Latest Trends In Wedding Jewellery

A bride is incomplete without her wedding jewellery. The right choice of jewellery is what enhances the bridal look. You can have a Sabyasachi lehenga but what is it without the right paired wedding jewellery right? We understand the struggle of making the right choice and also, keeping up with the latest trends is quite a tedious job. And with a plethora of bridal jewellery options available out there, getting confused and lost is quite possible. From traditional gold designs to trendy emerald work to evergreen kundan and polki work, the options are gorgeous and endless. To help you get through that hurdle, we have listed the latest trends in wedding jewellery.

1. The Quintessential Choker

A choker adds elegance to any outfit with which it is coupled. Glam yourself with a single choker piece or couple up a small neck hugged choker with slightly bigger haar to get that regal look. From high-collared blouses to ones with deeper cuts – a choker is a piece of jewellery that you can pull off with any kind of neckline. It’s a classic yet a very modern trend that you can never go wrong with. You can find chokers available in different styles, from gold to beautiful shining diamonds to intricate kundan work, there are a lot of styles to choose from.

Wedding jewellery

2. Kundan Is The Way

Generally made by setting uncut or semi-polished diamonds onto a gold base, Kundan jewellery is often the most popular bridal jewellery among Indian brides. If you are planning to wear a lehenga with heavy detailing, pair it with an abstract kundan necklace. Please pay attention to the details and tips here, if you are opting for a plunging necklines or V shaped necklines, go for kundan jewellery for the best effects. Kundan jewellery is evergreen and ever-gorgeous, there’s no way you can go wrong with it.

Wedding jewellery

3. The Timeless Meenakari

When it comes to wedding jewellery, no Cartier or Tiffany’s can beat the art and skill of traditional Indian jewellers and Meenakari jewellery is one such craft that you cannot stop admiring. Coming down from the history of royal maharanis of Rajasthan, a meenakari set is one that every bride must have! The intricate Meenakari jewellery is the absolute right choice to create a perfectly classy look and get all those comments pouring in 😉

4. The Panchlada Haar

Named so because of the number of strings – five, a Panchlada haar adds tonnes of grace to your look. Whether you want to add detail to an already set ensemble or jazz up a simple silk blouse – a multilayered haar type necklace is a perfect choice. With layered necklaces, remember that less is more. If you are going for a panchlada haar, prefer keeping your blouse on the simpler side to let the haar shine through. From bright wedding lehenga to pastel colours, no matter what your wedding outfit style is, the pearly panchlada haar can perfectly pair up with almost every color on the palette and make you look like a real queen!!

Latest trends in wedding jewellery

5. Delicate Shiny Diamonds

The diamonds might look delicate, but they are the hardest substance on earth. & damn right they are! But with diamonds it can never be hard to slay your wedding look. And that, my girls, is reason 101 for why you should invest in a diamond necklace for your d-day. The other hundred reasons? Look inside your heart and ask, aren’t you already dreaming your wedding outfit with the shiny beautiful diamonds? 😉 To keep it simple, do nothing more than two strings of diamonds around your neck, and you’re good to go. If you’ve chosen kundan or other traditional style of jewellery for your wedding day, keep diamonds for the cocktail or reception function.

6. Polki-it Up!

Bold, bright and beautiful – Polki jewellery is as timeless as it gets! We suggest investing in a piece that you can wear not just with a lehenga or a sari – but even with an evening gown, and you’ll thank us later. This is the investment you won’t regret, we guarantee. For brides wearing deeper and more daring necklines, we recommend Polki necklaces in parts of two – a smaller choker around the neck, and a second, longer layer to add oomph. Polki can never be out of fashion, and wearing it, you’re definitely making it to the trendy brides list 😉

Latest Trends: Polki-it Up

7. Navratan

Nav-ratan meaning nine stones is a trend you can find Sabyasachi’s models slaying. The Navratan necklace is made of different multi-colored stones, definitely being a good investment as it matches outfits of any colour! You can pair it up with endless outfits and look gorgeous every time. Let your Navratan haar be the show stopper of the function. Although it matches with any base colour as we already suggested, our personal favourite tip is to pair it with pastel shades like pink, fuchsia or basic ones like white, beige or gold. Bonus? These statement neck pieces complement western outfits equally well.

Latest Trends: Navratan

Most importantly, the best jewellery is what you like the best and are the most comfortable in. For more wedding related assistance, log onto and allow us to make your wedding the most memorable day of your life!


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