Wedding Planning Tips: How to Plan a Wedding Step by Step

Wedding Planning Tips: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s be honest, wedding planning can be very stressful.  while many couples choose to do the majority of the planning themselves, especially if their wedding is a large affair, professional planners are frequently hired by couples to assist with managing their weddings. Since there are so many unique personal considerations, only you may be able to see them more clearly. Additionally, even if you hire a wedding planner, you must remain involved all the way through. It is therefore advisable to make a checklist and check each item off individually rather than taking everything at once. We’re here to remind you that while planning a wedding can be a little challenging, it is still possible to pull off the wedding of your dreams if you keep a few Wedding Planning Tips in mind.

First and foremost, organisation is essential to keeping the planning process on track. While making judgments about various aspects that affect the wedding, you must keep in mind the deadlines and checklists. And don’t forget to  Include your significant other in this phase as well. Your marriage need to be symbolised by your wedding.

Most probably, you’re confused about where to start. We’ve got you covered, though. Just keep in mind one extremely crucial thing: Try to enjoy yourself! After all, this is your wedding.

Here are some tried and tested Wedding Planning Tips that will surely aid you in executing your big day flawlessly.

#1. Set Your Wedding Date:

Setting a wedding date is the first step in planning an Indian wedding. You will most likely be given a date that will be a favourable day for wedding after taking into account all the customs and conveniences. Setting a date for your wedding will make it easier for you to plan for things like guest travel and traffic flows. A fixed date is also necessary to easily schedule vendors.

Wedding Planning Tips: Set Your Wedding Date

#2. Best Is To Start Early:

Everyone agrees that you should have enough time to prepare your wedding, and this is the one thing we all stand by. This implies that you should begin early and spread out your planning. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to arrange the wedding before you start any kind of planning. Your buddy is always a longer timeline. Aim for around a year, if you can. In this manner, you will also have enough time to make backups of everything.

Wedding Planning Tips: Best Is To Start Early

#3. Set A Budget Before You Begin:

It’s essential to set your budget before you start the planning process. The wedding’s style will depend on your spending plan. Include your partner in this process so that you can decide how to divide costs and select things like design and venues, among other things. Make sure the overall wedding budget includes expenses for your attire, hair and cosmetics, shoes, accessories, nail treatments, etc. Determine your spending limit, look for wedding locations, and within that limit, choose your meal menu, aesthetics, and general appearance. It will also enable you to narrow down your choices.

Wedding Planning Tips: Set A Budget Before You Begin

#4. Discuss The Budget With Your Family:

You can begin planning the remaining tasks once you have a budget. Involve your family and the family of your spouse in the budget decision-making process instead of making it alone. Take their suggestions and see how much they can help, especially if they have experience with the wedding tango. Also, if any of your family members want to contribute to the budget, think about asking them to make a contribution to a particular wedding vendor or aspect over which you feel comfortable delegating responsibility, like flowers, music, or one of your costumes.

Wedding Planning Tips: Discuss The Budget With Your Family

#5. Create An Estimate Guestlist:

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or one that is more regional in scope, you must always create an anticipated guest list. Estimating the size of your wedding will be simpler if you have a guest list available. This will also make it easier for you to plan who you want at the main wedding banquet or reception as well as who you want at all of your other events. You will be better able to understand your vendors, such as your photographer, caterer, venue management, etc., with the aid of this projected guest list.

Wedding Planning Tips: Create An Estimate Guestlist

#6. Decide A Theme:

Themes, locations, wedding venues, and guest lists are among the big concepts that go into wedding planning. There are also minor things that can make a stunning difference. Therefore, once your wedding’s budget is determined, you can begin thinking about a theme. Either an overarching theme that sets the mood for your wedding or a theme broken down by functions where each function stands for something. Additionally, you may always come up with colour schemes for your wedding if you’re not set on having a specific theme (if you find that kind of thing too restrictive). This will enable you to pay closer attention to details such as décor, clothes, venue, food, etc.

Wedding Planning Tips: Decide A Theme

#7. Use Wedding Apps To Help You Plan Better:

We have benefited a lot from the digital era. Apps for wedding planning are one of them. There are several free apps available that offers wedding planning tips and can assist you in planning your wedding. They can help you choose the theme, decorations, outfits, and locations. Additionally, they assist you in managing the procedure without stress and staying on schedule!

