Best Bridal Hairstyles For Your Wedding Day

Best Bridal Hairtsyles

It’s the season of freshness, merry and love in the air. So, get ready for some trillion love this time cause it’s your wedding. It’s simple yet easy with everything that you do when things are ready at your hand. That’s why having something special with you at your wedding is quite a necessary thing. Planning wedding is not an easy task to look for because it usually gets stressful for brides. That’s why we have bought to you some Best Bridal Hairstyles for your wedding day.

Hairstyles are something cool and when it comes to special occasions it becomes a necessary thing to go for. Firstly there is makeup, outfit, hairstyle and shoes which is very necessary for every girl to slay at. But when it’s comes to becoming a bride it’s necessary to go for. You need a makeup artist, hairstylist, designer, mehndi artist and other necessary services to go for in your wedding. That’s why we are bringing you this blog to make it super easy for you to get the best hairstylist.

“This the season of romance, love and light. Count on to have beautiful memories with that perfection in your wedding”

Here’s another shot towards having that perfect trend in your wedding that is on going. We just want all our brides to look their best that’s why we are sharing some of the best wedding blogs, so as to have that perfect occasion. Since, weddings in India means a lot and when it comes to brides it becomes a necessary  for them to look bright, beautiful and traditionally perfect. Bridal Hairstyles is the biggest one ritually representing every bride to look their best at their wedding and it becomes very necessary because every bride represents its traditional ritual through hair.

Here are 40 best Bridal Hairstyles for your wedding day.

This is a major one to go for as having the best hairstyle gets necessary with your perfect bridal makeup and that gorgeous outfit at your wedding. Begin with simplicity yet elegance this bridal season. Because you know that there is some significance in some of the hairstyles that represents the cultural beauty.  Indian wedding hairstyles can be very versatile and because we have so many lovely accessories, the hair becomes all the more important. So if you’re a bride who wishes to rock her hair and inspire future brides with #hairgoals

#1. The one with the bun

hairstyle with bun

Buns on weddings have been quite illuminating and loving on weddings. It creates a traditional way to represent its look with that perfect trails of flowers and beauty at your wedding. This classic bun creates the perfect look with that traditional outfit of yours.  From engagement, to jaimala, to reception, to mehendi- you can try the bun hairstyle, for any function!!!

#2. Colourful buns with colourful flowers

colourful flower bun

Flowers being the perfect partner to your perfect wedding outfit. Beginning with flowers this creates beauty and love that is represented in every way possible. If you are looking for something beautiful this wedding season than flowers in your hair is a must to go for specially with a bun. It’s a vogue with bun being simple yet beautiful.

#3. Go for some South Indian Bridal Hairstyles

south Indian hairstyle

This hairstyle is a treat to eyes. If you are very much into love of South Indian looks, or your future gonna be husband is a South Indian than you could just surprise him with that beautiful hairstyle. Swooned everyone with that perfect look to make everyone go jaw dropping.

#4. Bubble Braids

bubble braid

A wondrous bubble braided-hairstyle for any bride, with dainty stone embellishments scattered randomly! is just a wow to watch for. These are just treat to look for. The perfect ones to go for at our wedding day, on your engagement or your sangeet-mehndi look. This could be the perfect one for you to go for.

#5. Roses are the first love


Roses being the love of life. Most girls love having flowers at every occasion and when it comes to having the Best Bridal Hairstyles, roses are partner in crimes. Flaunt the length of your tresses by swirling them endlessly to form a bewitching rose structured bun. And be the most unique one at your wedding day because roses never off the grid when it comes to becoming a bride.

#6. Sleek braids with traditional silver accessories

accessory bun

Captivating love with these accessories that makes your hair flaunt in the most perfect ways. If you are looking something traditional yet classy than accessories in your hair is the go for the day. These hairstyles are super trendy and considered to be the perfect sleek trail of every way. Braid is being the partner in every occasion during your wedding.

#7. Untie hair being the frails in trails

hair style

Open hair in weddings are the new ones, you can just let them loose and enjoy the perfect hairstyle at your wedding. You can just have this hairstyle with flower or tying them half and leave open half. Without any doubt this hairstyle could be the new one for your wedding day, so go for open hair and slay beautifully.

#8. White flowers for the win

white hair

You may style your hair any way with a bun or letting them open, or with side trails, white flowers are the symbol of beauty and perfection. White being lovely and gorgeous in any bride to be hair. you can just go for whites and have the best look at your wedding day with the beautiful wedding occasion.

#9. Twisted bun being the modest

twisted buns

Adorn your contemporary twisted side bun hairstyle with subtle lavender flowers & create a hairstyle that’s beautiful beyond words. Because it’s wedding season lehenga hair style for bridal is the most searched thing on google that’s why these are some of best hairstyle ideas for you to say yes to them.

