Best Locations For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Hyderabad

Best pre-wedding photo locations in Hyderabad

Pre-wedding photo shoots are now one of the most exciting aspects of weddings. Pre-wedding shoots can be enjoyable and memorable, regardless of how some couples feel about the idea. Additionally, having a few photos of you and your bae to display in your home is essential. When it comes to pre-wedding shoots, however, it’s always best to have them done in your hometown. You’ll need a few good photos that don’t look forced, as well as a location that is easily accessible. So, for all you Hyderabadians out there, here are the best locations for the pre-wedding photoshoot in Hyderabad.

So, start scrolling and saying cheese as you look through the best pre-wedding shoot locations in Hyderabad.

Here is The List of The Best Locations for The Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Hyderabad

Simply go out and pick one location to make your Pre-Wedding Shoot amazing!

#1. Ramoji Film City – Pre-wedding  Location in Hyderabad

Are you getting married? If Yes!! Then you must desire a location in Hyderabad for your pre-wedding shoot. Don’t worry, we have the best location for the pre-wedding location right here. Our first choice is Ramoji Film City. Ramoji Film City is the ideal destination for adventurous couples with a filmy side, with everything from international cityscapes to Mughal gardens on offer. If you want your pre-wedding photoshoot to tell a story with each image, this is the place to be. You can also easily plan a themed photoshoot with all of the movie sets available here.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Hyderabad: Ramoji Film City

#2. Fort Grand Resorts – Pre-wedding Location in Hyderabad

This rustic resort, spread across 18 acres, is a big hit for pre-wedding shoots, bringing its old-world charm to the table. Every aspect of this resort can be used in your photoshoot, from luxurious fountains to sprawling lawns and grand corridors with the backdrop of a fort-like building. Furthermore, this resort can serve as both a pre-wedding shoot location and a wedding location. This is the ideal location for pre-wedding photography. Simply try this location to make your pre-wedding photoshoot spectacular.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Hyderabad: Fort Grand Resorts

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#3. Ameenpur Lake – Pre-wedding Location in Hyderabad

Ameenpur Lake is one of a kind, having recently been restored and designated as a bio-diversity heritage site. There are numerous birds that live here, and the area is breathtakingly beautiful. During the day, bird watchers and photographers are busy capturing the beauty of this location. And in the evening, you’ll see many wedding photographers taking couple portraits! However, keep in mind that, despite its beauty, the area is home to a variety of birds and animals. So, take care not to harm them.


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Hyderabad: Ameenpur Lake


#4. Chowmahalla Palace – Pre-wedding Location in Hyderabad

If you’re looking for Best location In Hyderabad for the pre-wedding, look no further. Meet one of the most popular pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Hyderabad! The Chowmahalla Palace is a royal structure with lush green gardens ideal for a photoshoot thanks to its beautiful architecture that embodies Nizami culture. Trust us when we say that this palace has everything you need to make your pre-wedding photos extra magical just bring in the Best Pre wedding Photographer in India. Please keep in mind that shooting at Chowmahalla Palace requires prior permission.


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Hyderabad: Chowmahalla Palace

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#5. Taramati Baradari – Pre-wedding Location in Hyderabad

The splendour of this historical monument near Golconda Fort is unparalleled. Taramati Baradari is a popular photo location for Hyderabad, thanks to its epic love story and mediaeval architecture, which provides photographers with stunning frames. We recommend wearing outfits that are both subtle and festive for a photoshoot here, as the location provides a backdrop for both themes. Here is the pro-top for you . Just wait until sunset to capture some amazing classic silhouettes because the ombre skies will provide a striking backdrop worthy of being included in your albums.


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Hyderabad: Taramati Baradari


#6. Alankrita Resort – Pre-wedding Location in Hyderabad

Alankrita Resort will captivate you with its luxurious views and entertaining activities. This resort has the feel of a heritage site, with lush green and manicured lawns. The location, Secunderabad, is not far from Hyderabad and is well worth visiting for your pre-wedding photoshoot.


Pre-Wedding Photoshoot In Hyderabad: Alankrita Resort

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#7. Charminar – Pre-wedding Location in Hyderabad

If you are looking for the best Pre-wedding Shoot locations then here we have come with the best location, Charminar. This is the historical location also that will make your shoot more amazing. This is the cultural icon of Hyderabad. Charminar can create an atmosphere that will take your breath away. Yes, it’s stunningly beautiful and perfectly captures the old-world charm. It is, however, always crowded. As a result, the best time to arrive for the shoot would be before 8 a.m.


#8. Lotus Pond – Pre-wedding Location in Hyderabad

Have you ever wished for a romantic lakeside photograph for your pre-wedding? Here’s an opportunity for you! Visit Lotus Pond in Jubilee Hills to not only take photos in a natural setting surrounded by greenery, flora, and fauna. It’s a great way to add a touch of nature to your photos. This location is ideal for photographers who want to experiment with natural light and use natural elements in their storytelling. For couples, the calm surroundings will allow you to relax and feel at ease in front of the camera, allowing you to capture those special moments.


Lotus Pond

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#9. Hidden Castle – Pre-wedding Location in Hyderabad

Located about an hour’s drive away from Hyderabad, Hidden Castle is a unique castle-themed resort. Be it the accommodation corridor or the lobby, their gardens or the night view, this place will give you a lot of spots and setups to capture those special moments. Couples who wish to add a touch of the English old-world regality to their photos should definitely consider this place. 



#10. Golconda Fort – Pre-wedding Location in Hyderabad

This magnificent fortress complex is without a doubt one of Hyderabad’s best pre-wedding shoot locations. The grandeur and beauty of Golconda Fort are unparalleled, thanks to its fascinating ancient engineering and stunning archaeology. With its intricate architecture and stunning complexes, it makes the ideal backdrop for your photographs. One of the complexes provides a picturesque view of Hyderabad’s skyline, which is especially lovely at sunset.


Golconda Fort


Wrap Up!!

With the best pre-wedding locations, you can make your pre-wedding shoot even more spectacular. Simply pick one of the locations from the list and create the best pre-wedding shoot possible. If you are looking for another city, please leave a comment and we will make a suggestion. If you were concerned about other wedding services, simply visit Peppynite, where you will find the Best Wedding Services in India.

Congratulations on your wedding!

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