Tips To Make Your Henna Last Longer By The Best Mehndi Artists

Best mehndi artists in India

Mehendi or henna is a part of many cultures all over the world. Everyone wants their mehndi stain to be dark and they also want henna to last longer. In most countries, the application of mehendi on a newlywed’s hands is a must.

It is used for body art in Arabia, middle-Eastern nations,  Africa and many Asian countries. In India, it is a part of Hindu and Islamic cultures. While henna is applied during festivals and on religious occasions also, but it is most significant during wedding rituals. Applying mehndi is said to bring good luck and prosperity to newlyweds and also their families. It is believed that the darker the stain of the mehndi, the deeper the bond of love between the bride and groom. This is the most important reason why brides try every trick to get a vibrant, rich and dark mehendi stain.

Undoubtedly, the beauty of henna is enhanced if the stain is dark and lasts long. The Best Mehndi Artists in India have several tips and tricks for how to make mehendi darker. Some mehndi artists believe in leaving it on the skin for a longer time, others apply heat. Some famous mehndi artists also use essential oils, sugar, coffee, beetroot, vaseline, black tea, and even charcoal powder to make it darker.

The one most important advice the Best Party Mehndi Artists give to make henna last longer is – avoid skin bleaching and washing henna with soap.

Whether they are simple mehndi designs or elaborate and detailed ones, there are several easy and effective tips to make your mehndi stand out and also last longer.

If you want to know the tips to make your mehndi dark and long-lasting, this article explains how you can do that. Keep reading to know the dos and don’ts of applying mehndi…

Best mehndi artists in India

Use These Tips By Best Mehndi Artists To Get Darker Mehndi

  1. The Right Mix: The recipe for henna paste that famous mehndi artists use is often a closely guarded secret. Many of them believe that mixing henna with alkaline or acidic things makes its darker. Some Wedding Mehndi Artists mix a little lemon juice into the henna while making the paste. Some other mehndi artists in India also add a little chili powder with some spoons of mustard oil to make it give a darker color. Be careful of not mixing too much chili powder or it may irritate the skin.
  2. Add essential oils – The best party mehndi artists always apply eucalyptus oil to the skin before making mehndi designs. You can also add a few drops of lemon essential oil, eucalyptus oil and pine oil to the henna paste so that the stain is darker and also stays for a longer time.
  3. Natural coloring ingredients – If you are skeptical of using essential oils or spices, you can use natural kitchen ingredients such as coffee powder, or beetroot juice for a color that is darker, and also more maroon than orange.
  4. Leave for longer time – Keep the mehndi on for a longer time. The best mehndi artists suggest any time between 4-6 hours is good. Some Bridal Mehndi Artists also suggest leaving the mehndi on overnight.
  5. Apply heat – A popular way to get a deep and dark stain is to smoke a spoonful of cloves onto the mehndi to make the stain last longer.

Mehndi Tips

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More Tricks By Best Mehndi Artists For Long Lasting Mehndi

Some famous mehndi artists also suggest some other ideas to help you enhance the color and longevity of mehndi. We spoke to a few and made a list of some really unusual tips to make your mehndi last longer. Without further delay, here are the suggestions:

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