Best Wedding Kaleera Designs Worn By Brides

Best Wedding Kaleera Designs Worn By Brides

What Is Kaleera

A Kaleera is a half-dome shaped ornament made of metal in either silver color or gold. Several of these are threaded together and hung with the bride’s ‘chooda’ – the set of red and white wedding bangles worn by a bride. A Punjabi or north Indian bride’s wedding makeup and bridal attire is incomplete without the beautiful kaleere. These dainty hand ornaments give a unique identity to a bride in the northern parts of India.

In fact, the whole kaleera ceremony where kaleeras is also a very important ritual in the wedding functions. It is a great photo-op too! Most Wedding Photographers in India will also agree that this is one ceremony where the most fun happens. Because the ceremony is held on the morning of the wedding day – right after the haldi ceremony. It is a really good event to take candid wedding pictures as female relatives, friends and cousins tie kaleeras on the bride’s wrists as a symbol of their prayers, blessings and good wishes. As with most wedding functions, there is a whole lot of singing and dancing in the kaleera-chooda ceremony too.

Kaleera Ceremony

After the friends and relatives have tied their kaleeras, the bride playfully shakes her kaleeras over her unmarried sisters or cousins and friends. The belief is that if any part of the kaleera breaks on a person at this moment, that person will get married soon. So, we make sure you receive the best.

Significance Of Kaleere

Kaleeras have a really symbolic meaning too. They are supposed to be a wish for the happiness and eternal love and togetherness for the newly married couple. Because kaleeras have more of a social significance than a religious one. In fact, some historians and archaeologists believed that kaleere came into existence around the 17th century in Punjab.
Because kaleera’s are very important. So, key point is that there is even a logic behind this custom in the Punjabi and north Indian traditions. In the old times, a bride was given dried coconuts filled with dates, dry fruits and nuts that were tied to her bangles as a snack or sustenance in case she felt hungry during the journey to her marital home after the wedding.

Variety & Trends

Nowadays, kaleere come in all kinds of styles. In fact, modern brides also favor customized kaleeras. Some go for the basic kaleeras, metallic silver or gold leaves attached to strings made out of beads. On the other hand, some like to go for more elaborately designed and unusual kaleeras. So, now that you know all about kaleeras, we have made a roundup of the most interesting kaleeras for you to take inspiration from…

  1. Name embroidered

How about kaleere with your groom’s name embroidered? That  would be such a romantic idea! The base domes can be gold or silver – simply attach tassles with your initials or the name of your groom embroidered on them.

Name Embroidered2. Silver kaleeras

These simple and stylish kaleeras are great for a quaint and yet vintage look which is enhanced by the presence of pearl strings.Silver kaleeras

3. Boho Chic Kaleera

How about a really cool bohemian look with colored fabric, oversized ghunghroos and lots of funkiness!? Check out what this bride did!

Boho Kaleeras

4. Pearly waterfall

Just a cascade of classic pearls stands out on any color bridal lehnga and goes well with the beautiful bridal mehndi designs. It adds a regal touch to your royal look as a bride.

Pearl kaleera

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5. Bird motif kaleera

Check out the stunning uniqueness of these kaleeras with bird or peacock motifs! Maybe you can get similar cutouts matching the designs on your wedding lehnga.

Peacock kaleera

6. Silk tassles

Thread matching or contrasting to the lehnga can be used to add that pop of color to a playful bride’s look. Because they are among the Best Wedding Kaleera Designs that look very elegant and will also be practical – because they will be really light-weight!

Silk tassles kaleera

7. Puppet Kaleeras

If you have a Rajasthan-themed wedding, these unusual kaleeras are perfect and will be the centre of attention. You can either get these custom-made or simply attach small-sized puppets to existing kaleeras. So, make sure you choose the Best Wedding Kaleera Designs for yourself.

Best Wedding Kaleera Designs: Puppet kaleera

8. Floral kaleeras

Fresh flowers made into kaleeras are ideal for a day wedding ceremony. Because they look the best. So, without any doubt go for it. We like the idea of that!

Best Wedding Kaleera Designs: Floral kaleera

9. Sea shell kaleeras

These stunning nature-inspired kaleeras are brilliant for a beach themed wedding, or if your ceremony is being held on a beachside wedding destination. So, you can go with them and pinned them up for future.

Best Wedding Kaleera Designs: Sea shell kaleeras

10. Tiered kaleeras

Because it has elegant design, same-sized domes are attached at different length to a thread can also be very comfortable and will not restrict movement of the bride’s hands. So, go for the best, without any delay.

Best Wedding Kaleera Designs: Tiered kaleera

11. Traditional kaleeras

Why not pay a tribute to tradition and get them made like how they were supposed to. This bride has made tradition trendy. Check out her endearingly traditional kaleeras made out of dry coconut and fox-nuts. And slay magnificently with one.

Best Wedding Kaleera Designs: Traditional kaleere

What To Do With Kaleere Post Wedding?

What Is Kaleera

Traditionally, once the wedding ceremonies are over and the bride is about to leave for her married home, there is a custom involving kaleeras too. A newly-married bride leaves one of the two kaleere at a gurudwara or temple to get blessings  for a happy married life. The other kaleera is a souvenir for her marital home. Traditionally, this kaleera is kept with her bridal outfit or in her safe – where she keeps her money.

Thus, as you may notice, even small bridal accessories are so deep-rooted in tradition. So, go for the Best Wedding Kaleera Designs this wedding season. How did you like this post? Please let us know what you think in the comments section.





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