Trivik Hotels & Resorts Chikmagalur: A Slice Of Heaven

Trivik hotel

It’s quite bewildering that there are so many achingly beautiful landscapes in India that we still haven’t discovered. Lush green forests, high mountains, quiet seashores and a majestic desert, we have it all. To make our point clearer, we’re gonna tell you guys about Trivik Hotels & Resorts Chikmagalur, Karnataka.

Trivik Hotels & Resorts is located among the most serene ecosystems in India. Surrounded by green forests, and coffee plantations, the air around the hotel is rich in flavourful aromas. Need we say more, it is the best luxury hotel to enjoy your time with your beloved partner. So, our beautiful newly-wed couples, grab your coffees and sit down to take note. Oh, did we forget, it offers a stunning background for a destination wedding?

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The Trivik combines nature and luxury in the best possible manner to give you an experience of a lifetime. There are no stones left unturned to provide the finest service, dining and entertainment to make your stay a truly memorable one. The Trivik believe that the core of their existence rests upon 3 pillars that drive them to deliver meaningful experiences to the environment and community at large.

To quote Trivik Hotels’ 3 pillars:

Conscious Luxury

“We go above and beyond to engage with elements of nature while providing enhanced luxury experiences. It is our commitment to give back to nature in the most effective manner possible. We employ eco-sensitive methods with regard to waste management, rainwater harvesting and flora-fauna conservation in all our properties to promote the Earth’s well-being.”
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Local Community

“We are mindful and socially responsible for the development of regions in which we are present. It is a matter of pride for us to be torchbearers of local culture and showcase cuisines, art and architecture of the local community to our guests. With efforts to employ a workforce from the local populace, we are keenly involved in training and providing a source of livelihood to indigenous families.”
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Personalised Service

“We are humbled by our guests’ choosing to stay with us and this translates into us providing a superlative level of personalised service that is aimed at exceeding expectations. We are in tune with your requirements, right from the time of booking and till much after you have left our premises. Our team of dedicated personnel is at your service to ensure your experience with us extraordinary.”
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The Trivik offers their guests with a range of luxurious accommodations that are bound to leave you craving for more. Let’s give you guys a tour of their splendid suites!

Garden Suite

trivik garden view suite

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Located on a hill slope, Garden Suite has an area of 1000 sqft. It has a living space, a spacious balcony, and a beautiful master bedroom done in tasteful decor that exudes luxury and fine living. You will wake up to a beautiful view of the surroundings in the resort. There’s a jacuzzi in the bathroom to ease the body and mind along with a view of the forest.

Coffee Suite

trivik coffee suite

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As the name suggests, Coffee Suites offers its guests an unhindered view of the coffee plantations in the resort from its living room and private balcony. With its subtle yet charming interiors, the suite mingles with the view of the coffee plantation outside. This makes it feel like living in a coffee plantation estate.

Mountain Suite

Mountain suite

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Mountain Suites are all about the blissful views of the valleys and the Ghats outside. Wake up every morning to different moods of climate as the green forest sends a rush of freshness through your body. The suite is topped with tasteful and luxurious decor that speaks of class and refinement. It’s over-powering in any way and compliments the views outside.

All the suites at the Trivik are surrounded by the calm and soothing natural environment. It offers the perfect background for your small and intimate destination wedding. The Trivik has a banquet hall for your private functions and small parties. There is also a board room for business travellers.

Trivik hall

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You can experience the nature around the hotel and take a hike through various hiking and trekking trails. At the end of a long hike, you can enjoy a picnic by a waterfall. One can also take a walk through the coffee plantations, talk to the locals about their brews and taste their finest blends.

The Trivik takes pride in giving you the perfect amalgamation of luxury, leisure and convenience across all of their properties, while seamlessly blending in with their natural habitat. So, pack your bags, book rooms at the Trivik through Peppynite today, and head off to experience a slice of heaven.

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