A Dream Wedding At Disneyland Paris

Disneyland wedding

There’s no denying that getting married in a castle while dressed as a princess has been a loving and fond fantasy. Couple that with the fantasy of a Knight in shining armour riding towards us on his horse and kiss our hand to propose and then sweep us off our feet to take us away. Well, we’ve all imagined it and taken inspiration from Disney princesses like Cinderella, Jasmine, Princess Aurora and many other.

The wedding we’re going to tell you about today is one such dream-come-true for a girl called Anisha who got married to Varun in Disneyland amidst a picture-perfect Disney wedding in Paris.

disneyland wedding 2

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The UK based Indian couple Varun Bhanot and Anisha Seth chose Disneyland Paris for their 2 days of the elaborate and extravagant wedding. And to turn it into a fairy tale wedding, they hired Vivaah Weddings (Dubai) to conceptualize, plan and manage everything.

Disneyland Wedding 3

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Maharajah Goofy welcomed the Baraati at the Welcome Lunch at the Newport Bay Hotel where most of the guests were staying. The first evening saw Disney Castle in its most enchanting form, complete with special effects and illuminations.

disneyland wedding 4

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A themed dinner followed at the Aladdin’s Agrabah Café where the Genie himself came to greet the guests. This saw a huge influence of Arabian culture and cuisine along with traditional Middle Eastern-influenced entertainment.

disneyland wedding 5

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As a starry night enveloped Disneyland, the bride and groom walked through a special fairy tale entrance alongside a customized Princess Fountain show and the two got hitched at a civil ceremony in front of the Disney Castle at the stroke of midnight.

Disneyland wedding 6

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The Lucky Nugget hosted the afterparty that led guests into a journey back in time to the wild-west sheriff town accompanied with some glamorous entertainment.

disneyland wedding 8

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Disneyland wedding 9

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The following morning witnessed all guests dressed up for the Baraat which is complete with Disney entertainers as part of the procession along with a special appearance from renowned artist Juggy D leading the Baraat with the Groom in a Cadillac.

disneyland wedding 10

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disneyland wedding 11

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The wedding ceremony took place at the Pier of Newport Bay Hotel which overlooked the lake. The evening saw the guests being part of the Reception and Afterparty, themed ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’. The party was hosted at the Walk Disney Studio 1 which was themed and conceptualized from Hollywood in the 1950s.

disneyland wedding 13

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The wedding saw 300 guests from all across the world coming together and Disneyland Paris turned into a perfect host where some of the couple’s finest memories were created. It certainly was a spectacle!

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