#10. Overdosed with lavender 

lavender hair

Because lavenders are pretty ones. The calmness to your soul and the freshness to your beauty is the secret. Taking the colour-coordination game a notch above, this bride amped up her braided bun with a tasteful play of lavender-hued baby’s breaths and some greens. So, you can do for colours like white and lavenders and lavender flowers would be the perfect ones.

#11. High ups on Receptions 

hairstyle for reception

Because reception party is the one that goes with the pretty buns that are super high extensive and are pretty ones to go for. So, if you wanna dance out then this bun is the one to go for. Make sure you dress beautifully with that high up bun because you are gonna dance a lot on your reception party. And this one is for you.

#12. Straight hair, stress free

straight hair

Because open hair is the easiest ones to go for during wedding events. When it comes t0 opening its super cool and simple and looks the best. Straight hair is one that can go perfect with every dress. So, if you are looking for something unique you can go for stress free, free hair at your wedding. This also goes as the Bridal Hairstyles for saree because you with look beautiful in it.

#13. Side braids

side braids

Side braids are loved these days because they create an attractiveness and beauty. If it’s mehndi or sangeet you can have the best version of your self with that perfect side bread that looks pretty amazing. The multicoloured lehengas and that trails of hair braid in your side look quite look and pretty. So for this one.

#14. A full bloom bun

flower bun

A conventional bloom flowers with great ideas that add a charm to its great way and making it look precise with perfect glory. Bun that makes you look perfect than this is the time for you to look glorious and this looks perfectly fine. In fact, not just roses, you could also consider other flowers like carnations, jasmine, lilies etc. You won’t just look pretty, you’ll smell lovely too!

#15. Carnations are rescuers


pink roses matching the bride are always the rescuers. They always look glorious and glorying the beauty of every bride. Flowers and buns are a typical Indian hairstyle for weddings and they look so graceful. So, carnations are the safer ones to go for. And guess what, this goes as the perfect bridal hairstyle for saree because it looks beautiful.

#16. For minimalistic brides and love for hair


Another wonderful way to glam up Indian bridal hairstyle for your wedding! Add a little braid for added glam! The twists and turns add a delicate touch to the traditional wedding bun. It is a wonderful ‘Dulhan’ hairstyle and just perfect if you are looking for something a little different.

#17. Gajra is the forever classy

gajra hairstyle

Keep jewellery minimal and you’ll see the gajra will take away all its limelight. It’s the forever love that goes accordingly. Plan out wedding with gajra as it looks glorious and perfect with perfection. If you are looking for something extraordinary then this is the time for you to slay ‘Brides’ because it’s time.

#18. Hair clips, with hair buns

hair clips at wedding

Because a bun is the perfect one to go for at your wedding. And it would look more beautiful with a silver hair clip on the top. Look beautiful with the perfect hair and this jewellery would make you shine in your hair. Dear bride, slay beautifully and have that perfect glorious look with your hair.

#19. Retro look with sided pony tails

retro hair

Instead of using any accessory, or hair extensions or puffs, you can easily go with sided pony tails. It is the most perfect one that will make your look super retro and super gorgeous. Begin with simple chic hairstyle and you’ll be the centre of attraction. So, go for the perfect one and have a perfect hair look.

#20. Love for top-knot buns

Bridal Hairstyles: buns

Because top-knot buns are fans. So, if you are looking for it then you are right about it. We have mentioned it for our brides so that they can look perfect and have that amazing look at your wedding. Because buns are friendly yet super comfortable for you. And slay magnificently.

#21. Messy bun and classy ones

Bridal Hairstyles: messy buns

Messy buns being super trendy these days. If you are looking for something extraordinary these wedding days then this is the one for you. Because it’s always classier and prettier. So you could just go for them anytime. So, get the best messy bun on your special day.

#22. Artificial flowers to go your way

Bridal Hairstyles: artificial flowers

Front hairstyle for bridal are very much bigger aspect of being into weddings. If you want to go with flow than artificial flowers are the best. Many brides love to carry artificial flowers because they don’t want wasting natural ones. So you can g0 with them anytime.

#23. Half tied braided hair

Bridal Hairstyles: half tied hairstyle

The brides who wish to keep their hair open can take a cue from this bridal hairstyle. The luscious locks are semi-braided and kept half down. The Bridal Hairstyles is further beautified with flowers. This look will make everyone go into their favourite ones. This wedding season, enlighten your beauty with the best possible way.

#24. Mogras are miraculous 

Bridal Hairstyles: mogra hairstyle

Deck up your basic braid with gobs of gajras like this bride for a dramatic traditional look. It’s classical it’s white yet most loved ones. If you want to go with the flow than this is the time for you. Get yourself some mogras in your bun and you are good to go.

#25. Sectioned braided hair

Bridal Hairstyles: braided hair

An important component of a South Indian bride’s appearance is her braids. You can go against the grain and try out this unusual braided hairdo, whereas most people garnish it with gajras and jadas. This bubble braided hairstyle has semi-open hair that is accented with delicate golden pins.

