The Best 20 Banquet Halls in Mumbai For Celebrations

The gathering of family, friends, and relatives is central to a wedding. On this day, two souls will be noded for the rest of their lives. However, in order to receive the blessings of the people, we must gather everyone in one place. However, a banquet is required for the gathering. Your banquet should be amazing and one-of-a-kind, making your gathering and wedding memorable. If you live in Mumbai and are looking for the best banquets in the city, Peppynite has compiled a list of Best 20 Banquet Halls in Mumbai.

Simply select one of them and reserve the hall for your wedding. Simply read the entire article to make your wedding the best it can be with the Top Banquet Halls in Mumbai.

1. Blue Sea Banquets – Banquet halls in Mumbai

Blue Sea Banquet is a 5200 square foot wedding hall with an open-air front that combines modern designs and high-end technologies. This wedding hall, with its sophisticated style and warmth, is a client favorite. The exotic view of the sea that they provide, along with their professional decor and F&B services, is a sure-fire winner. Blue Sea is the Best Banquet Hall in Mumbai.

Their goal is to create flawless events while providing a stress-free environment for the brides and grooms. This wedding venue values your wedding day as much as you do, assisting you with every small decision to ensure that your memorable day is happy and flawless. The management team is extremely courteous and helpful; they are creative and plan large events.

Banquet Halls in Mumbai

Space Available

  • This wedding hall is enormous and spacious, allowing you to lavishly design your wedding festivities.
  • Your celebrations will be enhanced by the pillar-free hall with an open-air waterfront front.
  • This venue can accommodate up to 700 people.

2. Opal Convention Center – Banquet halls in Mumbai

Opal Convention Center is a banquet hall in Mumbai for weddings. Outside alcoholic beverages are permitted. Outside DJs are welcome, but in-house DJs are preferred. There is parking available. Catering & Cuisines: The venue caters weddings with its own in-house kitchen, which serves a variety of delicacies to wedding guests.

Space Available

  • The venue can accommodate up to 1200 guests indoors, making it a popular choice for weddings in Mumbai.
  • The wedding family and close guests can only use two rooms at the venue.
  • If you’ve always wanted a large wedding, this venue can accommodate gatherings of up to 1200 people, making it an excellent choice for wedding events.

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3. Mumbai Metro – The Executive Hotel 

Mumbai Metro is a 3-star hotel located in the heart of Mumbai’s Andheri district. It is an excellent venue choice because they have all of the necessary facilities and equipment to make your event a memorable one. If you are looking for the banquet hall for the party. Mumbai Metro is the Best Party Banquet Halls in Mumbai. Mumbai Metro has a banquet hall as well as a terrace, which you can use depending on your needs. Their in-house catering services and decorators will do everything possible to make your event a memorable occasion.

Banquet Halls in Mumbai

Space Available

  • It has a separate room for the bride to prepare and can easily accommodate 100 to 400 people at a time.
  • They provide a variety of services to ensure that you can fully enjoy the ceremonies.
  • They have 21 well-appointed and well-equipped rooms for the comfort of you and your guests.

4. Vivette Banquets – Banquet halls in Mumbai

When it comes to pre-wedding and wedding festivities in India, no stone is left unturned. From bling lehengas to grand venues, each decision requires a significant amount of time and effort. When it comes to selecting a Wedding Hall In Mumbai, the entire family is involved to ensure that the chosen venue meets all of your wedding dreams and requirements. Vivette Banquets is one such wedding venue, with three different, elegant spaces to celebrate your special day. This wedding venue can accommodate both small and large groups. The managers and staff are fully responsible for your events and ensure that they run smoothly.

Space Available

  • Vivette Banquets has three different wedding venues.
  • There are two indoor wedding banquet halls: Lavender, which can seat 450 people, Orchid, which can seat 150 people, and Lavender+Orchid, which can seat 685 people.
  • The lush terrace garden can seat up to 1150 people.