Wedding Planning Tips: Use Wedding Apps To Help You Plan Better

#8. Choose a Venue:

The next phase in your planning is selecting a location/venue. Whether it’s a local wedding or a destination wedding, picking and reserving a location is essential. Therefore, you must conduct some market study before deciding on a location. Read online reviews, visit multiple wedding locations, request price quotations, and make sure to compare the services they offer. Additionally, think about your wedding’s theme. Does the location fit your sense of style? Are the amenities there what you want for yourself and your visitors? Do they offer catering or décor? You have a lot of expectations for your venue. Make a list of these requirements and check each off at the locations you’ve chosen.

Wedding Planning Tips: Choose a Venue

#9. Prepare A Wedding Checklist:

You can stay prepared by making a wedding checklist. You can write it down in a diary or wedding planning notebook, use Excel or Word, or even go the old-fashioned method. Once you have your list prepared, you may work on one problem at a time while keeping track of what has been completed and what is still pending. You’ll notice that certain items drop to the bottom of your list as you organise and prioritise your list. Do yourself a favour and entirely cross them off your list if you don’t think they’re required or significant. You’ll wind up saving time and money in this way.

Wedding Planning Tips: Prepare A Wedding Checklist

#10. Planning According to the Weather/Season:

Every season is wedding season when it comes to Indian weddings. So, You must therefore make necessary preparations whether your wedding is in the summer, monsoon, or winter. You must make arrangements for an air conditioner or perhaps an indoor venue if the wedding is in the summer. You must get ready for rain if the wedding is during the monsoon, and you must get ready for the cold if it is during the winter. Similar to this, you must create a backup plan in case the day of the wedding is marred by unpredictable weather. No matter the weather, choosing a banquet hall is always a safe choice, but if you have an outdoor event, you should be ready to transfer the party indoors.

Wedding Planning Tips: Planning According to the Weather/Season

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#11. Don’t Be In A Hurry:

Never being in a hurry is one the most important Wedding Planning Tips to keep in mind. We frequently goof things up when we’re in a hurry. For this reason, we advise that you begin the planning process early. Whether it’s your bridal lehenga or the drinks at your bar, always do your research and weigh your options before making a final choice.


#12. Discuss & Create Your Menus:

The next stage is to plan the cuisine for your wedding. In general, wedding venues will assist you with catering; however, if they don’t or if you have a certain catering company in mind, it’s time to get in touch with them. Verify your catering service’s availability during your wedding festivities, the types of foods they serve, and whether they can deliver the menu you desire. You can also choose the type of meal you want at this time, such as vegetarian or non-vegetarian options, vegan cuisine, or food free of onion and garlic. Determine whether or not you want alcohol on the menu and which events need a bar while choosing your menu.

Wedding Planning Tips: Discuss & Create Your Menus

#13. Streamline & Limit Your Choices:

We are aware of your desire for perfection. However, it’s common to become overwhelmed by the countless options available on the wedding market in the pursuit of perfection. So instead of continuing your research—or, should we say, spending too much time scrolling through Pinterest—time it’s to stop. Concentrate on one idea or the concepts you have already chosen, and stick with them.

Wedding Planning Tips: Streamline & Limit Your Choices

#14. Reshuffle The Guest List:

Your bookings and purchasing will take you somewhat above the planned budget by this point. So now is the time to go back and start rearranging the guest list. You can cut some unnecessary guests from the list to make it a little shorter. If you reduce the number of guests attending the banquet a little, it might help you stay within your budget because the venue or caterer will likely use a per-plate billing system.

Wedding Planning Tips: Reshuffle The Guest List

#15. Design Your Wedding Invitation:

All of your wedding invitations should be designed and ready in advance. You may easily DIY a digital invitation for your wedding and even add choices for particular occasions thanks to all the different creative tools available. Alternatively, you might follow convention and work with a wedding invitation designer. While keeping in mind that your invites should be sent out at least a month before your wedding, you will still need to design your wedding invitation and stationery well in advance.

Wedding Planning Tips: Design Your Wedding Invitation

#16. Compare Your Vendors:

Always request quotes from many providers during your study and evaluate the costs of the services they offer. You can also consult your friends and relatives, who may be able to recommend vendors based on their prior dealings. Additionally, constantly examine internet reviews and testimonials to determine a vendor’s reputation and dependability. Today, the majority of vendors are active on social media. Look up their digital presence on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. You can learn more about their job and reputation via their social media posts and comments.

