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It’s rare to find something so miraculous that makes you look stunning at your wedding. Yes we are talking about someone who brings a charm at your face. We known that there is excitement of wedding obviously, but you just can’t resists the one. We are talking about a makeup artist. One who is all set to make you look stunning and steal hearts of people who are around at your wedding day. But, there comes one issues that are brides, worried about is finding a makeup artist. Since, we don’t want you to get that stress, we are bringing you theses Top 10 Makeup Artist in India. Yes, a simple, quick, access to all your worries.

We just want you to look your best and that’s why Peppynite aims in making the best result. All you have to do is, scroll down the list and get the best makeup artist for your wedding. We’ll be listing for you from top cities in that will bring to you the perfect makeup on your face. Because it’s a never ending era of looking your best and we just want all our brides to shine on their wedding day. With less worries and more happiness you could just bring out the inner you with the happiest smile on your face.

Shine beautiful with that shimmer and have a blast at your wedding with these Top 10 Makeup artist in India.

Because we want you to shine we are helping you out in giving these makeup artist who you can just rely on. And to be the perfect one at your wedding here are the Best Makeup Artist in India. So, without any doubt just scroll down to these makeup artist and enjoy weddings with perfection in every makeup touch. And believe us you’ll be thanking later.

Best Makeup Artist in DELHI:

Best makeup artist

Poonam Rawat: Beauty and makeup expert in Delhi and Delhi NCR. She has been working in the makeup industry for more than 6 years now. The most professional Makeup Artist in Delhi who is an expert in Bridal makeup and great counturing skills. She is an expert in her work and with amazing makeup she wins hearts of all her clients. Without any doubt she is on our top list.

Best Makeup artist in MUMBAI:

Best makeup artist

  • Kajol Paswan: Kajol Paswan is known for being the Top Bridal Makeup Artist in Mumbai also known for being the best destination makeup expert and runs a makeup academy in Mumbai. She knows how to make her bride look the prettiest on her special day. Understanding every bride is her forte, so if you want an affordable Makeup Artist in Mumbai then she is the one for you.

Best Makeup artist in CHANDIGARH:

Best makeup artist

  • Zareen Bala: Professionally trained and an expert in Bridal makeup and Airbrush makeup. She is also known for being a fashion makeup expert. A stylish expert in all her makeup techniques. She knows how to make the best bridals. So, if you are in Chandigarh and you are looking a Professional Bridal Makeup Artist than she is the one for you. Creating beauty in every detail is her forte, so you can book her.

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Best Makeup Artist in LUCKNOW:

Best makeup artist

  • Bhaavya Kapur: A Lucknow based makeup artist who is working in this field from 2011. A well known bridal/Wedding Makeup Artist in India that is precise in her work, she is multi talented by not just doing Bridal makeup she also does hair styling, colouring, nails, manicure, pedicure and much more. A top rated makeup artist that works with great affection and is loved by all her clients. Her forte is to use the best brands on her clients because skin matters to her.

Best Makeup artist in JAIPUR:

best makeup artist

  • Bianca Louzada: A makeup artist who has nailed the art of flawless dewy makeup better than anyone else. She is from Jaipur but still is a renowned makeup artist who has worked on celebrities’ like Dia Mirza, Yami Gautam.  A plethora of her brides has gone viral. Moreover, the best part is she does your hair as well. So, if you are in Jaipur and looking for the best bridal makeup artist in Jaipur than she is the right one for you

Best Makeup artist in BANGALORE:

best makeup artist

  • Fathima Mushira: A multifaceted artist offering a wide range of bridal, festive, maternity and fashion makeup, she goes with the trend. She is on our top list when it comes to top makeup artist in Bangalore. Goes with great transformation and is known for her amazing HD makeup looks. Her forte is to make the latest looks possible. Go with bridal with her and you’ll be thanking us later.

Best Makeup artist in INDORE:

best makeup artist

  • Saba Mua: An Airbrush and HD Makeup expert who is truly dedicated in her work. She is working since 2012 and has covered more than 100 bridal makeups. She is one of the best makeup artist in creating flawless beauty because she loves making her client the happiest. If you are in Indore and looking for a bridal makeup artist for you wedding then she is the right one. Creating perfection is what she aims for.

Best Makeup artist in HYDERABAD:

best makeup artist

  • Aliya Baig: A classic makeup artist for a classic wedding. Coming from a family of Nawabs she is an expert in doing the best bridal makeup. If you are preparing for your wedding and want minilistic classy makeup than this is the perfect one for you. She is a Top Makeup Artist in Hyderabad in India. Look the best at your wedding, have a beautiful makeup and slay magnificently at your wedding.

Best Makeup artist in KOLKATA:

best makeup artist

  • Sharmila Ganguly: She is the founder of Sharen Makeup Studio in Kolkata. She is truly one of the Best Makeup Artist in Kolkata. She will make you the perfect doll and will be make you look the best at your wedding. If you are in Kolkata and you are looking for the best bridal makeup artist than she is the right one for you also, she is on number one list in Kolkata.

Best Makeup artist in PUNE:

best makeup artist

  • Vandana Bhuyan: A perfect Bridal Makeup Artist in India. She is in our top list when it comes to makeup artist in Pune. She creates the best version of you in every detail. If you are getting married this wedding season then this is the right makeup artist for you. Book her to get amazing makeup today.

Hope we’ve bought to you some of the best makeup artist in India in the top cities.

Hoping to serve you the best. We have been sharing wedding related information to make you feel elated. In this you can go across these famous makeup artist that will not only make you best on your day but they are expert in understanding all your needs. Peppynite has been working for years to make their clients the happiest. It becomes necessary for you to be at our top priority. That’s why we make sure that we provide you the best information. Wedding season is now on and we would love all our brides to get the Best Makeup Artist for themselves. Go with the flow this season and dress magnificently at your wedding day. Begin with the best and you’ll have the perfect wedding because brides this is the time for you, so don’t miss a chance to go for these makeup artist.

Become the best version of yourself on your wedding, but do not forget that your charm is all that your happiness in the world. So, keep smiling through the wedding days and after that miraculously. 

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