding planners, there’s one thing to say- these are highly trained and professional in their work and whichever you go to, you’ll get the best wedding. Some of the wedding planners also solve the problem of finding wedding venues in India. Wedding halls in Shimla offer some of the best destination wedding locations.

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