Top Makeup Artists In Chandigarh To Hire For Your Wedding

A bride is not completely ready for her wedding without her makeup. As they say, “Makeup is not a tool to make an ugly thing beautiful, it’s meant to magnify the beauty that already exists.” And if you are a bride in Chandigarh and so, looking for a makeup artists, we’ve got your back!

We have here a list of best and top makeup artists in Chandigarh to hire for your wedding.

Let’s take a look!

Hair and Makeup by Zareen Bala

zareen bala

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Zareen Bala is among the known names in makeup in Chandigarh tri-city. She is professionally trained at the MakeUp ForEver Academy for Beauty & Fashion makeup + Airbrush makeup Certified by Samer Khouzami. An artist who believes in minimalism when it comes to makeup, Zareen’s style has a lot of liking among beautiful ladies in town.

Call at: 9780301122



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Rabia is a popular name in not just Chandigarh but also in the international makeup and fashion circle. She has done makeup for Dia Mirza, Minissha Lamba and VJ Anusha. Rabia travels between India and Australia and has even worked with leading models for brands like Zara, Vero Moda and Lifestyle. This talented makeup artist loves to experiment with new trends and products. She has a knack for mixing traditional with contemporary style.

Call at: 9316000179

Parul Duggal

parul duggal

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Parul is called a magician for what she can do with her makeup skills. She is an expert when it comes to following “less is more” and talking to her clients to understand them better. Parul makes sure her clients feel at ease and get to know them better so that they get exactly what they want.

Call at: 9878773322

Manmeet Matharu

manmeet matharu

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As a makeup artist, hairstylist and a personal grooming expert, Manmeet offers a lot in one package. The expert makeup artist specializes in bridal, party, cocktail, portfolio makeup etc. Manmeet will arrive at your place to discuss the kind of bridal look you want and give you the perfect appearance created with an impeccable eye for detail.

Call at: 9779255491

Prerna Khullar

Prerna Khullar

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Prerna was professionally trained by Dominic Cruz in Los Angeles. She believes that a bridal look should be an extension of her client’s personality and not doing something obvious. The lady has a ton of experience doing bridal makeup and her training from Gorgeous Cosmetics in Australia backing her.

Call at: 9988880790

Rouge by Itika Sood

Itika Sood

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Itika is professionally trained from VLCC Institute. She specialises in bridal, engagement, reception, party and portfolio makeup looks. Itika and her team work together to make sure that you look your absolute best on any function you’re attending.

Call at: 9814160577

Paveena Kh Rathour

Paveena Kh

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Paveena is an internationally acclaimed makeup artist. She believes in not just creating the best end look but also giving an unforgettable experience throughout. Paveena loves to experiment with different looks and create that perfect one for the bride.

Call at: 9501867553

Here was your list of top makeup artist in Chandigarh to hire for your wedding.

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