101 Things To Consider When Finalizing A Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue and the decor is a reflection of you and your partner’s personality. Whether it’s big or small, there are a lot of things to consider and it all comes down to how you’ve planned it. And the Millenials are very considerate when planning each detail of their wedding, including the venue. Today, they want a venue that is affordable, simple yet elegant, reachable and of course, liked by all. But finding that venue which ticks all the above boxes is not that easy right? Plus, there’s so much more to be looked into.

Here’s a to-do list for you ladies and gentleman so that it makes it a tad bit easier to finalise your wedding venue.

Ring Ring, it’s your budget calling!

wedding fund

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When you guys exchange your engagement rings, you know the next step! Now that you’re gonna start planning for your wedding, the budget is the first thing that pops in your mind. Sit down with your partner and create an overall vision – The number of guests, the season when the wedding is due, type of wedding (indoor or outdoor). An indoor banquet hall is perfect for a winter wedding.

Who’s coming to your wedding?

wedding guest list

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Preparing a guest list is helps in getting accurate figures on your budget. It also helps you to narrow that perfect wedding venue in Mohali which can easily accommodate all your guests. This is because we are all aware that weddings come in different shapes and size, you won’t want a venue that is a misfit with the number of guests.

Where’s the wedding?

wedding location

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Location of your venue comes next. Your guests will be arriving from different parts of the city, state or country so you have to check for accessibility. If it’s a local wedding, the location should have ample space for all your big and small events. Above that, there should be good enough parking space and can also house your outstation guests. If that’s not possible, check for good hotels nearby the venue.

Research Mode- ON!

research mode on

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Once you’ve short-listed a number of venues which fit most of your bill, it’s time to get diggin’! Just like restaurants and hotels have reviews, banquet halls and wedding venues have reviews too (duh!). And most of these reviews are genuine and you can count on them.

Available or Not Available?

not available

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Now that you have researched about the venue, checked with the guest list and it fits your budget, is the venue available on your wedding date? Most of the banquet hall in Chandigarh and wedding venues are pre-booked during the wedding season (again, duh!). This is India! If parents can make their kids reach the airport for 3 hours in advance, then venues can be booked 3-4 or even 6 months in advance too. So, once you have narrowed down your venue, do check for availability on your wedding date and book it, in advance.

No Outside Caterer allowed!


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Hold up, guys! While you might have planned something exotic for your wedding feast, there’s a good chance the venue might not be able to provide that. Even so, some venues don’t allow outside caterers and instead suggest their own service. This can easily unsettle your budget. The same is applicable to decor, so confirm if the venue is all-inclusive. You’ll have to make sure the venue is offering all the service within your budget and if the pricing includes catering, decoration, flowers, lighting, music, videography and other vendors you need.


phone an expert

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There are a number of dedicated online services like Peppynite which offer you a list of banquet halls along with rates. You can book banquet halls online through them and can also make a query about the wedding venue and booking details.

There you go, kids! This was your guide on how to finalize a wedding venue. Have fun and joyful wedding!

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