Awesome Bridal Entries That Will Make Everyone Awestruck

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There are no denying weddings are all about the bride (sorry grooms, but you gotta take the hit!). It’s her day (or night) and all the attention is on her. The bride’s parents are ecstatic and everyone has their eyes set on the bride, waiting with bated breaths for her to arrive. And when the bride does arrive, that’s the spectacle. What’s interesting is every girl has once dreamt of her entry at her dream wedding.

Yes, because we have too (star-gazed eyes & pink blush). Ahem! coming back to reality, the point that we want to make is a grand bridal entries is every girl’s dream. That’s why we are here to help you with some bridal entries ideas so that all eyes turn misty and sparkly when you walk in.

All set? let’s go then!

Phoolon Ki Chaddar

It’s the first thing that springs in our minds when we think of a bridal entry. North Indian ladies and brides will relate to us. The sheer awe of a gorgeous bride complete in her bridal joda walking in with a beautifully decorated phoolon ki chaddar held by her four brothers. While North Indian brides can opt for kalera in place of flowers, others can choose an umbrella laced with fresh flowers.

Making Your Way With Your Groom

In case, you ladies want to share some of your limelight with your poor grooms. Hold hands with your handsome groom and your lifetime partner-to-be and walk slowly towards the mandap. We can’t explain the number of butterflies this thought is giving us in our stomachs. This way, people will pay some attention to your groom too!

Let Your Pawsome Friend Make The Announcement

We all love our furry friends so much! They are our family so why don’t we make them feel special by letting them lead us through our entry? And it’s only fitting given that brides will be going away after their wedding. Catch some cues from these amazing Instagram posts.

Walking With Your Parents One Last Time!

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Your parents taught you to walk with your head held high. They held your hand when you were about to trip, not just once, but whenever you needed them. And on your wedding day when your dad’s smile is as big as the universe itself and your mom is as happy as she was on her wedding day, walk with them one last time as their daughter.

Grand Entry With Firecrackers and Sparklers

That’s one way to let the whole world know the bride has finally arrived. With song playing in the background, you walk down the aisle and sparklers and firecrackers. Dazzle the whole world with the shine, shimmer, and sparkle on your arrival!

On Two Wheels

This is one of the swaggy ways to arrive. Show off your cool side and hop on a two-wheel and make your grand entrance in style. We’ll guarantee you all of the phones at the event will be recording you all the way.

… or on three-wheels

Another way of a “hatke” bridal entries for those who like to stand out of the crowd. Grab on a tuk-tuk or catch a rickshaw to arrive in style!

Or On A Boat!

For those brides who do not settle for the mainstream and create their own way! If you are having a beach wedding, ditch the roads and get a boat to arrive in style riding the waves.

There you go, ladies! Take your hints from these amazing ideas and let your imagination run wild… Happy Wedding!

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