5. Goldfinch Hotel – Banquet halls in Mumbai

Goldfinch Hotel is the Best Banquets in Mumbai and is well-known for making its customers happy with the services it provides with full dedication and hard work. They make certain that all of their customers are satisfied with the services provided at this location. Their service staff is always friendly and accommodating. When you arrive at this venue, you will have the best time at your wedding and all of the related events and functions that you have planned for here.

Banquet Halls in Mumbai

Space Available

  • Their world-class services and facilities will elevate your celebration.
  • They have 94 luxurious rooms and suites with business-class amenities for everyone’s comfort and stay.
  • For celebrations, the Rooftop, Senate, Bay Leaf I, and Bay Leaf II banquet halls are available.
  • These are specially designed areas with both indoor and outdoor options for various occasions.

6. VITS Hotel – Banquet halls in Mumbai

The VITS Hotel in Mumbai is one of the most Corporate Banquet Halls in Mumbai. It is one of the premium hotels in Andheri East that is part of the illustrious VITS group of hotels and is known for its plush interiors and first-rate services. The hotel boasts of its bewildering hospitality services and a team of highly trained staff. Their team is always available to assist you in organizing a dreamlike wedding for you, whether it is your pre-wedding or wedding functions. They offer the best customized services that suit you and your budget, from lighting to décor to catering. The enticing infrastructure combines modernity with traditional Indian culture. It is an ideal location for pre-wedding and wedding functions.

Space Available

  • They have deluxe rooms with all luxury and modern amenities, seamlessly blending comfort and style.
  • At their lavish swimming pool area, you can relax and have a poolside party.
  • They have a large outdoor space for large celebrations that can accommodate up to 2000 people.
  • They have three indoor halls in addition to the outdoor arrangements.

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7. Ali Baba Banquet Halls

Looking for the Best 20 Banquet Halls in Mumbai for celebrations? Then here is one of the best banquets: Mina Banquets is a three-star hotel. It is also convenient to both domestic and international airports, making it popular with both vacationers and business travelers. The establishment of international standards, facilities, systems processes and practices, high technology, customer care, and a unique standard in the area of facility development are central to the hotel’s strategy.

Banquet Halls in Mumbai

Space Available

  • This magnificent Mina banquets establishment consists of 54 well-furnished rooms that are exclusively designed to meet the lodging needs of guests from all over the world.
  • The first floor can accommodate up to 80 seating guests and 150 floating guests. Basement seating can accommodate up to 350 guests and floating seating can accommodate up to 650 guests.

8. Ronak Banquet – Banquet halls in Mumbai

Ronak Banquet is a stunning in the list of Best 20 Banquet Halls in Mumbai for wedding ceremonies and intimate gatherings. The primary goal of management is to meet the needs of clients and provide them with a high level of well-being. The opulent haven ensures that your commemoration goes off without a hitch. The knowledgeable professionals have a great rapport with their clients and strive to be the most welcoming hosts at the venue, which is outfitted with all of the modern amenities required to put on a great show at various wedding sprees.

Space Available

  • The indoor Banquet Hall-1, with seating for 350 guests and room for 600 floating guests, is ideal for a lavish wedding reception.
  • The indoor Banquet Hall-2, with seating for 100 guests and room for 200 floating guests, is ideal for hosting a close-knit engagement ceremony.

9. Satyam Banquets – Banquet halls in Mumbai

Satyam Banquets is the best and Cheap Banquet Hall in Mumbai‘s Powai neighbourhood. They provide the following products and services: Decorators from outside are welcome. Catering from both inside and outside sources is permitted. Outside alcohol is permitted; however, no in-house alcohol is available. Because the in-house DJ is unavailable, outside DJs are permitted. There is plenty of parking. Make room for a small pre-wedding gathering. Cuisines & Catering: It is a convenient option if you want a specific caterer or food available at your venue because the venue allows outside caterers. The venue’s adaptability is a distinct differentiator. The venue serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine on its premises. Inquire with them about availability and the best prices for your wedding date.

