OMG! Some Pretty Awesome Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bachelorette party

So, your bi*ch is getting married to the love of her life. You can’t be more excited to dance at her wedding! But before that, it’s time to dance the last night of her “Miss” life away. It’s time for her bachelorette party!

It’s time to get drunk and fulfil her most scandalous wishes that she had in her heart for so long. After all, a bachelorette party is all about “one last fling before you wear the ring”, wink*. And here we are… to help your gorgeous and naughty minds come up with some really cool and awesome bachelorette party ideas. Here we go!

1. What the bride wants

Ask the bride

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Well, it’s her bachelorette party, so it’s obvious to ask her what she wants. But do not follow up on everything she says, of course, you know that. The point is to understand what she wants and what she doesn’t, what she’s comfortable with and what she isn’t. Once you get that idea, it’s time to plan everything! It’s up to you to give the bride what she wants or turn the tables around and give her the total opposite. But one thing is for sure, don’t mess with the guest list.

2. Book a house instead of a hotel


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Not her place and not at a hotel! Check out AirBnB for a house where the girl gang can stay for the night or weekend with no one to bother. The whole place is for you to turn the night into a sweet memory. A private place means there is a kitchen too, allowing you to store snacks, food and drinks. Find a photographer near me online.

3. Or go camping

Camping party

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Take your entourage and head out to camp outside under the million stars and the moon. If your bride loves adventures, then she’ll totally dig the idea of spending a night in the quiet wilderness with her favourite girls in the world. Top it off with a bonfire and some smoothe music to go with the night. You can find the best wedding vendors in India online.

4. A Road Trip

Road trip

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Another pretty awesome idea for an outdoor bachelorette party! Sit down with your girl gang and plan out a route for an awesome road trip. You could add camping to the road trip, that’s two things sorted during one party. Pack your bags and your cars and head out to discover the outbacks in your state. Look for hotels or Airbnbs on the way to rest for the night.

5. All Ladies Spa-Day

all girls spa day

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The spa is probably the best way to relax and unwind yourself. And with all the stress of the wedding on her head, a spa treatment what she would love the most. Couple that with the awesome company she has, the bride will definitely be relaxing. You can go through a list of wedding decorators in India and select the right one.

6. A costume bachelorette party

Costume party

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A costume party to liven up the moment. Go for some crazy, freaky and sexy costumes for everyone and you can top that off with a scavenger hunt in your costumes. How about that? You can dress as a vampire or if the bride is Harry Potter fan then a witch. Set the mood and theme for your bachelorette party! This brings us to the next important point…

7. Setting a theme

party theme

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Setting the right theme is pretty important. Duh! This is where talking to the bride comes in handy. Talk to her and then get down to brainstorming with other gang members. A fancy fantasy idea would work really well here. You can also look for the perfect cocktails to go with the theme.

8. Game On, Baby!

Bra pong

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Time to play some games! “Dirty Pictionary”, “Never have I ever”, “Spin the bottle”, there is just countless number of games that you bride gang can play. We actually like “bra pong”! Let’s see how many cups she can score on. Add booze to this game and the bride is definitely getting hammered. There are several wedding vendors websites for you to hire the right one.

9. Decorations

Same penis forever

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Decorations are where you have all the space in the world to show your creativity. Follow the theme and turn it into slutty, sexy and all the way embarrassing for the bride. Champagne bottles, sexy bras and lingerie hanging in the wall, cut-outs of naked or half-naked male models or even something resembling a gentleman’s sausage. Come on ladies, this is your girl’s bachelorette party, she’ll only get this only once, we’re hoping!

10. Before And After

before & after

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A cherry on top! Take a before and after pictures of your gang to see the amount of fun you people had. This will be a memory for your dear for years to come. And a pretty fun and embarrassing one, looking at all the hammered faces of you and your bridesmaids. Trust us, you’ll be laughing together at these one day when you girls get together.

Bonus Idea

The Hangover Kit

hangover kit

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You obviously don’t want to ruin all the fun you had last night with a bad hangover. So, get hangover kits for your girl gang. Keep it handy for the next morning and store all the important phone numbers at one place and keep them on speed dial, just in case. Also, stack your fridge with plenty of drinking water and lemonade.

That’s it, ladies! These were some of the awesome ideas we had to help you plan the bachelorette party for your dear friend. Let it loose and have fun!

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