Top 10 Wedding Outfits Ideas For Grooms of 2022

Best wishes, groom!! You’re going to be a groom:) However, in India, the girl and boy are both considered bride and groom after their engagement. Anyway, if you’ve arrived here, you’re looking for Wedding Outfits Ideas For Grooms. Choosing an Indian Groom Outfit for a wedding or other special occasion is never easy, but we are here to help you make the right choice.

And wedding season is quickly approaching. This time, we’ve gathered some grooms’ fashion ideas. Why should the girls have all the fun?

Wedding Outfits Ideas For Grooms:

We are in India, where there is variety around every corner. If you are in northern India, many grooms want to wear a sherwani to their wedding! And your sherwani must match your bride’s stunning lehenga. Grooms in South Indian tradition wear a white mundu and a shirt-style kurta. And if you are a groom from the Eastern part of India, a day of dhoti-kurta shopping is all that is expected of you when it comes to wedding outfits preparations.

Here is the List of Top 10 Wedding Outfits Ideas For Grooms of 2022

#1. Anarkali Sherwani

Who said the Anarkali style outfit was only for girls? It can also be worn by the groom. This exquisite groom wear combines aesthetic design with masculine fervor. This outfit features a one-of-a-kind color scheme. A gold-worked beige sherwani jacket is worn over a light sea green anarkali kurta and bottom wear. Wear the embellished belt on one side only. You can wear it with accessories. Yes!! This is the new wedding trend.

Wedding Outfits Ideas For Grooms: Anarkali Sherwani

#2. Wedding Gown in Velvet Splendor

If you are looking for the masculine look then just go for this outfit. You can wear the sherwani jacket with an embellished collar and buttons. Wearing them paired with tapered trousers and embellished shoes. The most attractive aspect of the look is the embroidered stole.

Wedding Outfits Ideas For Grooms: Wedding Gown in Velvet Splendor

#3. Wedding Dress in Peaches and Golds

Looking for the outfit that fits royalty, this exquisite sherwani is the dream Indian groom outfit for most men. This outfit is embellished with gold thread work and zardozi work. The collar, shoulders etc are embellished. The inner flared kurta is in a matte gold tone with bright gold horizontal zigzag patterns. You can wear it with black churidar pajami.

Wedding Outfits Ideas For Grooms: Wedding Dress in Peaches and Golds

#4. Floral Stole Wedding Gown

Looking for the most vibrant and one-of-a-kind look on the list. This groom is dressed in a light dusty pink sherwani jacket with woven horse motifs. Wear it with white dhoti pants and a gray safa. The stole with floral embroidery is the highlight of this Indian groom outfit. Paisleys and maple leaves in contrasting vibrant colors work together to create magic.

Wedding Outfits Ideas For Grooms: Floral Stole Wedding Gown

#5. Wedding Outfit with Flared Jacket

Want to look handsome with a flared jacket? The majority of traditional sherwani outfits feature an inner flared kurta with an embellished jacket on top. This look deviates from the norm. The dark navy straight unadorned kurta is paired with an ornate and embellished flared jacket. The jacket features multicolored thread work on a dark surface. The patterns are inspired by vintage fashion.

Wedding Outfits Ideas For Grooms: Wedding Outfit with Flared Jacket

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#6. Cyan Bandhgala

Cyan Bandhgala creates a very elegant and unique style. How classy does the groom look in cyan bandhgala? Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colors! Just go for it and make your day fabulous.

Cyan Bandhgala

#7. Pastel Forever Wedding Outfit

In the patel suit, the groom complimented his bride. He appears to be stylish and modern. Make Your wedding day the most fantastic day and give the surprise to the groom with your elegant look.

Pastel Forever Wedding Outfit

#8. Contrast and Complement your Wedding Attire

This is the best wedding outfits. Enhance the elegance of your wedding attire. Wearing contrasting clothing is another way to complement your other half. For the big day, the bride wore fuchsia pink and the groom wore a navy blue sherwani.

Contrast and Complement your Wedding Attire

#9. Black for Reception Night

Black is the standard color. This is the new wedding trends 2023. Make your standard with this black attire. Take some notes from this groom for the reception night. The black color is evergreen and appears attractive at night. This bandhgala stands out due to the intricate embroidery on the neckline.

Black for Reception Night

#10. Shine with Mirror Work

Make your wedding gown the most beautiful by using the White This happy image makes us swoon. You must have seen a lot of mirror lehengas. You can see what kind of kurta you can wear for the wedding in the image below. This is the new wedding trends.

Shine with Mirror Work


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Wrap Up!!

Gone are the days when wearing an Indian groom outfit was simply a matter of convenience. These days people are taking great care in selecting their wedding day attire. In fact, some men prefer to make a list of all the outfits they will need for all pre and post wedding events.

We appreciate this new emerging fashion spirit among Indian men, and today we’ll take a step forward by telling you more about Indian Wedding Outfits Ideas For Grooms.

The groom, like every bride, has the right to look good and wear whatever he wants. So, in keeping with the trend, we’ve also listed the best wedding trends attire for the groom. Simply pick one and rock the wedding. If you want to learn more about weddings, please visit our website. Here you will find every detail of the wedding as well as the Best Wedding Service in India.

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