10 Best Celebrity Mehndi Artists In India For Weddings

Mehndi Artists in India

Mehndi is an expression of emotion. Without mehndi, Indian weddings are incomplete. Every woman aspires to be flawless on the day she dons her bridal attire. If one wishes to be unique, the assistance of experts is required. There are numerous well-known Mehndi Artists in India who have wealthy and famous clients. Apply fantastic and amazing mehandi for any occasion to add color to women’s hands. And, in order for her to achieve this perfection, she must choose the right vendors.

Mehndi Artists in India

This blog features the Best Celebrity Mehndi Artists in India. Peppynite is always prepared to provide the best services and results for you. Hiring a trustworthy vendor is always a difficult decision for any bride. While research is important in choosing a good vendor, asking the right questions is critical to ensure that both the bride and the vendor share the same vision. Mehndi is one of the most important ceremonies in a bride’s wedding journey, so finding the right henna artist is critical.

Before finalizing a mehndi artist for her wedding day, a bride-to-be should ask the following questions:

1. Do You Apply Natural Henna?

Natural henna is brown in color and has an essential oil aroma. It takes about 2 – 3 days for the color to mature. However, some Mehndi Designers in India continue to use black or chemically produced henna cones. However, brides should be aware of the potential skin hazards.

2. Do You Make Your Own Henna?

A skilled henna artist can be distinguished from a novice by asking if they make the henna themselves or, at the very least, know each ingredient used to make the henna. If your mehndi artist is unaware, this could be cause for concern. This indicates that they are not yet of bridal caliber. The best and most experienced artists should be able to tell what their henna recipe is made of.

henna artist

3. How Quick Are You?

The speed of each henna artist varies depending on their experience, skill, and even the complexity of the design you request. However, knowing how slow or fast they are right away will give you an idea of how much preparation you need for your mehndi application day. This can also be a factor in deciding whether or not to hire a henna artist, particularly for sangeet or mehndi ceremonies.

4. Inquire about their previous work?

Many brides skip this step because they are usually prepared for the type of design they desire. I’m hoping to take it to the artist and have it replicated. You could be passing up a huge opportunity here. Every artist has a distinct style that they have worked hard to develop over time. Viewing your artist’s previous work may spark ideas, making your mehndi more memorable and special. This also shows how advanced or skilled the henna artist is. It is simple to create Simple Mehndi Designs or to replicate someone else’s work.

Don’t forget, lovely brides, to ask some of these important questions to ensure you hire the right henna artist. May your henna be rich and dark to represent your and your future husband’s eternal love.

Whether it’s weddings or festivals like Ganesh Chathurthi or Diwali, Indian women here twist to mehndi art to hit up for these events. In India, there are many talented Celebrity Mehndi Artists. Below is a list of the Best Mehndi Artists in India, each known for their unique mehandi designs.

Here is the list of the Top Mehandi Designers In India:


1. Pawan Mehandi Arts: Mehndi Artists in India

Pawan Arts is one of the stalwarts of mehandi art in Mumbai, with 15 years of experience. He is not only skilled, but also the best in this henna. Pawan is an expert in Indian, Mughal, and Arabic design. His team members are also skilled in their respective fields; the pawan mehandi group has its own dress code.

Mehndi Artists in India


Address: Scf 85& 86near Agrawal crockery and Spectrum showroom, Phase 7, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160061

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 095010 20373

2. Bindu Shah Mehndi Designs: Mehndi Artists in India

Bindu Shah is a tried and tested performer in the field of mehndi art, with a long list of accomplishments and awards to her name. During these years, she has trained many mehandi artists as well as students. Despite the fact that she is an expert in this intricate art, she is constantly honing her skills by learning new techniques for mehndi design.

Bindu Shah Mehendi Designs


Address: 11-B, SURYA NAGAR SOCIETY, Atmajyoti Ashram Road, near CITIZEN SOCIETY, Ellora Park, Vadodara, Gujarat 390023

Phone: 098244 43821

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3. Jayshree Maru – Mehndi Designers:

Jayshree Maru is a well-known and creative Best Mehndi Artists in Mumbai. There will be no one in the Mumbai area who hasn’t heard of her. Her designs are flawless, and her charges for mehandi design will be reasonable. She will also be willing to travel to other locations based on client requests.

