Destination Weddings- How To Dazzle Your Mandap On A Budget

When it comes to destination weddings, we are assuming that it’s only for the rich and high in budget. Alright, not altogether for the rich but you do understand that it requires quite a large sum of your savings. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a destination wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Destination weddings don’t have to be dauntingly expensive and unnecessarily heavy on your pockets.

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There are ways to bring done those hight costs of planning your destinations weddings. And we’re here exactly for that! We’re gonna advice you on how to have a destination wedding in India on a budget. Let’s get on with it!

Tell yourself, “It’s Okay”

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Wedding is a special occasion and the biggest moment in your life. You have always dreamt of it to be grand and astonishingly beautiful. But when it comes to a destination wedding on a budget, you gotta learn to be okay if everything is not perfect to the last detail. You need to prioritize on what HAS to be there and what can be left out. Focus on things that really matter to you like, floral arrangements, cake or music.

The destination!

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The most important part of a destination wedding is, well, the destination. Without a destination, where will you have your wedding? The palatial cities of Jaipur and Jodhpur are cliched! There’s a banality to the idea of a destination wedding in Goa! And Shimla has turned into a commonplace for couples wanting a wedding ceremony in the hills… Its time to go for unconventional places like Jim Corbett, Rishikesh, Mashobra, etc.

An intimate wedding

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If you’re planning a destination wedding on a budget, you’ll have to trim down your guest list. There’s no shying away from the fact that most of the guests coming to your wedding are just there for the food. And also, because your parents invited them because they attended their children’s weddings, gotta return the societal favour! But now that times are changing, people have realised that a wedding is a private and intimate affair. Only your really close friends and family should to there to witness the union. This means fewer expenses on travel and stay of guests.

E-vites Maybe?

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Today, it’s all about personalized wedding invites designed specifically for the couple. Cartoon characters and other funky ideas have taken over. And there’s a great possibility you might want the same too and that would mean you’re going to splurge a hefty amount on it. Why not get the design personalized and save some on printing?

Early-Bird offers and discounts

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When it comes to a destination wedding, you obviously won’t be having a “chatt mangni, patt viyah!” right? Your destination wedding will take from 6 months to a year to plan and happen. So, start planning in advance because that will lower your expenses to a great extent. With cheaper deals, tickets, lodging and so on, you’ll be saving to a great extent which you can splurge on your honeymoon, wink*!

Contact Local vendors

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These local vendors are from the place where you’ll have your wedding. Why local vendors? because that will lower the cost of transporting the decors and arrangements and men to the destination. You can even look for makeup artist online in and around the destination. Even have a catering service in India. And it will also guarantee fresh stuff at your wedding. You can call your photographer friend to grab all the memorable pictures for you. Give them free booze in exchange. Not a bad deal, we guess!


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probably the greatest skills we Indian have. Now, this skill obviously varies from person to person, but it’s there in everyone. So, when you get in contact with hotel managers, trip managers, local vendors, use your bargaining skills to get the lowest of fares wherever possible. Now that we think, telling you guys to bargain is probably stupid because irrespective of whether we tell you to bargain or not, everyone will do it. So don’t take it as advice, take it as a reminder.

DIY, smart and minimal decor

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Wedding decors are essential, we all know that. Floral arrangements, bright lights and chandeliers, all pour in to form the perfect wedding decor like you imagined. but here’s the thing, when you’re having a destination wedding, it’s for a reason. It’s because of the destination, the sea waves crashing on the beach, the serene feel of the mountains and hills. Why decorate your surroundings so heavily that it overwhelms the natural beauty of the destination? Go for minimal decor, less flower at key locations that add to the beauty. If it’s a night ceremony, choose tea lights and fairy lights that merge well with the night mood. You can ask your friends and family to arrange and set up the decor. This not only lowers the price of paying men but also gets everybody in a fun mood to interact and indulge.

Wedding date

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You can look for a suitable wedding date from your pandit and it would be fine if you had a normal wedding in your hometown. But when it comes to a destination wedding, there are a lot of factors you want to take into notice. A destination wedding at the peak of wedding season will cost a hefty amount. So, go for an off-season date. That way there are fewer people at your destination getting married and thus, reducing the overall cost for you.

Destination Wedding is a great idea and a popular trend today. That means more and more couples are opting for it, but that doesn’t mean it has to be heavy on your pocket. And the above tips is to help you deal with that exactly… To bring down the unnecessary expenses. Worth every penny for a destination wedding on a budget in India!

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