Best Bridal Outfits In Pantone Color of 2022

Bridal Outfits In Pantone Color

Yes, a wedding is inherently a traditional event. At the same time, it is also a time when you can flaunt your personal style and fashion sense. This is also why it is important to keep an eye on the latest trends in fashion. Traditionally, it is shades of red that dominate bridal outfits. But there is no reason why you should not experiment. Trends in the latest colors and styles will make you the center of attention on the most memorable day of your life. Here, we bring to you the latest color that has taken the world by storm in 2022. So, you can go through the Best Bridal Outfits In Pantone Color of 2022.

Very Peri


What Is Pantone?

In 1963, Pantone (a combination of pan+tone, which literally means “all colors”) developed the first color matching system. At that time, it was just a printing company. But over the years, it has become a respected standard for all kinds of people working with colors – artists, designers etc. – to guide them on colors. This company also determines what colors are trending for a particular year.

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2022 is a very different new shade, Very Peri. Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, and Laurie Pressman, the vice president of the Pantone Color Institute, said that this colour is all about hope, love and optimism. Aren’t those the themes of a wedding too? 🙂

Very Peri, a vibrant bluish-violet shade is inspired by the colors of the periwinkle flower. It is an unusual color that has shades of mauve, violet and a pinkish-red undertone. This unique blend of colors is definitely for the happy bride. Additionally, it adds a touch of fun to your wedding photographs and is a great color for day as well as evening functions. So go ahead and choose this color for your bridal outfits in Pantone color of 2022. if you are a fun-loving and experimental bride. Most Wedding Makeup Artists in India also agree that Very Peri is a great color to do bridal makeup for. This is because from subtle to dramatic – everything will look magical and fairy-like when combined with Very Peri.

Dreamy Very Peri

Multiple Uses & Themes

Bride & Sisters

So, if the theme of your wedding is floral, or fairytale, Very Peri is the color that you should explore. In fact, this color allows you to be very flexible and experimental with your theme weddings. Go ahead and use this in your romantic pre wedding photography – imagine standing with your fiancé  or groom in lush green fields in a Very Peri flowing gown! Wouldn’t that be lovely! This beautiful color is the perfect choice for a modern theme, as well as even a traditional celebration.

If you want to follow a more conservative and traditional color palette, you could use Very Peri only as trims or accents. On the other hand, if you want to make a trendy statement, use Pantone’s color of 2022 as your main color as a proof of your creative and individual style for a really chic and fashionable wedding lehnga or outfit.

However, you must keep in mind that soothing as it may look, Very Peri is also a very bold color. If you are a couple that may want to be traditional, choose Very Peri as only an accent color. Be a matched couple with the bride wearing a lehnga in Very Peri, and the groom’s pastel sherwani complemented with a stole or turban in the same color.

Using Very Peri to Accessorize


Since Very Peri is a dramatic color, you can use this color as makeup and accessories also. Use orchids in your hair or mogra to complement and bring out the vibrancy of this color. This color, in bridal makeup and well as bridal accessories, has a soft, dreamy and romantic appeal. And because of this reason, Very Peri is a great shade for wedding lehngas and outfits for day weddings, or day ceremonies – especially playful wedding ceremonies and functions. So go ahead and use bridal outfits in Pantone color of 2022. for pre-wedding photography, or for a sangeet function, and even the bridal mehndi ceremony and haldi. Very Peri is a great color for cocktail gowns, and even for the main event – the actual wedding ceremony.

So, how to choose Bridal Outfits In Pantone’s Color of 2022? You could keep these general ideas in mind….

  • Very Peri is essentially a romantic color. It will work very well dresses and cuts in flowy cuts. Think fairytale and Very Peri will look good!
  • If you aren’t sure about a wedding lehnga in Very Peri, opt for dresses for pre wedding shoot, or cocktail night or even reception.
  • You can try off-the-shoulder sleeves, or even strapless gowns in silk, organza, satin that are embellished with crystals – they will look really good in photographs!
  • Men can use Very Peri in just pops of the color in their outfit to color coordinate with the brides. Use it as ties, sashes, boutonnieres and other accessories.

Jewellery To Go With Very Peri

Do you know what is the best thing about a bridal outfits in Pantone color of 2022.? You will look even more stunning when you accessorize Very Peri with diamonds! Amethyst, tanzanite, sapphires, pearls, zircon, iolite, and lavender chalcedony are some stones that will go well with any wedding attire. So go ahead and become the fairytale bride that does things differently!

Here are some really fashionable outfit ideas that you can take inspiration from…

  1. Chic Cocktail Dress  – How chic is this dramatic and yet demure cocktail dress in satin silk. Perfect for the bride to outshine everyone in!

Cocktail dress

2. Playful Sangeet Outfit

This lehnga choli has that sassy element of fun that is ideal for sangeet night! Check it out!

Sangeet Outfit



3. Statement saree

Nothing beats the style of a saree! And a heavy Banarasi saree is the perfect traditional bridal outfits in Pantone color of 2022.

Bridal Outfits In Pantone Color: statement saree

4. Majestic & Queen-like

Want a heavy lehnga for a day wedding? Very Peri to the rescue!

Bridal Outfits In Pantone Color: Day Lehnga

5. Glitter & Glam

Sequin and gota work mixed with brocade will let you make a style statement as a stunning bride.

Bridal Outfits In Pantone Color: sequins & gota


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6. Heavy adornment

Say yes to the richness of a brocade lehnga in a deep periwinkle color and watch the compliments flow in!

Bridal Outfits In Pantone Color: Heavy Lehnga

7. Whimsical Outfit

This ensemble will make a very playful and yet regal statement…

Bridal Outfits In Pantone Color: Playfully royal

8. Color co-ordinated Couple

How cute will the bride and groom look in this cutesy take on Very Peri.

Bridal Outfits In Pantone Color: Color coordinated

9. Sequinned Delight

A flowy saree in chiffon or georgette looks so stylish and graceful. You can even get it custom-dyed in multiple shades of Very Peri.

We hope you will stay on top of the trends by following these suggestions on how to incorporate Very Peri into your wedding wardrobe. Don’t forget to discuss this with the entire team that will make you look perfect as a bride. Get the Best Celebrity Mehndi Artist in India: 𝚅𝙴𝙴𝙽𝙰 𝙽𝙰𝙶𝙳𝙰  to design something unique to go with your outfit. The best makeup artist will always want to enhance your whole look. And the wedding photographer will preserve your beautiful look forever!

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