#26. Pastel flowers with the charm

Bridal Hairstyles: pestle hair

This double Dutch braid bun beautified with pastel-hued flowers looks so pretty. And is known for being very much trendy and loved by many Indian brides. So, hues with pastel flowers is a super trendy ones to go for. Be the bride of your dreams.

#27. Braided buns are super funs 

Bridal Hairstyles: briaded buns

Braided buns are meant to be glorious, they look super attractive and pretty. So, if you are going with the trends then you want this is the one for you. Without any doubt go for it. As, its glorious yet beautiful for you and we are sure you will look like a darling.

#28. Fully volume braid

Bridal Hairstyles: braided hair

Don’t want a boring braid! Here’s yet another unusual South Indian bridal hairstyle that features a voluminous twisted braid. This looks the best with stunning appearance in your outfit you can look perfectly beautiful and this is an on going one. So, become the best and enjoy one of perfect Bridal Hairstyles.

#29. Loops of Gajra on your hair

Bridal Hairstyles: loops of gajra

You know that braid in your hair looks glorious. Here’s yet another creative and a beauteous way to use gajra in your hair. Section your otherwise simple braid with multiple loops of gajras. You can top with it on your haldi, mehndi. It will look the best upon you.

#30. Bun maze

Bridal Hairstyles: bun maze

When it comes to looking the best. An unusual bridal hair bun with a lot of criss-cross details. It is further amped with a dainty rose in the middle and top-outlined with baby’s breath flowers. So, this is the go for you and nowhere to go as it looks the best and be the best.

#31. scintillating bridal braids

Bridal Hairstyles: bridal briads

You know that Bridal Hairstyles are very much loved. So, tie your hair into a donut bun and replete it with mogras in a way that the center of the bun stays bare. Then suspend a faux braid and further amp it up with traditional brooch accessories. So, with the flow with this best bridal braid this wedding season.

#32. Curls are crazy

Bridal Hairstyles: curl hair

Your curly hair are very fair. Your curly ones are super cool and yet to be loved by all. If you are making it on the go, so let the curls fly. You can go for them on reception party, because when you’ll dance they’ll be flowing away. Yet these are gonna be the talk of town. So, a must try for curls.

#33. A traditional updo

Bridal Hairstyles: updos

Real beauty lies in simplicity and this neat bun adorned with mogra is the perfect example of the same! The ones who love dramatic bridal hairstyles can consider this massive bun with proper sectional detailing. Yet is considered to be super traditional and is loved by everyone out there.

#34. South Indian hairdo with traditional flowers

Bridal Hairstyles: south Indian

Multiple layers of floral adornments on the inception point of the braid looks so eye-catchy. And we love, how it is amped with pearl and stone-embedded accessories. And this is super traditional in the South Indian culture. So, if you are a one than this is the one!

#35. Straight hair with hair accessory

Bridal Hairstyles: hair style

Straight hair never goes of the grid. So, if you love straight hair and is going for it on your mehndi or reception than make sure you accessories it. This is considered to be never off the grid and is loved by all our Indian brides. Go with flow with the perfect straight hair.

#36. French braids in bun

Bridal Hairstyles: French

Here’s a jaw-droppingly beautiful bridal hairstyle that features multiple French braids joined together to form a luscious bun. Don’t miss that cutesy pearl embellished bun accessory though. So, a sexiest, sleek hair bun would look gorgeous on your special day.

#37. Trending voguish updo

Bridal Hairstyles: updos

Updos are never off the trend, so brides get ready to be the best one at yourself. If you are looking for something new vougish updo. Without any way to go for, you can just look into something new and with that you will be the best one at your wedding. So, be the best version of yourself.

#38. Semi-open curls

Bridal Hairstyles: semi curls

Semi-open curls are considered to be the best. No stressful hair, no messed worries. What better way to flaunt your long tresses than keeping them open? To make your open hair look more glamorous than ever before, opt for this gorgeous half-up and half-down hairstyle with natural looking curls.

#39. Velvet florals are the glory

Bridal Hairstyles: Velvet Hair

This bridal hairdo with long hair is ideal! To create this complex bun, wrap your hair several times while twirling the full length of it. The intricate bun beautifully accentuates your long hair and great volume. So, this hairstyle is the one for you. Go with the best hairstyles and have a blast at wedding events.

#40. Low bridal hair buns 

Bridal Hairstyles: Low Buns

Bridal hair bun is the way to go for, hence, low bun are perfect ones to slay with. If you are wearing a lehenga on any or your special occasions than this is the one for you. Be a blast at your wedding day with the perfect hairdo and beauty. Glam up your trend with perfection.

Hope that these beautiful Bridal Hairstyles will bring enlightening beauty into your hair.

You are beautiful and we want you to the best not just with your outfit but with your hair too. Be glorious and become the best version of your self. Wes have bought to you these Top 40 Bridal Hairstyles that will make you flaunt in your wedding days. Be the best that’s what we want you to be. Become the stunner of your show dear bride because you’ll be the centre of attraction every day of your wedding days.

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