Banquet Halls in Mumbai

Space Available

  • The venue has indoor spaces that can accommodate up to 800 guests, making it a popular choice for weddings in Mumbai.
  • The venue only has 0 rooms available, primarily for the wedding family and close guests to use.
  • If a large wedding is something you’ve always wanted, this venue can accommodate gatherings of up to 800 people, making it an excellent choice for wedding events.

10. Jayaleela Banquets Halls

Jayaleela Banquets in Mumbai was constructed with tasteful architecture and interior design. This hotel has the Best Wedding halls in Mumbai. They also have permanent chefs who specialise in various cuisines. It filled a clear need by providing the first elegant space for corporate and social gatherings in the Goregaon East region. Jayaleela Banquets provides a much-needed customizable space for the nearby hub of businesses and residential catchments, from grand family gatherings and community meetings to swanky corporate events and business conferences.

Space Available

  • The halls have the capacity to house a large number of people.
  • A hall with 300 seats and 500 floating capacity. Their venue is well-known in the neighbourhood for serving luxury and style.
  • The dining area at the banquet, where most people spend their time, appears to be the highlight of their venue.

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 11. Aum Fine Dine And Banquet Halls

Aum Fine Dine And Banquet in Mumbai has a reputation for excellence and has been recognised for providing guests and clients with high quality and value. They help you make the most of your wedding or event by offering services and facilities. Your pre-wedding experience will be memorable for you and your guests thanks to the luxurious retreat. They provide excellent service by prioritizing the couple and making the pre-wedding process as simple as possible so that the event runs smoothly. The venue can accommodate up to 120 guests, making it ideal for pre-weddings and small events. They want to give you an unforgettable experience.

Banquet Halls in Mumbai

Space Available

  • Hall: With a seating capacity of 80 and a floating capacity of 120, this venue is ideal for weddings or pre-wedding functions.
  • Restaurant: 75 seating and 90 floating, ideal for pre-wedding functions such as mehendi, sangeet, or cocktail.

12. The Veg Treat Royale – Banquet halls in Mumbai

The Veg Treat Royale in Mumbai is one of the most convenient banqueting venues in the city. It was created to be an intimate banqueting space for groups of up to 120 people. In weddings, intimate rituals are important, so The Veg Treat Royale was established along with other facilities to meet this need. Whatever the occasion, big or small, their team works tirelessly to make each event a huge success. Because they provide lavish hospitality as well as other amenities such as delectable food and exquisite decor, they are ideal for hosting small wedding ceremonies. All you have to do is reserve the location and indicate your preferences.

Space Available

  • The Veg Treat Royale has indoor spaces that can accommodate up to 50 people and another that can accommodate 120 people.

13. Taj Lands End – Banquet halls in Mumbai

A venue with dramatic views of Mumbai’s beautiful skyline and the amazing Sea Link, as well as the historical Bandra Fort and the calming Arabian Sea. The Taj Lands End is a luxury five-star hotel perched atop the Bandstand. They are known for offering some of the best dining experiences in the city, including Chinese and Indian flavours, as well as a poolside bar. Despite its modern amenities, the hotel does not forget its roots in traditional hospitality.

Banquet Halls in Mumbai

Space Available

  • If you want to hold an event outside, you can choose from their Seaside or Poolside Lawn.
  • Whereas the Sea Side Lawn can seat 1500 people and accommodate 200 people in floating, the Pool Side Lawn can seat 800 people and accommodate 1200 people in floating.

 14. Vows Banquet – Banquet halls in Mumbai

Vows Banquet is a wealthy wedding venue that hosts exotic weddings and other wedding festivities. The friendly staff specialises in turning your wedding into a great bash, ensuring that your wedding is exactly how you had always imagined it to be. The services provided at the venue are extremely impressive to the clients who are taken aback by their performance. The expert professionals form strong bonds with their clients in order to serve them with tenacity and determination in delivering on time performance.

