Pros & Cons Of Destination Wedding You Must Know About

Couples from all over the world have weddings that are destination however, since the pandemic hit we’ve witnessed a rise in weddings that are destination. Everybody is now aware of the significance of having a wedding in a location which will not only make the couple feel happy, but everyone else attending the wedding as well. However, having an event that is a destination wedding comes with its own number of advantages and disadvantages. Although it might seem as if there are plenty of pros and cons, or even a few advantages, you’ll discover that each family member and couple. That’s the reason we believe you should checkout the ultimate checklist of Pros & Cons Of Destination Wedding. Read on to learn more!

What are the Pros & Cons of  Destination Wedding

Pros of Having a Destination Wedding

1. A Stunning View

One of the main reasons couples choose to have an event at a location is due to the scenic beauty. It doesn’t matter if you want to marry with view of the mountains or the option of a beach wedding the main reason is the views. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding and you want to take in the view, it’s an absolute plus!

2. The Celebrations Will be Never-Ending

The great aspect of a wedding at a resort is that the party celebrations are never-ending. The venue may close but you’ll be able to keep the celebration going inside your wedding suite, or even the groom’s bedroom!

3. A Destination Wedding is Like a Vacation

A destination wedding also means that you get an extended holiday. You could stay for an additional day or start the day early to rest and relax. The wedding destination is an opportunity to relax for your guests who are staying to relax and enjoy the place!

4. You Don’t Have to Worry About the Hired Vendors

Another advantage of having a wedding at a destination is that you do not have to stress about vendors. If you were getting married in your home town you’d fret about getting your vendors there on time. However, at the wedding in a location your wedding vendors will be on site ahead of time, ensuring everything runs according to plan!

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5. You can Have a Dreamy Intimate Wedding

If you’ve ever wanted to have the romantic and small wedding then it’s time to plan a wedding at a location that is a destination. It is possible to invite only your closest and dearest friends to the beautiful location you choose for your wedding.

6. Unique Experiences

There are many destinations that offer special experiences that highlight the uniqueness of a particular area. Utilize these experiences by incorporating them into you bridal guests. They will not only enjoy it , but you’ll also stand out by providing them with unique experiences!

7. Can be Cost Efficient

There is a popular misconception that a wedding in a different location isn’t cost-effective. It could be true in some instances, however, if the guests are small, if you pick the perfect date and the right location, a wedding in a foreign country is a great option for you!

Cons of Having a Destination Wedding

8. Planning, Planning, and Lots of Planning!

Prepare yourself, because the wedding destination you choose to attend will require the most planning you’ll ever undertake in your lifetime. From ensuring that your trip will be smooth for all guests to making sure that things are in sync as wedding hosts all of it must be organized. This will consume an enormous amount of time and is the biggest disadvantage of having a destination wedding.

9. Get Ready for a Lot of Coordination

Following the planning phase it is essential to be prepared to devote some of your time in coordination with many vendors and the local authority, agent and other officials of various departments. You must ensure that nothing happens to be out of order, and, if something goes off course, you’ll be in trouble.

10. No Rest for the Bride and Groom’s Family

If you are getting married in your home town the parents of your guests should know the best way and when to go about things, but the issue when it comes to weddings at a destination is that they are an inconvenience for the families of the bride and groom. From the time of planning to the time they get home, the families aren’t getting any rest.

11. Expect Last-Minute Delays or Things to go Haywire

Another big issue is that you may encounter a number of last-minute problems or issues that don’t go according to plan because you’re not well-versed in the locals of the area or the way they work. This is a serious problem that you do not want to face when your wedding celebrations are in progress!

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12. All-Inclusive Packages Will Not be Personal

A majority of those planning to have the wedding of their dreams will receive an all-inclusive package which includes everything from decor and accommodation to the food, the setup, and so on. While this might seem as a simple option for you, it’s not one that is personal to you. It’s a no No and you’ll need choose standard items.

13. Can Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

It’s true that a wedding at a location is also expensive due to several aspects. First, if you contact a lot of people, it’ll cost you quite a bit. Additionally, flying people down or booking rooms can be expensive. There’s also a myriad of expenses you can’t anticipate until the the last second.

14. A Lot of Guests You Don’t Invite Will be Offended

You might want to have an intimate wedding to cut costs or simply because you’d like to have fewer guests but we’re aware that many guests who are not invited will be offended. This may not appear to be an issue now, however, after your wedding you’ll realise that it’s a more serious scam than what it was back then!


It’s time to put all the Pros & Cons you’ve learned to use to make sure that your  destination wedding goes smoothly. Yes, planning a destination wedding may be difficult. However, if you’re aware of Pros & Cons Of Destination Wedding, you’ll be able to quickly organise everything. Make beautiful memories by planning a Destination Wedding while keeping in mind these Pros & Cons Of Destination Wedding.

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