A Look Back At Aaliya & Aatef’s Beautiful Wedding

aaliya 25

The wedding season is still ON and while you all are busy preparing for yours, we thought you could use a little flashback from an awesome wedding. After all, you can’t say no to some adorable wedding pictures and find some inspiration for your own, right?

Today, we have in our basket, the wedding pictures of the gorgeous Aaliya Nensey from The Image Code. Aaliya and Aatef”s wedding in May last year had us all swooning over and it’s the same case today too. And before we lose all our consciousness, we’ll share all these pictures with you!

Haldi Ceremony


Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2N7re7n


aaliya 1

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2N53gtq

aaliya 3

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2QUFkKl

aaliya 4

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2t0JR63

aaliya 5

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2umC5DI

aaliya 6

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2FxiNOh

aaliya 7

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2sYL2mj


aaliya 8

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2N71xUq

aaliya 10

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/308ed2K

aaliya 11

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2FBFkte

aaliya 12

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2t2ChYt

These two made us laugh and cry a little at the same time!

Mehendi Ceremony

Aaliya showed us she’s a real fashionista and wore a yellow on her mehendi too! Check out these mehendi ceremony pictures and tell us she doesn’t look stunning!

aaliya 13

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2FwuFjx

aaliya 14

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2s6YzYD

aaliya 15

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/35DDQcO

aaliya 16

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2FAAbBK


aaliya 17

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/36CZBL7

aaliya 18

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/36NsvZb

In case you’re wondering, that’s Aatef in Urdu!

aaliya 19

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/37QRuLc

And now, the wedding ceremony!

The pictures you all had been waiting for!

aaliya 20

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2FBfyWm

aaliya 21

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/36CIfOx

aaliya 22

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2T7NnpZ

aaliya 23

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2QBFx61

aaliya 24

Picture Credit:http://bit.ly/2QBFx61

Don’t they look amazing? And we’re back to swooning over these two again! But at least now you guys are swooning with us.

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