Wedding Planning Tips: Compare Your Vendors

#17. Get Advice From Your Recently Married Friends:

It’s always beneficial to seek advise from your friends and newlywed family members. They have already made the commitment, so they can give you a decent and honest opinion of wedding vendors. They can also recommend trustworthy vendors to work with. Ask them for advice on the planning procedure or the ideas that worked well for them. If their wedding was more like your ideal wedding, it would be beneficial.

Wedding Planning Tips: Get Advice From Your Recently Married Friends

#18. Grab Yourself Some Deals:

Many times, people will hesitate from requesting bargains, discounts, or freebies out of concern that they would appear unprofessional. On the other hand, you spend a lot of money on weddings all at once. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for discounts or offers on services like venues, caterers, and decorators. On a variety of platforms for wedding preparation, you can also find some great offers.

Wedding Planning Tips: Grab Yourself Some Deals

#19. Read The Fine Print!

Make sure you properly read the contracts with your suppliers before finalising your vendor or making any payments. When signing a contract, pay close attention to the small print. Check for any unexpected fees or commitments. The seller should be well briefed on every aspect.

Wedding Planning Tips: Read The Fine Print

#20. Spare Some Time Between The Wedding & Honeymoon:

Going on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding is not allowed at Indian marriages. Additionally, the entire wedding celebration can put a dent in your wallet for a while. You also have some after-wedding customs that you must follow. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid taking a honeymoon just after the wedding. You’ll be able to concentrate on one thing at a time and keep the budget under control.

Wedding Planning Tips: Spare Some Time Between The Wedding & Honeymoon

#21. Organize An Initial Planning Meeting With Your Vendors:

having initial planning meetings with vendors: “Prior meetings lay the foundation for the success of the wedding in all aspects where you get to understand each other. By doing this, you can control expectations around budgets, wedding dates, and other key wedding event elements. In order to sleep well and receive a response by the time you wake up in the morning, you might also send emails to hotels, airlines, etc. at night following discussions with planners. You can explain your expectations to the vendor and learn their expectations through these discussions.

Wedding Planning Tips: Organize An Initial Planning Meeting With Your Vendors

What thoughts do they already have? Do these concepts fit the wedding’s theme? How do you make the most of them while staying within your budget to add memorable elements to your wedding? To better grasp your partner’s tastes, brainstorm together. The one that need to demonstrate both of your characteristics.

#22. Hash Out Your Services’ Delivery Date:

You need to make sure you have the delivery date of your products worked out with vendors like wedding card designers, photographers, bridal outfit designers, etc. Find out from the photographer when the wedding photos and videos will be delivered. Get an approximate delivery date for your wedding cards and your lehenga. It can be stressful to fulfil orders before and after the wedding, so be sure to notify the vendors in advance of the delivery date.


#23. Set Aside Some Extra Money:

Every planner, spouse, and parent will tell you at some point or another that you should always set aside some extra money. for unexpected circumstances, such as last-minute increases in the number of guests, additional preparations for unpredictable weather, or even even transportation! Unexpected events always arise at the last minute. Therefore, having this extra money will always be useful.

Wedding Planning Tips: Set Aside Some Extra Money

#24. No-Show Guests:

It’s normal for some guests to skip your wedding. You may guess that approximately 10-15% of the people on your guest list won’t attend your wedding. This may rely on a number of factors, such as the venue of the wedding or their prior obligations. Therefore, always check in with your visitors, even at the last minute, and adjust the guest list as necessary.

Wedding Planning Tips: No-Show Guests

#25. Check The Restrictions:

After Covid, we understood the importance of celebrating small weddings despite the limitations. Similar to that, each location has its own set of guidelines that you must be aware of and abide by. Alcohol may not be permitted at some locations, and some may not allow pets. Some places forbid the playing of music beyond a certain time. Therefore, be sure to review these limitations and choose your place properly.

Wedding Planning Tips: Check The Restrictions

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#26. Decide Your Financing Sources Beforehand:

Make sure your payment method is arranged in advance. Your method of payment should be simple, whether you decide to use loans, credit cards, family support, checks, digital platforms, etc. Additionally, you should keep a record of every payment you make for future reference.


