How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: The A to Z Guide

A wedding is a celebration of love and commitment, so it should be the most perfect day for you and your partner. It is a day to remember forever. Wedding planning is not an easy task, but with the right team of experts, it can be made much easier. Now some of you might be wondering How To Plan Your Dream Wedding? Well, there are many wedding services provider in India that can help you plan your dream wedding.  One of the most trusted wedding services provider is Peppynite, with our highly proactive crew, we are the Best Wedding Services in India. You may access all of your desired bliss with just one click, ensuring that you get everything you’ve ever wanted.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding

How The Wedding Planning Got Easier With Technology!

With the advent of technology, everything has become simpler. It is now possible to plan a wedding in a matter of minutes, even when you are miles away from your loved ones. Wedding planning has been made easier with the help of technology. You can now plan your wedding from anywhere in the world, and all you need is a laptop or mobile device. With just a few clicks on your computer or taps on your phone, you can be able to find any service that you want for your wedding. With this new-found convenience, it is not surprising that more people are choosing to plan their weddings digitally.

A to Z Guide To How To Plan Your Dream Wedding!

  • A is for Ambience

Imagine your perfect wedding while closing your eyes. Is the menu a trendy blend of bright colours? Or how about a calm, natural affair with gorgeous green hues? Making your dream wedding a reality begins with deciding exactly what mood you want your celebration to portray. Grab a stack of magazines (wedding, home, and travel publications are excellent) and take out any images that inspire you. Find the common factor between them, such as tranquil blues and greens, by laying them side by side. There’s a good chance that these hues will evoke the ideal feeling for you.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Ambience

  • B is for Bachelorette Party & Bridal Shower

This is usually the next step in the preparation of your pre-wedding festivities, just after selecting your bridesmaids! The girls look forward to this day more than the actual wedding itself. A bridal shower is a gift-giving celebration conducted for a bride-to-be in advance of her wedding; it is a chance for the women in your life to get to know one another and to share advise before your big day.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Bachelorette Party & Bridal Shower

It is renowned as the more subdued of the two. On the other side, the bachelorette party, often referred to as a hens night, hens party, or hens do, is described as “an evening of debauchery,” a girls night’ night out in celebration of the future bride in the manner that is typical of that social group. The bridesmaids take charge at this point by planning silly attire for the bride, dares, games, and gifts for the girls like name tags, amusing drinking straws, and personalised bachelorette koozies for a special gift idea!

  • C is for Ceremony

In the end, the reason you are organising this special day is for your ceremony, the day when two people are united in marriage. The ceremony you choose and the wedding reception that follows are frequently related in formality and theme, and there are countless alternatives.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Ceremony

You will need to think about the ceremony’s location, whether it be a formal venue, a beach, a garden, or a church or temple. Often, this choice is driven by whether you want a civil or religious ceremony. The structure of most weddings is generally the same, with your vows, readings, and music creating a special occasion.

  • D is For Destination Wedding

You’re right on trend if you’re considering getting married halfway around the world or even across the country. Weddings held in exotic locations are becoming more and more common. Make sure to carefully examine the marriage requirements of your dream destination if you wish to get married abroad.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Destination Wedding

Some, for instance, specify that you must be in the nation for a certain number of days prior to the wedding. Another choice is to wed legally in the United States, avoid the trouble of foreign legislation, and then have a religious or spiritual ceremony and reception abroad.

  • E is For Engagement

Congratulations on your Engagement! Now let the good times roll. Start with your engagement announcements; consider publishing a notice in the local newspaper or sending a letter to your friends and family with the happy news. To help you with planning budget, if you are moving quickly, you might even include your wedding save the date in your engagement announcement.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Engagement

Some couples decide to throw an engagement party as a way to celebrate with loved ones and to introduce current and future guests to one another in advance of the big event. As a token of appreciation for attending, the guests are frequently given engagement party souvenirs, such as sweets or personalised beer koozies, to take home as a memento.

