With Peppynite, Now Your Wedding Planning Made Ez-Pz!

Is your wedding day final? If yes, then you’re already on the “Prep-Train”, starting to stress out, your partner already feeling a little scared of your panicky state. Relax love, we don’t want to make you feel guilty about it. We understand your state of mind because a wedding is a big moment and you want one of your dreams.

That’s why we are here… to make things easier for you (because in case you’re a first-timer, Peppynite provides a ton of services that you want for your wedding!)

Let’s give you a brief about Peppynite… To freshen the memories of our long-time readers and enlighten the newbies!

Peppynite, At Your Service!


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Peppynite is a one-stop platform for all your hospitality needs. If you’re business or leisure travellers, you would be looking for the best flights within budget, across the globe. Along with that, you would be looking for a serene room to relax in. Add on a few amenities that you always want on your trip and the list is a little long one that would require foraging through the Internet. Peppynite wants to save this time that you waste in searching for the flights first and then looking up for the best hotel. That’s why we have flights and hotel in one portal where you can search, check, compare flights and hotels simultaneously! Job made easy, right?

And now addressing the young couples out there who are planning their wedding. There are a ton of things you need to prepare for your wedding: wedding cards, wedding planner, banquet hall, hotel for your guests, caterer, wedding photographer, mehndi artist, makeup artist, Dj, Band Baaja, Anchor, Designers, Florist, etc. In case of a destination wedding, you need a good location at the destination of your dreams where your ceremony will be held. You’ll have to arrange travel for your guest and their stay at the destination. So much work!

Peppynite understands all these hassles and that’s why we bring you everything that you’ll need for your wedding.

  • Banquet Halls
  • Wedding Vendors
  • Destination Weddings

Banquet Halls

banquet halls

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Peppynite, an online venue booking portal offers you the widest range of spaces suitable for weddings, social and corporate events. With Peppynite, you look for banquet hall booking across India, venue booking online, etc. Over 200 cities covered and more than 5000 venues are partnered with us today and the family is growing! The ultimate objective remains to-

  • connect the right people with the right venues
  • provide hassle-free online venue booking experience to our customers
  • all the way from browsing and shortlisting venues to booking the final one

Peppynite believes that online venue booking should be faster and simple as Click, Book and Party!

Wedding Vendors

wedding vendors

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Wedding planners, photographers, decorators, designers, all are here! Because when it comes to a wedding, you cannot compromise about anything. At Peppynite, we understand that a wedding must be perfect in every way, turning it into a wedding of your dream and that’s why we have the best of each field for you to choose from.

Destination Weddings

Destination wedding

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Traditional Weddings are passé. The new way of marrying your partner in style is a Destination wedding. With a location of your choice, the background setting the mood for the wedding, it’s the perfect way to get married. With Peppynite, you can find the best destination package at a place you want, across India. Be it the serene hills in Shimla or a royal palace in Jaipur, or the calm sea waves, booking a Destination Wedding has never been so easy. You can look for a destination wedding planner in India in the vendor’s section.



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When preparing for a trip, flight bookings are a make or break deal. With prices varying on different sites and regularly, how do you keep a tab on each one of them for the cheapest fare? Simple, use Peppynite! Here, you can check and compare the prices on different websites and select the one that fits your bill.



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After booking your flights, comes booking a convenient hotel for your comfortable stay. Peppynite brings you all your favourite hotels and their best prices from different sites under one portal. We believe in making our clients happy by bringing them everything that they need so that they can enjoy their stay.

Peppynite pursues to be the best in the hospitality services and thus provides the best services to you. Weddings are an important Indian culture and each one must be the best in every possible. Therefore, we strive day and night so that you can relax and don’t stress out before your important day when you exchange vows with the love of your life.

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