#27. Get, Set Shop!

#28. Arrange Accommodation For Your Guests:

If you are hosting out-of-town guests, make sure they have a place to stay. Make sure they are either close to your home or the location of your wedding, whether they are friends or family. Inquire with your suppliers about any connections they may have with hotels that might provide you with affordable, high-quality lodging for your visitors.


#29. If You’re Planning A Destination Wedding:

These days, destination weddings are very popular. Therefore, if you’re organising a destination wedding, make sure to choose the ideal travel agency by doing some research and identifying one that meets your needs. Additionally, you need to have competent coordinators to book lodging, local transportation, and other local services.


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#30. Preparing Gifts For Your Guests:

Giving gift baskets to your visitors enhances the celebrations with a personal touch. It conveys your sincere joy that they will be there at the wedding. Therefore, be sure to get the gifts for your guests ready in advance. Pay a visit to wholesalers in your city who can offer you reasonably priced things for your hampers. Alternately, you can pick a supplier who will assist you in getting all the components for your gift baskets.

Wedding Planning Tips: Preparing Gifts For Your Guests

#31. Skip Some Vendors & DIY:

Nowadays, using your skills to make some things yourself is crucial. Not only does this reduce costs, but it also provides a touch of individuality that will make your wedding even more unique. You may choose the music for the events leading up to your wedding, or you could design the invitation using a tool like Canva. If you’re creative, you may make favours for your bridesmaids and other visitors. If you’re a Skilled Makeup Artist, you can definitely save up and do your makeup throughout the events leading up to your wedding. Making some wedding components yourself adds a special touch and also helps you save money.

Wedding Planning Tips: Skip Some Vendors & DIY

#32. Stay Up To Date With Current Affairs & Your Vendors:

In today’s volatile world, staying updated is crucial. You must therefore stay updated on events, whether they pertain to your vendors or current events in general. Regarding arrangements, services, location, and progress, stay in touch with your vendors. If there are any changes to the arrangements, make sure to let your vendors know. Similarly, follow any updates regarding the venue of your wedding. You should be aware of how to adjust your plans if there is any form of turmoil or perhaps something occurs that could result in limitations or time limits.

Wedding Planning Tips: Stay Up To Date With Current Affairs & Your Vendors

#33. Create An Emergency Contact List:

Make a list of emergency contacts that includes your family, close friends, and business partners so you can swiftly contact them in case of an emergency. You can use your time effectively and prevent time management mistakes by doing this.

Create An Emergency Contact List

#34. Organising Your Bachelorette Party:

avoid planning your bachelor or bachelorette party A day before the wedding. Although it may sound exciting, you’ll wind up being worn out throughout the wedding ceremony. This party should therefore be held before the pre-wedding activities start. This will allow you to rest for a day or two and maybe cure your hangover.

Organising Your Bachelorette Party

#35. Trying Your Outfit:

Make it a priority for brides and grooms, to try on your wedding attire at least a week before the ceremony. You must examine your fixtures and make the appropriate preparations. During the stressful wedding planning process, people frequently lose or gain weight, which might slightly affect fit. So it’s essential to examine your clothing a few days beforehand so that you can make adjustments in time.

Trying Your Outfit

#36. See Your Wedding Vendor In Action:

Try to visit your vendors at work if at all feasible. Attending a wedding performed by a service provider you’ve hired is usually beneficial. By doing so, you may evaluate the calibre of their services and even get real-time feedback from others. If it’s a venue or caterer, you can witness their hospitality firsthand and even get a sense of how they conduct business.

See Your Wedding Vendor In Action

#37. Make Your Payments On Time:

To avoid any last-minute problems, make sure to always make your payments on time. You should follow ethics if you want your suppliers to do so. Vendor disputes at wedding ceremonies can ruin the mood of the entire celebration. Your relationship with the vendor will get better if you pay them on time.

Make Your Payments On Time

#38. Be Ready For Extra Hours:

There will undoubtedly be late arrivals at the wedding. Therefore, be ready for extended hours and make sure to discuss this with your vendors. Make sure your vendors are aware of the few timetable variations that are typical so they can offer you extra time without any unexpected issues or fees.