Space Available

  • The indoor Banquet Hall, with seating for 400 guests and space for 600 floating guests, is ideal for throwing a grand wedding reception in front of a massive crowd.
  • With seating for 80 guests and space for 150 floating guests, the outdoor Lawn can host a variety of pre-wedding nuptials such as roka or mehndi celebrations.

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 15. Mauli Hall, Dombivli – Banquet halls in Mumbai

Mauli Hall, located in Dombivli, Mumbai, is a luxurious and spacious banquet hall that is ideal for hosting a grand scale wedding and pre-wedding functions such as sangeet, mehndi, and so on, making it a popular choice for many! Their interiors are stunning. Their professional staff will handle every detail so you can relax and enjoy your special day!

Banquet Halls in Mumbai

Space Available

  • Their banquet hall can accommodate 450 people, with an additional 700 floating.
  • The banquet space is ideal for any size gathering and can accommodate a variety of celebratory events!

 16. Kasturba Mahila Mandal – Banquet halls in Mumbai

Kasturba Mahila Mandal, a Mumbai hotel, is a business and leisure establishment that challenges conventional notions of affordable lodging. The luxurious hotel in Jaipur offers a variety of beautiful accommodations, complete conference facilities, and some incredible dining options. If you’re looking for a decent area in the city where you can host your wedding events without any problems and with the utmost ease and comfort, your search can end right here.

Space Available

  • Indooor Banquet Halls with hall capacity of 225 peoples
  • Decor and ritual: Outside Vendor Allowed, Outside Entertainment Allowed

17. Wodehouse Gymkhana

Wodehouse Gymkhana in Mumbai has a stellar reputation. They help you make the most of your wedding or event by offering services and facilities. Your wedding will undoubtedly be remembered fondly by you and your guests thanks to the luxurious retreat.

Banquet Halls in Mumbai

Space Available

  • The venue can hold up to 450 people, making it ideal for weddings and large events.
  • Their indoor space is stunning.

 18. Sumati Banquet Hall 

Sumati is the Famous Banquet Hall in Mumbai. The staff at Sumati Banquet Hall works tirelessly to meet the diverse needs of their clients and to make your event the most memorable and happy time of your life. It is without a doubt worthwhile to pay a visit. Sumati Banquet Hall is too good to pass up.

Space Available

  • The indoor space at the venue can accommodate up to 600 floating guests.

19. Grand Hyatt, Mumbai -Banquet halls in Mumbai

On your wedding day, create timeless memories in the heart of the city amidst the beautiful settings of Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. This is one of the Best 20 Banquet Halls in Mumbai. In the island city of Mumbai, the Grand Hyatt provides an ideal setting for events. It is one of the luxury wedding hotels in BKC, Mumbai, with premium facilities.

Banquet Halls in Mumbai

Space Available

  • With 547 luxury rooms and suites and 110 contemporary serviced apartments for long-term guests, the Grand Hyatt team ensures that your stay is comfortable and that you feel at home.
  • Create your own personalised and intimate wedding venue for up to 450 seated guests.
  • There is over 30,000 square feet/2,790 square metres of sophisticated indoor banquet space available.

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20. Nirala Crystal Banquet

Nirala Crystal Banquet in Mumbai is one of the most popular banqueting venues in Mumbai. Whatever the occasion, big or small, their goal is to make it a huge success. They are ideal for wedding ceremonies because they offer both heavenly views and lavish hospitality. Their friendly demeanor and hospitality make your wedding day truly unforgettable. The venue’s location adds to its allure because it is on the outskirts, away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Space Available

  • Indoor seating for up to 600 people is available at the venue.
  • They have an accommodating catering policy. They also have plenty of parking for their guests.

Wrap Up!!

So, we all know that the banquet is the most important part of the wedding reception. So we’ve solved your problem by compiling a list of the best banquets. Tell us in the comments what the next responsibility is. So we can create the next article. And we have a straightforward solution for you! Simply go to our website: Peppynite to get the Best Wedding Services in India. There you will find information about each wedding service. Simply come and give us your wedding stress and ENJOY!!

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