Top 20 Bridal Makeup Artists in India

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India is a land of talent, especially when making something out of weddings. When it’s time to shine at your wedding, it creates havoc to look best for the brides. And only and only can the best bridal makeup artist make you look flawless in your day. It becomes necessary for brides to slay at their wedding and with that makeup is something that is their first priority. The costume, the festivities, the rituals, and the makeup are the most important thing when it comes to wedding preparations. Your only element to look the best is the key to your perfection, that is why we want you to look the best on your wedding day. We are giving you the top 20 bridal makeup artists in India that will make you look the best.

OH! Brides, we have some of the top 20 bridal makeup artists in India that are experts in their forte! 

Here is a list of the top 20 bridal makeup artists in India, go through them and find out the best.

1. Ambika Pillai

Ambika Pillai is known as one of the best bridal makeup artists in South Delhi. She is affirmative and is one of the most versatile makeup artists.  She is an expert in celebrity makeup and is super talented. If you want to have the perfect look as a bride this wedding season in South Delhi then you should go for her. She is perfect in describing the best. Get yourself something extraordinary today and have a magnificent look today. And enjoy the perfect look this wedding season.

2. Daniel Bauer

The man behind the beautiful looks. Daniel Bauer is one of the top makeup artist in Mumbai. His makeup is splendid and is known for doing makeup on famous celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Jhanvi Kapoor and more. So if you want a best makeup artist for your wedding then do not miss a chance top contact him. He’ll be the prefect one for you, enjoy the magnificent look at your wedding and enjoy the prefect look with the most versatile makeup artist of this year. Your celebrity makeup artist will make your bridal look super glorious.

3.  Shaan Muttathil

Because he is the best. Shail Muttathil is a celebrity makeup artist, famous for doing makeup of Jacqueline Fernandez. He is one of the top makeup artist in Mumbai. So, if you want to make your makeup really magnificent then he is the perfect choice for you. If you are planning your wedding in Mumbai then you should definitely contact him and have the best bridal makeup for your best day. Your extraordinary makeup is something that can make you really beautiful.

4. Vidya Tikari

She is known for male grooming makeup. One of the Best Makeup Artist in India. She is the top makeup artist of Mumbai. If you want to have the best makeup and a celebrity touch then she is the one for you. Get yourself something extra ordinary makeup at your wedding and fall in love with every picture that captures you in the glamourous makeup.

5. Bharat And Dorris

Bharat and Dorris started off as Makeup artists who eventually established a beauty brand by their name selling a full range of cosmetics.  They give their services in both Mumbai and Delhi. Known for their work, they too have made a mark in the Bollywood Industry. They are priorities for some celebrities, so get your hands on them if you can. She is the one that of the best makeup artist that will make your event amazing by capturing you through their makeup. So if you want makeup that can make you feel enlighten so get the best makeup artist today for yourself.

6. Aliya Baig

Aliya Baig is rated as one of the top 10 Makeup Artists in India. She provides full coverage and pore less makeup to all her clients. Her understanding of the skin type and suitability of the color palette gets her customers the Makeup High. If you want to have bridal makeup for your event she is marvelous. Her forte is bridal makeup, so go for her. She is amazing. Get yourself something best and enjoy the perfect look.

7. Pakkhi P. Siroya

One of the top makeup artist India. She is best with the minimalistic makeup look and is an expert in her forte. If you want to have something spectacular as a bride at your wedding then go for her. You can just go for her portfolio its worth looking at to know all about her marvelous makeup looks. So get the best makeup from her.

8. Aakriti Kochar

Aakriti Kochar brings modernity to the Bridal Makeup looks that charm her brides big time. She is one of the top makeup artist in India. To bring out the best results, she works carefully with the skin tones and features, so if you want that go for her. Ranked as one of the top Makeup artist in Delhi, Aakriti is a big name presently. Get yourself something extraordinary and have the best makeup today with the most amazing artist of the town.

9. Shalini Singh

Shalini Singh who puts up in Delhi NCR has collaborated with several fashion designers and has been in the beauty industry for over 19 years. If you wantg to slay at your wedding with the best bridal makeup then she is the choice for you. She creates Makeup Looks for all occasions and understands the suitability of applied makeup as per the demand of the event. You can go for her, every time you need a makeup.

10. Sanjib Mujumdar

The Mumbai based Professional Makeup Artist, Sanjib Majumder is extremely artistic when it comes to designing looks for his clients.  He has been in business for 16 years now and always looks forward to working on new projects. Known for amazing makeup skills. if you are looking for bridal makeup he is the top makeup artist in India for you.