Be Ready For Extra Hours

#39. Keep Both Families In The Loop:

Each family is significant. Considering that both families are equally involved in the festivities, listen to their recommendations. Celebrations should incorporate both family members actively; otherwise, grudges or other negative feelings could lead to issues down the road.

Keep Both Families In The Loop

#40. Make Sure To Get Confirmation Mails:

According to Wedding Planners You should always receive confirmation emails from your service providers, “Check those emails to see whether the decision-making criteria have changed. Getting written confirmations is usually beneficial in the event that any problems arise later. Having these emails handy will be helpful if you don’t get the confirmation call. Although things could alter along the process, it’s best to make sure that everyone is on the same page right away to avoid any surprises.”

Make Sure To Get Confirmation Mails

#41. Make Sure You Work As A Team:

We’ve said it before: organising a wedding is stressful. You don’t have to accomplish this by yourself, though. Your partner should share your responsibilities with you and has an equal say in this. Include them in all decisions and take into account their expectations.

Make Sure You Work As A Team

#42. Assign Someone To Keep You Peppy:

Ask a friend or sibling To be continually reminded to enjoy yourself and your wedding. After all, you put a lot of effort into planning this wedding, so it would be unfortunate if you didn’t enjoy it. This person will keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t miss your favourite dance number by taking too long meeting guests.

Assign Someone To Keep You Peppy

#43. Signature Cocktails & Mocktails:

Utilizing a customised bar menu is a trend that we’ve been enjoying and have seen many couples adopt. Introduce creative names for your guests’ specialty cocktails and mocktails. You can give them your names or the names of things that describe and relate to you. This is a wonderful personalised touch that will make sure your guests never forget your party.

Signature Cocktails & Mocktails

#44. Add Some Buffer Time Between Events:

It is important to have time between separate events. Make sure there is a pause in between the events so that you don’t have them right after one another. It’s crucial to take a moment to breathe. This extra time can be used to relax, socialise with your guests informally, or even easily keep track of the events.

Add Some Buffer Time Between Events

#45. Appoint A Person To Help You Closely:

It might be your parent, a close friend, or simply someone you have a lot of faith in. This person will serve as your ambassador and be in charge of things like paperwork and supplies. They can assist you in organising a number of things, such as vendor connections, your makeup, first aid, etc. Additionally, they can aid in organising your wedding gifts. Be sure to pick a person who can perform effectively under pressure.

Appoint A Person To Help You Closely

#46. Don’t Forget The Lighting:

Your wedding venue can be significantly enhanced by lighting. It can give your events an opulent appearance and a much-needed air of sophistication without exceeding your budget. Include elements like fairy lights in your decor to enhance the appeal and beauty of your event.


#47. Create A Mini Vanity:

Make sure you have a box of backup mascara, lipstick, perfume, and hairpins available for touch-ups. Additional supplies like adhesive bandages, sewing kits, hair ties, and other items that can come in handy in an emergency should also be kept in this small case.

Create A Mini Vanity

#48. Share Your Responsibilities:

Choose trustworthy family members and friends to complete various responsibilities during your wedding celebration. To ensure everything runs properly on the wedding day, you should allocate different jobs to different people, from welcoming guests to gathering supplies from nearby businesses and even keeping track of vendor services. You need a staff to manage events on your wedding day because you will be preoccupied getting ready on that day.

Share Your Responsibilities

#49. Meditate, Or Just Breathe:

Be as stress-free as you can, brides and grooms. Utilize a book, a podcast, or a meditation app to help you relax if you’re feeling overly worried. Additionally, you have to accept the possibility that not everything will turn out the way you had hoped. But it’s all right. Knowing this in advance will make dealing with any scenario easier. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced food are also essential.

Meditate, Or Just Breathe

#50. Check Your Emotional Temperature:

Do you have nightmares about the planning process? Are you forced to continuously talk about that and nothing else? It’s time to take a break now, my friend. You and your fiancé ought to take a break by organising something unrelated to the wedding. Take a weekend trip, or perhaps go on a date to the movies. It will be a huge assistance, we promise. In a similar vein, be sure to get adequate exercise, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and spend lots of time with your loved ones. Stress cannot be completely eliminated, but it can be reduced by keeping in mind that this is only one day and not your entire life.

Check Your Emotional Temperature

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