Best Mehndi Artists In India

Best Mehndi Artists

Mehndi is an integral part of an Indian wedding and always has a significant place in everyone’s hearts and also wedding festivities. Mehndi not only gives you a beautiful appearance but also has religious and cultural importance. Every Indian wedding starts with a mehndi ceremony and to-be brides make beelines to book the Best Mehndi Artists in India. At every wedding, the application of mehndi symbolizes the presence of good fortune and happiness. Mehndi designs also have a special place. And if you want the very best designs for your mehndi, you need to choose the best mehndi artist that can accommodate your requests and provide you with the best mehndi designs possible.

But finding the best mehndi artist in India is not an easy task at all. You must show lots of patience and time to find the best one from thousands of mehndi artists. Peppynite can make your work easy by providing you with the best mehndi artist within your city. We have partnered with the best mehndi artists from all over India to make your task easy and less time-consuming. So, instead of wracking your brain, all you need to do is select your city and simply search for Mehndi artists near me. To make your work even easier, we have shortlisted the Best Mehndi Artists in India and its major cities.

1. Sona Mistri

Best Mehndi Artists

Expressing emotions through your mehndi is what Sona Mistri does best! She is not just one of the Famous Mehndi Artists in India, but also the most creative! Sona provides the best experience for her customers and is a jet-setting mehndi artist. A popular choice with NRIs and resident Indians alike, Sona is a favorite with mehndi lovers the world over. A veteran in the destination wedding circuit too, Sona has decorated the hands of more than a thousand clients! Just brief her on your theme and Sona can portray anything that you want on your hand – from dream proposals to your wedding vows or mantras and your love story! You can expect everything you desire from your mehndi if you are hiring Sona as a mehndi artist for your wedding. Whether you want a minimalistic mandala or an Arabic-inspired mehndi design or a traditional full-hand mehndi design, she has the best ideas and creativity.

2. Veena Nagda

Best Mehndi Artists

Veena Nagda is probably the most famous name among the Top-notch Mehndi Artists in India. She is probably the most preferred mehndi artist for every celebrity wedding and the first preference of every bride that wants a Bollywood-inspired wedding. From Deepika to Katrina, everyone chose her as their wedding mehndi artist. She is an expert at her work and always serves something that is different from the first one. Veena Nagda has also showcased her work in many Bollywood movies like Jug Jug Jeeyo and more. She is counted among the best mehndi artists in India and also the world. Her dedication to her work and ambition to serve the best make her what she is. She is always ready to serve her best for every client who gets in touch with her. An expert in every type of mehndi design, whether you need Arabic, bridal, or traditional Rajasthani and Marwari mehndi.

3. Usha and Ekta Shah

Best Mehndi Artists

Usha and Ekta Shah are mother-daughter duos that are one of the Top Mehndi Artists in India. This pair puts their all into making your mehndi something out-of-the-box and memorable. They take care of all of the requirements raised by their clients and try to complete them. Their designs are often conversation-starters in any wedding. The best bit is that they come with a team that has been trained by them and therefore can replicate their technique, designs, and signature style! This mom-daughter duo has worked with several popular names like Aishwarya Rai, Neeta Ambani, and more.

4. Shrinivasan

Mehndi Artists

Shrinivasan is a mehndi artist in Delhi who is extremely talented. He is an expert in the art of mehndi and will never let you and your expectations down. From Bollywood to a simple Indian wedding, he has covered plenty of weddings and other events. He has been in this industry for over 20 years and has his loyal customers testifying to his skill and finesse. If you are looking for someone who can create amazing and beautiful mehndi designs for you, Shrinivasan is that expert mehndi artist who can adorn your hands on the most memorable day of your lives..

5. Jyoti Chedda

Best Mehndi Artists

Jyoti Chedda is counted among the Best Bridal Mehndi Artists in India and also one of the most reputed. She has worked with many big names in the industry, from Kriti Sanon to Ileana D’Cruz. Jyoti always makes sure that her clients feel the happiness and joy of getting mehndi in the most amazing way. This astute professional mehndi artist works with her full dedication and provides the best services possible. From a simple peacock mehndi design to the most intricate one, she is always ready to make your customized mehndi design dreams come true.

6. Manisha Modi

Mehndi Artists

Manisha Modi has been working as a Mehndi Artist for almost a decade and is known for providing the best services. She has the highest expertise in the field of mehndi and can portray what you want. As a bride, you can ask for any design you want and she will adorn your hands with that. She is adept at making her clients happy and satisfied with the mehndi designs she puts on their hands. As a mehndi artist, she always makes sure that every bride looks and feels beautiful after seeing the mehndi that she applied to their hands.

7. Nirmala Asthana

Best Mehndi Artists

Nirmal Asthana is a specialized mehndi artist with an experience of almost 12 years. She is an expert mehndi artist and is specially trained in this field. Her main focus is always on applying the mehndi design inspired by the traditional Indian mehndi. Her sensitivity to a bride’s aspirations is what sets her apart from many in her field. She always focuses on the uniqueness of design and something out of the box. From Arabic mehndi designs to Indian mehndi designs, she has expertise in every format.

8. Jayshree Maru

Mehndi Artists

One of the Best Mehndi Artists in India, she works with years of experience. Her inspirations when it comes to mehndi are a tribute to nature and flowers. Her designs create exceptional work that makes it look super beautiful. Known for her talents, she is a celebrity mehndi artist who has been working for years for Bollywood stars – like Alia Bhatt, Payal Rohatgi, Vaani Kapoor, and more. She could be an ideal choice for you to make your wedding perfect. because we can’t get over her exceptional talent and skill.

9. KP Artist

Best Mehndi Artists

KP is a top mehndi artist in India who has been adorning brides’ hands with stunning mehndi for many years. He is a Jaipur-based mehndi artist who never disappoints any of his customers’ expectations. An expert in every mehndi design inspired by cultures around the world, KP knows every aspect and key point related to mehndi. And if you are looking for a mehndi artist who can make sure that you get what you want, then make sure you contact him once.

10. Noor Jahan

Mehndi Artists

It’s not just her name that symbolizes love and beauty, but her mastery over the craft of mehndi truly justifies Noor Jahan’s popularity among brides that want their mehndi to be long-lasting. She is one of the Best Party Mehndi Artists in India. With over 15 years of great experience, she has made a special place in the hearts of people. Her designs are beautiful, but her forte is in the Marwari mehndi style. Focusing on bridal mehndi, she makes perfect designs on both hands as well as feet. That’s why she is loved by her audiences. If you want a perfect mehndi style at your wedding, then she could be an ideal choice for you. Mehndi is in love with her and she expresses it perfectly.

Mehndi is part of solah Srinagar for a bride. It is something without which an Indian wedding is quite incomplete. It only makes sense that you choose the best mehndi artist for your special day. Remember, your wedding is one of the most special moments of your life and you don’t need to worry about how your mehndi is going to be if you choose a party mehndi artist who knows what they are doing. A little research and background check of every mehndi artist will go a long way in helping you pick the best one out. And not only mehndi artists, at Peppynite, can assist you in choosing other key vendors – Photographers, Makeup Artists, Caterers, Trousseau Packers, Decorators, and more.

The quest for your dream wedding is just a click away!

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