To-Do List For Groom Before Your Wedding


It’s not our brides alone who feel the wedding jitters. It’s our groom’s too! The sheer thought of how your life is going to change in a matter of months, it’s pretty huge. On top of that, preparing and planning for the wedding drains out all the energy out of you. This can cause you to turn numb to all the cheerful and happy atmosphere around you. But the irony is, as much as the wedding is about the couple, it turns out to be more about the bride. The groom gets overlooked until it’s his “baraat” arrives.

The groom puts in so much effort in preparing for the wedding, yet, he’s not given his fair share of dues.

So, before you handsome groom turns all angry at us, here’s a to-do list for groom so you can carry on with the wedding preparation without breaking much sweat.

3 months before the wedding

3 months before the wedding

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It’s three months to go and while you may be freaking out, just remember, your bride is losing her mind. And for her sake, hold on tight and pull yourself together because you have to handle her too.

Start looking at your honeymoon destination, package, and flights. We don’t have to tell you but it’s always better to book flight tickets 3 months in advance to get good discounts.

Pay attention to your personal health and hygiene. Go and meet your dermatologist and dentist to get any procedures done. This is because certain procedures take time to complete.

Check your wedding venue, photographers, and other vendors now. If you have already finalized your venue, caterer, and photographer, then look into other smaller vendors eg. Best Mehndi Artist in India, pandit, choreographer, DJ, etc. You can also look for a designer and start working on your wedding attires. Keep in mind that you have different functions, so you need to sort out different attires for each one. And while you’re on it, think of the attire for your groomsmen too.

And it’s the perfect time to start getting in shape!

1 month before the wedding

1 month before the wedding

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You have one month to go for the D-day. It’s that time when most of your preparation should be done and through. If anything is remaining, they should be in the last phase of completion.

Now is the time to get your attires stitched and ready for the event. And while you’re at it, get all the shopping done and over with.

Check with your photographer and if you want any trials to be done, do it now. The same goes for other vendors and check with them once.

On a personal level, visit a salon and get your manicure and pedicure. If you’re thinking of skipping this step because you’re a man, then let us paint this scenario for you: You’ll be barefoot for most of the essential wedding functions, haldi, Mehendi, ladies sangeet, and when you step in the mandap (when your shoes will be stolen). So, you wouldn’t want your dry feet to ruin your beautiful wedding video? In case, your bride is going for a Mani/Pedi and she’s not taking her bridesmaids, you can go along with her to reduce those first-time intimidating feelings. This can also be a little pre-wedding bonding/relaxing time for you two.

You should also start thinking of a wedding gift for your brides right now (yes, you have to get her a wedding gift and no, the wedding itself is not that gift). It doesn’t have to be big, it could be small and something significant with you two. Trust us, she’ll love you for this! And while you’re at it, write a letter or get a card that will be delivered to her on the wedding day when she’s getting ready. Thank her for being with you and for taking this huge step with you.

These small and simple gestures go a long way!

A week before the wedding

A week before the wedding

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A week before is when all hell breaks loose. But please, take it slow! If you have already taken care of most of the things, then you need to relax and focus on yourself.

Now, get a haircut because if anything goes wrong now, you’ll have time to fix it. It’s time to get in your wedding attires and check if any alterations need to be made. De-stress yourself with some meditation every morning because that stress will show up on your face and ruin your wedding day looks.

Talk to all your vendors to give them a heads-up and give them one emergency number to get to you.

And finally, enjoy your bachelor’s party with your homies!

The Wedding Day

The Wedding Day

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Finally, your wedding day has arrived!

Talk to the person who’ll be taking you and your entourage to the wedding venue.

Get your attire and accessories laid out: your watch, your shoes, socks, your pagdi, etc. This is a reminder to get your wedding attire ironed.

Handover your wallet and phone to your close aide, who’ll bring it to you when you need it.

Now, take a relaxing bath and contemplate on how your life is going to change after that day.

And an important note: Enjoy each and every moment of your amazing wedding because there won’t be a second one and remind your bride the same.

Happy wedding, gents!

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