Things couples Should Try To Keep Their Flame Burning


All the couples in the world, attention, please. Have you heard about something known as the honeymoon phase of a relationship? We are talking about the first 4 months where everything looks like a cupcake, beautiful and tempting! But remember we said it’s a phase, so yes, it fades out after a couple of months and all you are left with is a dreary bland relationship that is crying for some spice! Don’t admit it but deep down you know this has happened to you but guess what? We have the key to this lock- a list of things you should do with your significant other to get back the lost essence!

If you guys noticed, today’s topic is a little different! We aren’t delving into the intricacy of wedding preparation. Today, we’re gonna talk about couples in general. Whether you’re married or dating, this is something important to keep the flame between you two burning.

So let’s get down to rebuild your relationship!

Number 1. Recreate your first date


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When your relationship is lacking warmth and the love you first enjoyed, it’s time to sit in a time machine and go back to the place where you two were the happiest! Since we have no access to this high-funda technology, the best way to achieve this lost happiness is by recreating your first date. Wear the same outfit you wore that day or if that’s not possible, go for the same color or style. Play the same music you danced to and eat the same food as that day. You can even plan the date at the same place if you live close by to make it look all the more authentic. This trip down your memory lane in a physically possible way will reignite the lost fire in your relationship!

Number 2. Hobby exchange

couples hobbies

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Couples do have their own hobbies that we try to maintain even after busy schedules. But when your relationship with your lover turns stale, use your hobbies to bring back some freshness! Confused? Exchange hobbies with your beloved, teach them one of your hobbies, and ask them to share inputs on theirs. Drop your love for gardening for a day and try your hand at painting, your wife’s hobby! Or teach her your tricks at snooker on a fine evening. You have no idea what this will do to your bonding but in case you have too many hobbies in common, you could always try something new together. The pleasure of learning something new from or with each other is amazing!

Number 3. Worm racing

Worm racing for couples

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Sounds weird, right? We aren’t asking to catch hold of a couple of worms and force them to race each other, though it would have been fun that could also be animal abuse so stay clear! Anyway, the activity we are talking about involves people wrapping their torso in a sleeping bag with their hands on the side while lying on the floor on their stomachs. Now without using your hands, you have to push your body forward and race your competitor. We aren’t trying to deceive you with fake promises, this game is not easy but you’ll laugh really hard and enjoy the stupidity that comes along!

Number 4. Blind date

Blind date

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Wait, we aren’t promoting infidelity here, nor are we indicating that hooking up with random people over the internet is a good idea when you already are in a relationship! Then what is this blind date thing? Well, we are asking couples to go on a “pretend-blind date”. Confused? You gotta pretend that it is your first date together, act like strangers but potential partners, and let the conversation flow! But before you plunge into this unknown world of “pretend-blind dates”, take off your rings if you don’t wanna shock the staff at the restaurant you are going to!

Number 5. Cooperating activity

Cooperating activity

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This one is fun, challenging and risky but totally worth it! You two need to pick up activities that require your co-operation at the physical level. Don’t give us those shocked expressions, we’ll simplify it. Go for a ride on a tandem bike or go double kayaking or you could even take a canoe for two. Whatever you two like but make sure it needs physical effort and coordination on your part, without losing the fun factor. If you guys are unable to manage it, there’ll be a frustration for sure but in case it comes out well, looks at the new revelation- you have an awesomely compatible relationship!

Number 6. Shut up and dance

couple dance

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You’ve been communicating through words since you first met and yes, a lot of touching as well! But when all this falls flat, you gotta change your ways! How about dancing? Come on, it is a good exercise so that is at least one incentive to try it. More than that it allows you to move in sync with your partner, which is really romantic! Though being able to take the lead from your partner through body language and movement comes with time, it is worth a shot. Plus if you go for Tango or Bachata, sexiness is sure to ooze and what better place to utilize it than the bedroom?

Number 7. Strip wrestling

couple wrestling

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The name makes it clear, you strip as you wrestle. Sounds fun, right? You seem unsure of it but people we aren’t asking you to land a punch on your lover and leave them with a bruise on the eye! This is fun, much like pillow fighting, only without a pillow or maybe with a pillow, it doesn’t matter as long as you are having fun! The trick is that while wrestling if you partially remove your partner’s clothing, it stays that way as they wrestle. Woah, so if you pull up her tee from one arm, she gotta keep wrestling with her tee hanging in the air from one side! And you know the end result! What are you still thinking, grab your lover and wrestle their clothes off!

Number 8. Create a music playlist

Create a music playlist

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Is there anyone here who doesn’t love music? We sympathize with you, it must be tough to let days pass without the essence of life in them! Anyway, for the rest of us music has an important role to play in our life. And it would make complete sense if you string some songs together in a playlist that means something to you. A lot of people do this but since we are talking about love here, why don’t you create a playlist of songs that have a bearing on your relationship? Like the first song, your partner sang for you or the song playing on your first date or the one you two first danced on, or maybe your wedding song! Put all these songs on a CD and voila, you have your anniversary gift-ready!

Number 9. Write erotic fiction


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Did you know seductive touching is not important to get your partner’s heart racing? There are so many ways to get them turned on like sexting, dirty talking, and skimpy clothing! But why are we telling you all this, you’ve already tried these methods! What you haven’t tried is writing for your partner. In general, written notes are romantic but if you write erotic fiction for a partner, you’ll have a different effect! It will be the ideal way to get them ready for a heated session in the bed, after all, erotic stories are a great foreplay amplifier- just what you need to spice things up!

Number 10. Spend the night at a B&B


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A couple that plans getaways together, stays together! This one isn’t from Rumi, we made that up but it could totally work! The idea of having a nice meal with your beloved and strolling out for a bit sounds like a perfect romantic date and the fact that you aren’t going back home only adds to the fun. Just book a B&B for the night and spend some time with your beloved. It doesn’t even have to be far off from your house, the idea is to experience a stay way with the person you love and the reason we are suggesting a B&B instead of a hotel is that they are cost-effective and you could steal a romantic night like this, more often!

Which of these couple things are you willing to try? It’s always fun to try new things and moreover, important to sustain a healthy relationship. Marriage is a milestone in a couple’s, the start of a new journey. But to keep that journey going in a happy manner, you have to make an effort, both of you.

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