Honeymoon Planning: Some Tips To Get Your Ball Rolling

Congrats, you’re finally married! After months of wedding planning and prepping, you have finally tied the knot with the love of your life. And now, it’s time for the honeymoon! Yep, after those long stressful nights of wedding planning, the honeymoon is your reward to relax, unwind and be with your spouse.

But as it turns out, planning for your honeymoon is no less stressful and easy. Guess, you guys will have to bear the long, stressful, and sleepless nights a little more. But hey, we can’t let that happen! We’re here to get that stress out of your nights so that you guys can make it long and sleepless (wink).

Then, we can see naughty smiles popping on your cute faces. So, without further adieu, let’s dive in!

1. Planning together


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Well, you’re stepping into your marital life and it means planning and discussing each and every aspect of their journey ahead. And honeymoons are the perfect chance to gel in and get into knowing each other’s likes and dislikes.

2. Plan early and grab the best prices

booking tickets

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This is an important question –  When should you book a honeymoon? Just like you booked your wedding venue six months prior, the ideal time to book your honeymoon is six to eight months in advance. This is more helpful if you’re planning to go to a specialized resort since premium rooms tend to book up early.

3. Set a time frame

time frame

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A time frame will help you get everything sorted in a neat fashion and not turn a situation into a nightmare. As mentioned earlier, bookings like hotels and flights must be done months before and you can start packing and making a mental checklist a month in advance.

4. What do you want on your honeymoon?

exotic honeymoon

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What does an “exotic destination” mean for you? Is it a lavish hotel on an island highly regarded for its nature? Or is it a foreign country where you don’t speak the local language? Do you want your honeymoon to be filled with adventure and outdoor activities or do you want to relax and just feel the vibe? This is where discussing the ideas openly with your partner comes into play.

5. A budget

honeymoon budget

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Before you begin planning, set your budget aside. Once you do that, switch on your planning mode. There’s a lot option to be discovered and activities and things to be decided that once you get hold of your budget, it will be a less burden you to plan it all out.

6. Check those hidden costs

hidden costs

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Weddings ad honeymoons are already expensive individually. After this, you obviously don’t want to be caught unprepared with costs that you didn’t know about. Sometimes, visas, airport transfers, and fees cost more than you anticipate. You must understand what’s covered in your bookings and what’s not. Certain things like transportation from the airport to the hotel may or may not fall in your package.

7. Learn from other couple’s experience


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If you read all the first-hand experiences of couples who have been to the same place as you are planning to go to, will help you plan yours better. After returning from their honeymoon, couples tend to upload pictures along with tips and hacks based on their experience. So, keep a tab on such travelogues of couples who had a similar package as yours.

8. How about a travel agent?

travel agent

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A travel agent will help you a long way into planning your honeymoon. Since it’s their profession, they have insider knowledge on deals and discounts and share a personal relationship with hoteliers. This means a room suddenly becoming available at the height of the season. A travel agent also saves you tons of time on research.

9. Where are you staying?

honeymoon suite

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For your honeymoon to be a memorable one, it’s important that your accommodation is perfect. The entire honeymoon comes down to how good, comfortable, and rejuvenating your stay was at the best resorts. Be it a luxury resort, a honeymoon suite, or a beach villa, your romantic accommodation will help you lift your spirits up.

10. Don’t trust Google blindly


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Your research mode is filled with excitement and exhilaration to spend days away with the love of your life, away from all the eyes. So, just take a deep breath and don’t blindly take those reviews you read on Google by heart. This will only create a notion in your head and if it doesn’t turn out to be that way, it spells disappointment.

11. Special requests

dinner by the beach

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Well, it’s your honeymoon, finally, some time for you two to spend together after months of a roller-coaster ride through your wedding. Talk to your hotel to check if they have something special for honeymooners like dinner on the beach or a couple’s spa and if you can book the same.

Well, there you go- A honeymoon for your kids to go nuts. There’s so much to be planned so why don’t you get on with it?

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