5 Latest Bridal Makeup Trends

Bridal Makeup Trends

Her look is the most crucial thing for every bride for her wedding. Yes, you’ve picked a stunning outfit, but the grace of a bridal look is incomplete without the right makeup. Whether it is just a roka or the sangeet and mehndi or even reception, you must plan your total look for every single ceremony, while keeping in mind the latest trends. This blog on Bridal Makeup Trends will be vital – whether you are a to-be bride or an artist.

Read on to know what are the 5 Bridal Makeup Trends for 2022

1. Maxing Minimalism

Minimal Makeup Max Glow

2022 is definitely the year of naturally glowing brides. The Best Wedding Makeup Artists swear by the flawlessly radiant look, without making it too heavy. Flawless skin and that lit-from-within glow, paired with bright eyes, and lush pink glossy lips – this look will never go out of style! with subtle sparkly eye makeup, flushed cheeks and pink nude glossy lips. This look is elegant and classy.

Also, wedding celebrations and ceremonies tend to last for a long time. This means that bridal makeup must be done on skin that is prepped well so that makeup lasts longer and looks fresh. Best Makeup Artist in India says that dewy fresh skin is best for brides because it does not make the skin look overtly shiny in wedding photographs. So, instead of plastering your face with a heavy layer of makeup, remember that less is more.

2. Bold Eyes Look Best With Nude Lips

Bridal Makeup Trends: Bold Eyes

The bold eye look has been popular since the last couple of years. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is to always keep the lips nude so that the eyes look even more mesmerizing. The Best Makeup Artists always advise only one feature to be highlighted – either the eyes, or the lips, never both. Yes, this is the perfect way to balance heavier eyes.

3. Pastel Smokey Eyes

Bridal Makeup Trends: Pastel smokey eyes

This look combines the best of both worlds. The best bit – you can have pleasant and soothing pastel eyeshadow combined with smokey eyes. This variation allows you to combine color with drama. Cheerful colors like pinks, deep burgundy and jewel-toned greens are for the brides that want to have fun. Creating room for that mysterious aura, this statement look has been around for a while.

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4. Emphasis On Kohl & Lashes

Bridal Makeup Trends: kohl & lashes

Kajal or kohl is an important part of solah shringaar in Indian culture. It is believed to ward of negative energies and keep evil eye at bay. A combination of thick kohl and pronounced eyelashes looks stunning and dramatic. Fluttery eyelashes add a look of exotic mystery and coyness to a bridal makeup look. This combination of kohl with bold eyelashes helps Bridal Makeup Artists define the eyes and also helps you look ultra-glamorous as a bride. The intense smokey – adapting modernity with tradition, this makeup look is for the bold Indian bride.

5. Shimmery Eyes

shimmery eyes

On the subject of eyes, brides that want statement eyes without getting too bold, adding shimmer to eyes is another way to make them stand out. Choose a bronze or vintage gold for the eye makeup. This will compliment the shade of gold in your lehenga and also go very well with your jewelry. Take care to create a smooth base and don’t forget a setting spray so that the glitter stays put. Done properly, this type of makeup makes a bride look elegant and gorgeous.

6. The Rosy Look

Rosy look

Nothing beats a complete soft romantic look. Think pink here. Top bridal makeup artists in India swear by this look, especially for daytime events. The blush and lip color should be matched with each other to achieve the perfect rosy look for the contemporary modern bride. Go for a darker eyeshadow that complements but does not stand out too much to achieve that modern day Indian Barbie look. Do use a volumizing mascara to add a bit of diva-like glamor to this blushing and shy look. Remember how gorgeous Anushka Sharma and Alia Bhatt looked in minimal makeup on their wedding day? The look is still very popular.

7. Crimson Lips

Crimson lips

Bold red crimson lips never goes out of style — and look so romantic. Red is a color that makes for the best and boldest pout. This color on the lips is usually associated with boldness and confidence. Pair this striking cololur with earthy brown smokey eyes if you want the bridal  look to be heavy. You can wear this color during the day if you keep your eyes at bare minimum, using a peachy-nude eyeshadow, a hint of kajal and simply volumizing mascara, and perfectly shaped brows. Do take care to sculpt your face with a well done contour. Traditional bronze smokey eye shadow and red lips is makeup that is timeless – especially in an autumn or winter wedding. This look works well for all Indian skin tones. To really ace this look, create the perfect base using a silicon-based primer and a matte finish foundation.

Vintage Bride

We hope you’ve been inspired by our pick of the best bridal makeup trends and your makeup artist will make you look your very best for the most important day of your life.





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