8 Best Wedding Photographers in India

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A large part of the excitement around a wedding is anticipating the photographs taken of the event. They are excited to see the wedding images, but so are the couple’s family and friends. The greatest of everything for the wedding comes from everyone’s combined efforts. They go all out to make it a special day for the pair by shopping for the most acceptable attire and decorations. You and your dear ones are trying to capture the special moments so that you may look back on them for years to come.

The allure of pictures lies in their status as timelessly preserved mementos. For this reason, selecting competent Wedding Photographers in India is a crucial step in organizing the big day. Therefore, it is a wedding and pre-wedding Photographer in India who can take pictures that capture the genuine excitement and passion of the day.

We have compiled a list of highly recommended vendors for your wedding to facilitate your search.

Wedding Photographers in India

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8 Best Wedding Photographers in India

Sam & Ekta

After completing their MBAs, wedding photographers Sam Walzade and Ekta Rekhi decided to leave the corporate sector to focus on providing couples with everything genuine. The award-winning team photographs just one wedding at the moment to give each event their complete focus; their customer roster includes Armaan Jain, among others. They are one of the Best Photographers in India.

They ensure “wedding photographs and videos seem authentic so that the inherent enchantment of a tale is retained” by indulging in photojournalism, portraits, and documentary cinematography. At weddings, they prefer to take on the role of onlookers rather than participants. The end outcome should bring back fond recollections and get back the emotions you had on that particular day.

Sandeep Patil Photography

He is a Top Wedding Photographer in India located in Goa, showcases a variety of styles. Sandeep Patil is capable of delivering beautiful wedding photographic ideas that are both timeless and cutting edge. His work is inspired by the sentiments of the legendary artist Ansel Adams: “A genuine image should not be described, nor can it be expressed in words.” His distinctive technique has the uncanny ability to capture the beauty in every one of his subject’s expressions. He is committed to his work and thinks the shooting is about more than taking stunning images; it’s about catching the essence of the thing you’re photographing.

Wedding Photographers in India

House On The Clouds

Siddharth Sharma, a photographer, living in Bengaluru, has made a name for himself despite his young age in the field. The innovator does not want his business associated with the word “luxury,” preferring to highlight his company’s knack for recording narratives. It’s not about following the latest fads but creating engaging and beautiful art pieces. The role of the Top Wedding Photographers in India is twofold: to record candid moments of emotions.

Navdeep Soni

Because they have crack crew of photographers who specialize in capturing natural, candid moments at weddings of all sizes and locations throughout India. They promise wedding photos that strike the perfect balance between sentimentality, style, and reportage—emphasizing the sentimental and tender aspects of every Indian wedding. They use a discreet technique to photograph natural moments, allowing their customers to relax and appreciate their special day.


Armit, the man behind the ShaadiGrapher, is a master of candid photography that shows the true, unfiltered feelings of the people in the pictures. Since acquiring his initial equipment in 2012, he has been actively exploring his interest in photography. There are two types of candid photographs: the “simple shots,” in which the picture’s target is the focal point.

The second is the “hard candid,” which requires many people to all be photographed simultaneously while showing a similar mood. Armit, along with his coworker, has a master’s degree. The focus of the ShaadiGrapher platform is on the social aspects of a marriage. They have captured natural moments amongst the many groups of individuals that are a part of the wedding and shot candid shots.


Wedding photography is only one of many special occasion services that FotoSHAADI offers. Their photojournalistic approach to weddings is what makes them stand out.

Their talented photography crew will ensure that your wedding photos are something to cherish forever. Everyone from the wedding photographers to the planners to the camera operators to the editors is very competent. You are well prepared to realize this ambition to provide couples worldwide with cutting-edge services and reliablity.

They provide wedding photography operations throughout the Indian subcontinent from their center in Bangalore.

Wedding Photographers in India


Sharik Verma Wedding Photography

Sharik Verma has been shooting weddings even before it was trendy in India. He is one of India’s Top Wedding Photographers. Thanks to his status as a self-employed photographer, he is free to go anywhere his heart desires. To his knowledge, wedding photography in India is a relatively untapped market. Then, several new photographers entered the field throughout the last decade. For weddings, he employs a photojournalistic approach, which is his forte.

Focuz Studios

Focuz studio isn’t only outfitted with cutting-edge camera equipment; they never skimp on excellence to make a buck. They also employ photographers with an unhealthy obsession with excellence. All of their attention is directed at catching every single one of life’s unforgettable moments on film.

They have photographers that are thus dedicated to their craft. It is the result of a confluence of factors, including but not limited to a decisive time, stunning lightings and more. Because they focus to the subject’s sudden burst of joy at the sound of the shutter. A lovely moment may happen in the blink of an eye, and all that matters is that you don’t let it go away.

Wedding Photographers in India

In the end,

We sincerely wish that these Top 8 Wedding Photographers in India would be the best and would make your wedding look perfect. Photographs are the method for a happy married life, you should allow them to record for your happy times. Go through Peppynite for more such blogs.

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