10 Best Photographers in New Delhi

Everyone desires to be captured by the best photographer, and for that, they explore lots of options. And if we especially talk about Delhi, there are a bunch of best photographers to choose from. But it’s not an easy task to choose the best among the best. We at Peppynite have compiled a list of the 10 best photographers in Delhi so that your search can be more simplified. This will help you choose the best option available based on the criteria and needs you have.

So, if you don’t want to waste your time, just go down the list.Pick the option that sounds best to you.

The Paparazzo House

One of the best photographers in Delhi is named the Paparazzo House. They make an effort to convey your feelings through every photograph they take of you. As a photographer, they maintain the intensity of your memories and ensure that they continue to happen throughout your entire life. They cover a broad range of wedding and pre-wedding photography in Delhi. They always aim to provide the best of the best services to their customers. Photographers at this firm are very passionate about their work and try their best to satisfy their customers’ requirements.

Fine Art Wedding Photography


Everyone wishes that someone would capture the most beautiful moments of their lives, and Fine Arts Wedding Photography can assist you in doing that. They are the best at what they do, and they offer their customers the finest services possible. They have been providing the best photography services for the past ten years. Fine Art Wedding Photography is constantly willing to provide the best possible service to its customers. They never hesitate to put in some extra effort if it’s needed for customer satisfaction.

Guru Blessing Photography 

Wonderful photography firm Guru Blessing Photography has its headquarters in Delhi and specialises in wedding, pre-wedding, candid, and traditional photography. They begin by gaining an understanding of the client’s expectations and preferences, and then they work toward achieving perfection by creatively capturing each individual element. It possesses all of the knowledge and experience that are necessary to provide you with a collection of photographs that present the memories of your wedding in the most aesthetically pleasing and creative manner possible. They are regarded as some of the best wedding photographers in the industry.

Fopic Studio

The photography industry is widely familiar with the name Fopic Studio, which has been in business for the past 7 years. They are experts in their field and know how to pay attention to each and every detail that is important to their customers. Fopic Studio is one of the best wedding and pre-wedding photographers in Delhi, and they are well-versed in all of the different photographic methods. They have a high level of expertise and try to make their customers feel valued and cared for.

Shre Sai Photography

The art of photography consists of capturing life’s precious moments in unique and compelling ways. Shre Sai Photography is quite aware of how to effectively capture those moments. They have been active in the photography industry for the past 5 years. During this time, they have provided excellent service to their customers. Over the course of the past five years, they have successfully completed over 1,000 successful events. They have been trained and certified as photographers, and they have a strong commitment to their profession. Wedding photography, pre-wedding photography, candid photography, portrait photography, and other types of photography are among the services they offer.

Himansh Pant Clicks

Photography is a great way to recall important moments in your life. And you want those memories to be as good as they possibly can be. Since Himanshu Pant clicks is one of the top photographers in Delhi, he can assist you in this regard. He will make sure to capture all of the important occasions in your life. He is a professionally trained and experienced photographer who puts in his maximum effort to capture you. The majority of his work is focused on wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots in Delhi and the surrounding areas.

The wedding Premier

One of the top photographers in the Delhi/NCR area is The Wedding Premier. They have a staff of young and passionate videographers and photographers who are all trained to a professional level. They never forget to account for the tastes and preferences of their clients and are always willing to go the extra mile in order to bring a smile to their customers’ faces. During the past 20 years or more, they have provided photography services for more than 5000 weddings in Delhi. They are considered to be among the best wedding photographers in Delhi.

Tasveer Production  

Tasveer Production has been active in the field of photography for the past six years, and they provide the highest quality services that are available. They are a team of devoted professionals that are always available to assist their clients in any way they can. They are skilled in a wide variety of photographic genres, including bridal, pre-wedding, portrait, and candid photography, amongst others. This photographer always tries to serve 101% while capturing their clients’ desires. They are very good at what they do and are dedicated to their profession.

Memory Basket Photo


If you are looking for a wedding or a pre-wedding photographer in Delhi, then you are at the right place. Memory Basket Photography is often considered to be the best photographer in Delhi for wedding photography. Memory Basket photo working in this industry for the past 40 years, and they provide the highest quality services that they can. They offer the best photography services to their clients and work hard to ensure that their clients feel appreciated and satisfied. They are highly skilled in their profession and are familiar with all the many strategies that are involved in photography.

Yogesh Gupta Photography

Since 2010, Yogesh Gupta Photography has been a successful participant in the photography industry. Currently regarded as one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi. They have a tremendous amount of dedication toward their business and understand how to make their customers feel happy. This photographer is skilled at their work in addition to being passionate about it. They are also listed among the top pre-wedding photographers in Delhi.


So, this is the list of the top 10 photographers in Delhi. If you want more options to choose from then just visit our website www.peppynite.com.There along with photographers you can also search for other wedding vendors like makeup artists, mehndi artists, decorators, caterers, and more.




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