Mehndi Artists in India

Information: Jayshree Mehndi Designer, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

4. Ekta And Usha Shah – Mehndi Artists in India:

These two have done mehndi for celebrities such as Kajol and Aishwarya Rai and have also worked for Nita Ambani. Beyond the mother and daughter duo, Usha Shah is well-versed in Traditional Mehndi Designs, whereas Ekta has mastered the art of contemporary henna patterns.

Ekta And Usha Shah


Address: SCO. – 372, Sector 32 Market Rd, Sector 32D, Sector 32, Chandigarh, 160047

Hours: Open β‹… Closes 10:30PM

Phone: 098721 02598

5. Geeta Patel: Mehndi Artists in India

She is a self-proclaimed artist and has been in this profession for two decades. Now that her daughter-in-law has joined her in her endeavor, the duo has been going places and receiving accolades. Because of their intricate designs, most families come in large groups to have their mehndi done by her.

Mehndi Artists in India

Information: 9/142, Vijay Kunj, Vallabh Baug Lane, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai – 400077

6. Rahul Sonavane: Mehndi Artists in India

Rahul is highly innovative; his method of approach is entirely different from what passes on as Mumbai Mehndi designs. He is standing high with a professional experience of 15 years and is expertise in putting Mehndi for various occasions. They have different collections of mehndi designs especially for weddings.

Rahul Sonavane

Information: Redefine. Double Negative – Redefine Sir JJ Institute Of Applied Art. Mumbai, Maharashtra

7. Prakash at Prakash Mehndi Art:

Prakash Mehndi Artist is a skilled and experienced Mehndi Designer based in New Delhi’s Kamla Nagar neighborhood. With over 20 years of experience, we are a specialized Traditional Indian Bridal Mehndi Designer. To make quality Mehndi paste, he only uses natural Mehndi powder and natural herbal ingredients. You only need to apply Mehndi paste to your body for 2 to 3 hours. Color is assured. Mehndi, a traditional art of hand and foot decoration, is an important part of Indian customs and functions.

Mehndi Artists in India

Information Address: D-173, opposite Prem Studio, Block D, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110007

8. Pushpa Mehndi Arts:

Pushpa mehndi patterns are on another level because they are a lethal combination of modern and traditional henna art. Over time, their services have made it into the family albums of many clients for events ranging from parties to engagement and bridal Mehndi. They provide the best value to customers.

Pushpa Mehndi Arts

Information: Address: Sco 364, Sector 32D, Sector 32, Chandigarh, 160047

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone: 096537 22588

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9. Raju Mehndi Artist:

It has been on track since 1992 and has decades of experience. He is also a certified Mehndi artist and the versatile expert have risen to fame by assisting brides, such as Jaipuri traditional Mehndi, Bombay contemporary style Mehndi, Shehnai Mehndi, Peacock Mehndi Designs, Rajasthani Mehndi, Paisleys, and extra Mehndi designs.

Mehndi Artists in India

Information: Outside SCO 167, Main Market, Chandigarh Sector 37c, Chandigarh

10. Manoj Mehndi Art:

Manoj is located in the well-known Metropolis Mall; he is very passionate and creative about his profession as a Mehndi designer and is prepared by an impressive collection. They use their artistic abilities to apply Bridal Mehndi Designers, and his portfolio is available on his Facebook page.

Manoj Mehandi Art

Information: Manoj Mehndi Art, Mohali Chandigarh, Chandigarh.

Mehndi is the traditional henna painting art of India and the Middle East. In Indian Mehndi, designs are traditionally applied to a woman’s hands and feet. The most auspicious occasion for mehndi artwork is an Indian wedding, where the bride and groom, as well as several members of the bridal party, apply henna. All of the aforementioned Mehndi Artists are highly skilled Professional Mehndi Designers in India who can be contacted for any occasion to make it more memorable. Peppynite is always available to help you make your wedding unforgettable. On our website, you can visit various blogs. Where you will find answers to all of your wedding-related questions.



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