Celebrity Mehndi Artist in India – Veena Nagda

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You know that mehndi is the foremost love of every Indian girl. But this, only the Celebrity Mehndi Artist could make you feel that. Mehndi has just not come from the Indian culture but is now being a face of speciality and symbol. Women prefer it in every occasion. But when it comes to mehndi this one lady is the face of changing mehndi into a spectacular ones. She is the one who has made spectacular designs on hands and is a biggest Best Celebrity Mehndi Artist in Indiashe is

Veena Nagda

We know that Bollywood is the ace of pace and it definitely creates a bigger spots in hands to known what they prefer and what not. If you are thinking about weddings, wedding being very much popular in Bollywood and everyone loves to know. It creates something very much into our minds that we would just love watching something insider of this Bollywood weddings. And here’s a biggest one to go for, we had found that the lady of perfect who draws all attention. Because Veena Nagda is being the face of Bollywood mehndi, and she is invited prior in every function. So, you will find her in every Bollywood wedding.

The Queen of changing phases with her brilliant mehndi designs. Also known for being the best bridal mehndi artist in Bollywood

Known for being the world’s fastest mehndi artist. She transforms her intricate design patterns into breath-taking works of art. It is this unique quality that makes her the most creative mehendi artist. Because her art is impeccable you can’t match her designs with anyone. This woman is not just famous for being top class Bollywood mehndi artist but is famous bridal mehndi artist, party mehndi artist. You will not find someone so dedicated, yet a person with a good heart and super down to earth. She has travelled all over India, including Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Kolkata, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Pune, etc. for her clients. She has gained massive exposures all over the world like Bangkok, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Belgium, Greece, Holland, London, USA, etc.



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Because of her talents in command lets talk about all the celebrity wedding where she has been a the Top Bridal Mehndi Artist in India. Beginning with the Kapoor family. You know that events are massive when it comes to Kapoor family, but this woman is always on the edge of them, with the perfectionist in town. She was their mehndi artist in Sonam Anand’s wedding and Sonam just loved her since her childhood. The beautiful designs that you saw on Sonam’s hand is done by none other than Veena Nagda. She was also, known for being famous for late Mrs. Sri Devi’s favourite mehndi artist. She is used to love her for her designs totally.


Not just with the Kapoor family, she has also worked for celebs like Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif and she was her mehndi artist artist at her mehndi, even goes for Isha Ambani’s wedding. Also, famous for being the artist for Shilpa Shetty wedding. Deepika Padukone’s all time favourite, Preity Zinta, Farah Khan, Varun Dhawan’s wife Natasha Dalal, Mira Rajput and more.



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Name a B-TOWN star’s wedding and Veena Nagda not found? That’s impossible!

Veena Nagda is the most trendy one nowadays. She offers beautiful bridal mehndi combinations for every bride so that they look beautiful and perfect as always. Incredibly dependable and flexible to operate with you as per your needs, preferences and is an ideal option for residential marriages. She provides the types of mehndi likIndo-Arabic, Arabic, Pakistani, Rajasthani, Marwadi, Moroccan, Paisley, Floral and more. So, if you are looking for a wide variety of range in henna designs then go for her undoubtedly. 

If you are wanting to have something unique this wedding season then you know who to contact and how to contact. We have shared you some questions that are most searched, believe us if you book Veena Nagda you won’t be regretting it. Make your mehndi event mesmerising with this brilliant Mehndi Artist of India who needs no explanation because her mehndi shines beautifully on your hands. 

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Here are some of the FAQ’s that will make your doubts go away. 

How much does Veena Nagda cost?

According to her interviews her cost starts at normal rate of rupees 3000 to 7000 INR. Including both hands and feet. 

Why is Veena Nagda so famous?

Veena Nagda is a very famous mehndi artist from Mumbai. She is known for applying mehendi to very famous Bollywood brides including Deepika Padukone, Preity Zinta and others. Apart from this she works for movies and commercials. 

How can you book Veena Nagda?

Simply contact her at this number 76-66-77-88-99 and book her prior a month. You are all set to go after this. 

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