  • F is For Favour

Give your visitors a thoughtful favour to express your gratitude for their presence. Instead of a candle or cookie (old news! ), think about small delights with a purpose. Consider silver luggage tags, stylish coasters or corkscrews, or travel-sized sachets of upscale cocktail ingredients.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Favour

If you’re considering something a little more personal, consider contributing to your preferred charity on behalf of your guests. A straightforward and hassle-free method to donate is provided by The I Do Foundation. You can pick a group from their suggested list or suggest one of your own. You can also buy place cards to inform your guests about the wonderful gift.

  • G is For Gift

A wedding present is a gift given by a guest to the newlyweds to express their congratulations. There is typically some protocol when it comes to gift-giving; however, some couples may decide to make it easier for their guests by setting up a gift registry with a wish list. Others might have a “wishing well,” where guests can anonymously place cards and monetary gifts in a box to support the pair as they embark on a new life together.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Gift

  • H is For Honeymoon

The traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their union in privacy is called a honeymoon. While flying off on a romantic getaway to a faraway place is not uncommon, the vacation should be tailored to the couple’s outlook and interests. A destination wedding can be an excellent method for couples on a tight budget to spread the cost, making the addition of a few days for a honeymoon simple.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Honeymoon

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  • I is For Invitations

The ideal time to start looking for the perfect invitations is six to eight months before the wedding, and the order should be placed at least four months before the wedding. Ask the printer to send the invites’ envelopes first if you can’t meet those deadlines. By doing this, you can begin the tedious tasks of addressing the envelopes sooner.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Invitations

  • J is For Jewellery

Wedding jewellery can be simple and elegant or striking and vibrant. This is a very personal decision that the bride will make when selecting her wedding dress and the outfit of the bridal party. Earrings, bracelets, tiaras, and hair combs are just a few examples of the bridal accessories that can be handed down down the generations within a family as traditional jewellery.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Jewellery

  • K is For Kiss

“You may now kiss the bride” the words the groom has been anticipating all day long! Many couples talk about the kiss before the wedding; for some, this is the part that gives them the most anxiety! such as: How long should it last? Should they kiss passionately? Or only a peck? What are the proper protocol for wedding kisses? There isn’t really an etiquette for this, so just show each other how thrilled you are that you’re making this commitment to one another and brag about it to your visitors while keeping in mind that you can be doing this in front of your parents, grandparents, and young children.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Kiss

  • L is For Lighting

Lighting is one of the most stunning ways to change a ceremony or reception environment. A professional can do practically anything, from projecting your initials onto the dance floor to highlighting centrepieces to creating an intriguing “starry night” effect on the ceiling, if hiring one is within your budget (they can be more reasonable than you might expect!). Replace the existing light bulbs with pink- or amber-hued ones, which will give a pleasing, romantic glow, if you can’t afford to hire a lighting designer.

How To Plan Your Dream Wedding: Lighting

  • M is For Music

In the past, choosing between a band and a DJ was the big music decision. These days, many couples are hiring both! Each performer can alternate, or for a more nightclub-like atmosphere, the band can start the reception and the DJ can take over afterwards. Utilizing an iPod to play the music they want to hear is the newest trend among couples (perfect for in between sets or at the cocktail hour). Make sure the speakers in your venue are good.


  • N is For Newspaper announcement

This is how you can spread the good word. Get in touch with the publications of your choice; some offer forms for you to complete, while others let you come up with your own wording. Find out the specifics: Do they accept digital pictures if announcements include photos? How big? Prints will they be returned? When it comes to timing, announcements of engagement can be made up to a year before the wedding, although two to three months before is most common. News about your wedding can be released as soon as you exchange vows.

Newspaper announcement

  • O is For Open bar

An open bar is common and even expected during weddings in many cultures. If money is an issue, there are a few cost-effective options: serve only beer and wine for the duration of the event; avoid alcohol entirely; and provide a variety of soft drinks. Have an open bar for the cocktail hour before switching to just those beverages.

Open bar

A cash bar where customers are required to pay for their drinks is the one thing to avoid. You can’t ask your pals to pay for their drinks at your wedding because you wouldn’t expect them to do so if you invited them over to your house.