11. Chandni Singh

Yet another famous bridal makeup artist that works amazingly on her forte. She is known for her ultimate makeup techniques. If you need best bridal makeup artist then she could be the perfect choice for you. She is perfect for her subtle makeup and implacable hair styles that she does. If you are in Delhi and looking for a bridal makeup this wedding season then do not miss a chance to pick her up. And have beautiful makeup.

12.  Anu Kaushik

When you are in doubt to have a best bridal makeup ? Then Anu Kaushik is the one for you! The expert in style statements and makeup. She is classic makeup artist that works relentlessly super hard in all the kinds of makeup. Her forte is bridal makeup and she works very hard to make your glorious specially when its your day. She creates easy and subtle makeup to bold and gorgeous makeup with the same ease.  Not only she is an expert in doing but also gives makeup classes, you can also visit her website or social media platform to register as a trainee. Make your wedding count this time with the perfect makeup of the year.

13. Shruti Bajpai

For all you girls that absolutely hate makeup, but want to still look your best with all your fabulous features glowing, Shruti  is your girl.  A diva that knows how to make you slay at any wedding. . She knows how to handle the brides that become absolute bridezillas when makeup comes into picture. Expert in all kinds of techniques. Her friendly nature will make you really flamboyant and ease in having her as your makeup artist. Do not think to much when it comes to her. Because she knows her style. Book her today and have your hand something unique.

14.  Maya R Mehta

Trust Maya with highlighting your features and bringing out the best in you. Maya is a Mumbai based makeup artist and is a fabulous one at that. She transforms the brides into gorgeous dolls. If you are having your wedding in Mumbai then she is the one for you. An amazing artist that can make your bridal as the way you want. Working for years she has an amazing experience of making the best skills and she knows how to make the brides the happiest. So without any doubt go for her.

15.  Michelle Montes

Michelle Montes is the lady behind the skills. She is the top bridal makeup artist in India. She knows how to transform one beauty into self magnificent attraction. The wow that you hear from people is because of her. Get a makeup artist that knows how to get the perfection in you. And so Michelle Montes is the best makeup artist for you. Make your wedding count with the best makeup artist and enjoy with the best makeup touch.

16.  Ashmeen Munjal

The makeup artist that knows how to have simmer and jazz in your makeup. An awesome makeup artist that completed your beautiful look by creating the best version in you. Get the most amazing makeup and enjoy your look at your wedding event. The perfect makeup artist for your perfect celebrations. Book her to have a glam look at your wedding event and enjoy your wedding event.

17. Tejasvini Chander

She tends to be one of the most versatile and talented makeup artist and is known for the great skills that she holds. It becomes necessary for every bride to look her best at her wedding day. If you want to have something extraordinary at your wedding day then you should definitely contact her. Being in the industry for so many years she knows how to create ordinary  appearance in you.  Slay magnificently at your wedding day and enjoy truly with her makeup.

18. Guru Makeup Art

Guru makeup artist is a top makeup artist in Delhi. He is noted as one of the most skilled makeup artist because his makeup techniques are very much specified and talented in his work. His main forte is bridal makeup and expertise to enhance the best features of the bride and give it a perfect finish. Guru makeup artist has a wide experience when it comes to bridal makeover. So to have the perfect bridal look and wedding in Delhi, do not go elsewhere. Enjoy the marvelous look by this artist.

19. Jharna Shah

Jharna Shah not only provides all kinds of makeup but also expertise in bridal makeup. She is an ultimate makeup artist that gives the prefect look that you wish for. The reflection of the “princess in love” will be seen in the scenario with great makeup. She uses the prefect makeup techniques with braded makeup pallets to enhance your beauty. Because for her customer matters the most. If you really want to get something amazing extraordinary at your wedding then she is the right choice for you. Working since so many years she knows how to create perfection in every bride. You should definitely contact her for your bridal makeup.

20. Cherag Bambboat

A makeup artist is the one that redefines your beauty and makes it glorifying beauty. Cherag Bambboat is one of the best professional fashion stylist and hair and makeup in the aesthetic industry for over 15 years. If you want a perfect look at your wedding then this could be your choice.  Cherag Bambboat receives numerous outstanding awards and praises because of its undisputed creations. He is also known renowned as a Bollywood Makeup Artist in Mumbai and has many years of experience in performing celebrity makeup and fashion makeup. So if you are planning a grand wedding then the makeup should also go with it. Get the best makeup artist for yourself today.

Hope we have provided you through this blog, some of  these top 20 bridal makeup artists in India.

These top makeup artist are implacable at their work. So you can have the something out of it. And can magnificently slay at your wedding with these top 20 bridal makeup artists in India. To have more such blogs that can guide you visit us on Google map


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