Heritage wedding venues In Rajasthan for your Grand Wedding

Rambagh Palace2

Rajasthan is a state that is known for its wide-open desert, colourful cultures, delicious food and royalty. The state has countless big and small forts, royal gardens and palaces that you’ll lose count visiting one fort after the other. And these royal palaces have now turned into heritage wedding venues for the current generation of royal weddings. And if you are one of those couples who love royalty, regality and grandeur, then Rajasthan is your state to get married in.

Let us take you through some amazing heritage wedding venues spread across the royal state of Rajasthan so you can pick one for your grand wedding.

Jai Mahal Palace

jai mahal palace

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With lush green Mughal gardens and with majestic palace behind, Jai Mahal Palace offers the perfect venue for your outdoor grand wedding. To please young couples, even more, the palace offers complete wedding packages that one can buy. This package includes everything from candlelight dinner along with full-fledged gala Barat, with decorated elephants to wedding certificate and a lot more.

Rambagh Palace

rambagh palace

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Rambagh Palace is among the most royal one with a grand aura. The luxurious palace and hotel serve best for a couple who are looking for an opulent and regal wedding affair. The backdrop offered to your beautiful wedding is just spectacular and unmatched in the whole of the country itself. The staff at Rambagh Palace is a dedicated one and puts in a lot of efforts to turns things into what you want the venue o look like. Since Rambagh Palace is in Rajasthan, you get an option of a traditional wedding with elephants and camels.

Chomu Palace

chomu palace

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Chomu Palace offers a wide variety of spaces that could be used perfectly for various wedding-related functions in their grand form. These contain the main courtyard, swimming pool baradari, Manohar garden, Moti Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Darbar hall and janana courtyard. With so many options to chose from, you’ll be left with your head spinning thinking of where and how to get your wedding prepared and arranged. But you need not worry about that as the hotel staffs are at your service all through your wedding.

Shahpura Haveli

Shahpura Haveli

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For those couples who are environmentally conscious, Shahpura Haveli takes particular care of its eco-friendly practices and carbon footprint. And they take their effort into keeping everything environment-friendly very seriously. Shahpura Haveli has some serious rules regarding water and electricity usage here. They even use eco-friendly material without compromising the environment and the hospitality offered. Keep this one for an eco-friendly wedding experience

Samode Palace

Samode Palace

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Along with adding the regal and royal factor to your grand wedding, this heritage property also offers state of the art services and picturesque backdrop for your traditional wedding. The special factor about this palace is how it lights up once the sun goes down. The lights that light up every corner of the palace give it an enchanting aura that captivates its visitors.

So there you go young couples wanting to get married in a royal fashion. These palaces with giving you exactly that and each one will add a different zing. Whichever you chose, you’ll be in a for a memorable wedding!

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