5 Best Ideas To Personalize Wedding Rings

5 Best Ideas To Personalize Wedding Rings

Your wedding ring is one of the most significant symbols of not just your marital status, but also a depiction of the love between you and your partner. Engagement rings and wedding bands are jewelry that couples spend a lot of time to choose. Since it is something so emotional, couples also are always looking for ideas to personalize wedding rings. It is definitely worth it to invest time and effort into designing your wedding rings.

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Not only are the rings something to seal their commitment to each other with, but a reminder of one of the best milestones of their lives. These days, couples are getting more and more creative with this piece of jewelry that will be forever!

If you choose unique ideas to personalize wedding rings, you will probably inspire many others to do the same. And imagine the kind of creativity Top Wedding Photographers will be able to unleash with your absolutely different wedding rings!

Ideas To Personalize Wedding Rings: wedding rings

Customization is the perfect way for couples who like to set trends, rather than follow them. Let’s just say customization is about putting that x-factor of feelings, emotions and creativity, and not just metal and gemstones! If you are looking for unique ideas to personalize wedding rings, then this article is for you!

Here are some really creative ways in which you can get custom-made wedding rings from your jeweller…

1. Engraving

Engraving and carving special romantic inscriptions on rings apparently first began in the the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance when ‘poesie rings’ were popular. Even Shakespeare had referred to them in his writings. These rings had romantic poetry engraved on them that were supposed to signify promises between couples.

Nowadays, you can get several things engraved on rings. Modern technology allows you to engrave almost everything in a very detailed way using laser.

Ideas To Personalize Wedding Rings: Engraved fingerprint

Some of the things you can consider are:

  1. Each other’s names
  2. Significant dates – date of proposal, engagement, wedding etc.
  3. Song lyrics of your favorite song as a couple – some couples inscribe lyrics beginning on one ring and ending on the other
  4. Your spouse’s fingerprints are such a different idea. See, every person has a unique set of fingerprints. So imagine the special emotion attached with engraving your BAE’s fingerprints on your ring.
  5. Signatures of each other
  6. If you want pictures, and symbols and not letters as such, you can go for that too. An infinity symbol is really popular. If you are both beach lovers, get some waves engraved.
  7. Each other’s pet names – special terms of endearment you address each other with can also be engraved.
  8. ECGs! Yes, you read that right! Since you are going to be in each other’s hearts forever, might as well celebrate that! So what happens here is that you get your heartbeat recorded. This recorded heartbeat is then engraved on your ring. And that’s how you carry your lover’s heartbeat with you all the time.


Ideas To Personalize Wedding Rings: engraved prayers

2. Unusual Gemstones

Unusual gemstones

Diamonds are the obvious choice, but you can also choose unusual gems that are meaningful. You can get each other’s birthstones, or your spouse’s favorite color gemstones. Some couples also get the gemstones engraved – even though those inscriptions can only be read under the magnifying glass. You can even get crystals corresponding to chakra healing.

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3. Unusual Metals & Materials

Unusual metals

Jewelers can make various finishes for wedding rings – not just shiny gold, but color-treated gold, matte gold and so on. You can also have hammered, sand-blasted, pebbled, wire-brushed and so on. Instead of traditional gold (whether it is rose gold or white gold or yellow gold), try platinum, or alloys. Indian traditions put a lot of emphasis on ‘panchdhaatu’ for health. This is an alloy of gold, silver, copper, brass and iron. Rings made of panchdhaatu can be a good idea to personalize wedding rings.

4. Unique Shapes

Unusual shapes

Seen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s wedding ring? It is a ring, but not typically round. It has a crown-like shape. You can have a unique shape also for your wedding band. Change the plain circular shape with a double-ended ‘open’ ring – the added advantage of this will be that such a ring will be adjustable too.

5. Photo rings

Photo rings

Remember seeing pendants that had photographs of significant people in them? Why not have rings like that? Get your jeweler to make a little window in which you can keep your partner’s picture. The upper surface can of course have an embellishment in the form of a design or a gemstone.

Ideas To Personalize Wedding Rings: Fingerprint ring

These are only some of the ideas we could think of to create a trend with your wedding ring. Let your imagination and creativity flow freely when you are thinking of unique ideas to personalize wedding rings. Choose something that feels unique to you and your partner. Just follow your heart and emotions. This will be a design that will also delight your wedding photographer who will be able to think of many ways to make the rings almost like a character in your wedding photo album.

Can you think of any more ideas to make your wedding ring unique? Tell us in the comments below and follow us on Instagram for more ideas on how to make your wedding memorable…

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