  • P is For Photographer

For many couples, taking wedding photographs is a significant task. It is wonderful to be able to capture your special day and all of your effort in photos that you will treasure for years to come. It might be difficult to choose a Wedding Photographer in India as their are numerous options available, so seek references, look through portfolios of their prior work, and get to know them so they can learn to capture your critical moments.


After the event, sharing a look at your photos as a family is a lovely way to stay connected. Each photo will have a unique story to tell, and each story will be a memory that will last a lifetime!

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  • Q is For Quiet Time

Wedding planning may have a significant impact on your romantic life between formalwear fittings, cake tastings, and stress over putting together a guest list. Try to schedule some private time with your fiancé. Keep wedding talk to a minimal (an easy accomplishment! ), and just enjoy each other’s company whether you go out to a trendy new restaurant, see a movie, or just have coffee and bagels while reading the Sunday paper.

Quiet Time

  • R is For Reception

After nervously exchanging vows in front of family and friends, the enjoyable part of the wedding is the reception, where you may unwind with food, beverages, and dancing. Ideas for wedding receptions include a traditional sit-down dinner, a cocktail hour, or a laid-back beach BBQ. Typically, you can leave this up to your wedding planner or the venue, allowing you to enjoy the celebration and spending time with your guests.


  • S is For Send-offs

Traditionally, the newlyweds were showered with rice by the wedding guests. Nowadays, the majority of couples have expanded on this custom and opted for more creative solutions. Have your guests blow bubbles, wave ribbon wands, ring small silver or gold bells, or fling gorgeous rose petals as a romantic send-off.


  • T is For Thank-you Notes

You may be confused by some of the misconceptions regarding how long you have to get your thank-you notes in the mail even though you are aware that you need to send them. (Hint: Contrary to what some brides think, you don’t have up to a year after the wedding. Sorry!)

Thank-you Notes

Follow these guidelines: for engagement or shower gifts, send your notes within two to three weeks; for wedding gifts received ahead of time, send your thank-yous before the big day; for gifts received during the wedding, get them done within three months; and for gifts received after the wedding, mail them thank-you notes within three weeks.

  • U is For Ushers

An usher, also known as the groomsman, is typically a groomsman’s buddy who has been asked to help with directions at the ceremony and to generally be available to the bride and groom for assistance throughout the entire wedding event. The ushers typically appear with the groom in the official wedding photos and are dressed in matching wedding apparel to the groom and best man.


  • V is For Vendors

Your vendors are the experts you’ll rely on to execute your wedding-day requests, from Best Makeup Artist in India, florist to the chef. When choosing vendors, be careful to verify their references, get samples when practical (many caterers or bakers, for instance, will conduct tastings, and florists frequently supply a sample centrepiece), and make sure you have everything you agree to in writing.


  • W is For Wedding Planner

Do you think wedding planners is for the wealthy peoples only? Think again. Depending on the type of service you require, you may now hire a professional at a variety of price ranges. You can employ a coordinator to manage the entire event or just for the big day to make sure everything goes according to plan. If you know you won’t have much time to dedicate to wedding planning or if you’re organising your wedding remotely, think about hiring a planner.

Wedding Planner

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  • X is for X-tra Invitations

Order at least 20 extra invitations and envelopes. They’ll be necessary for any last-minute guest additions and for fixing any incorrect mailing addressing. Don’t forget to save a few invitations for yourself to retain as priceless reminders of the occasion.

X-tra Invitations

  • Y is For Young Attendants

Asking their parents to practise their roles with them beforehand will help future flower girls or ring bearers feel more prepared for their roles as they go down the aisle, scatter petals, or carry the ring bearer’s pillow. When the time comes for their big moment, you want to make sure that the young guests will feel more comfortable.

Young Attendants

  • Z is For Zero Regrets

Grab your new spouse for one last turn on the dance floor when the band or DJ plays the closing song of the evening. After that, pause and take a moment to appreciate your friends and family who joined you to enjoy the day in such a wonderful way, enjoy this time right now. Look back on your day with no regrets, even if the weather wasn’t exactly as you’d hoped or there were a few minor hiccups along the way, and anticipate beginning your married life!

Zero Regrets


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