Couple Pose Ideas By Best Wedding Photographers In India

Lying down

Your wedding album is undoubtedly one of your most prized possessions for life! It is the most significant keepsake from your wedding festivities that will remind you of those precious moments even after years and decades of your wedding festivities. Best Wedding Photographers In India is crucial if you want a great album of your memories. This is why couples wish to book the best photographers for their wedding.

Whether it is pre-wedding or during the wedding ceremonies, the wedding photographers will be able to think of some good couple photo pose ideas that will make your wedding pictures truly stand out. These poses are important to capture the entire chemistry and vibe between the bride and the groom. Cute, romantic, funny, flirtatious, or formal – poses that are different from usual will be the hallmark of the photographer you should hire for your wedding.

It is so boring to simply pose for the photos in the traditional way during jaimala or pheras. We spoke to the wedding photographers and they suggested some really cool couple pose ideas. These tips and ideas for creative poses will come in very handy – whether it is your pre-wedding shoot, engagement ceremony, a ‘posed candid’ photography session, or something else. Trust us, the photos that will be a result will be a talking point for several years to come! But be careful to choose from among the best.

couple pose

Scroll down for some awesome couple pose ideas by India’s Top Wedding Photographers

Safe affection

1.PDA that’s not PDA

One of the Best Candid Photographers in India suggests this to be the easiest pose without making anyone uncomfortable. Gently hold the other person’s face in your hands. One hand on cheek is just so sweet – it looks tender, without looking awkward, especially if relatives are around. This pose shows affection without being too much of PDA.

2. Embrace from behind

Embrace from behind

If you want to convey protectiveness, without making it look cagey, a gentle embrace from behind the person works very well. This looks especially cute and endearing if the groom does embraces his wife. This pose is all about showing care. This pose looks awesome if the embrace is not planned and comes as a surprise. If you are working with Wedding Photographers, take the team into confidence so that your partner’s expressions come out as real.

3. Lie down with heads together

Lying down

One of the leading wedding photographers of India suggests this to be a great idea for an outdoor shoot. The couple can lie down with heads side by side. The picture should be taken from a top angle. A full-bodied grin makes this pose looks really good. If you hold hands or want to kiss, you can do that too.

4. Forehead kiss

Forehead kiss

A forehead kiss is one of the most romantic expressions of love. It also conveys immense respect for your partner. The best way to ace this pose is to close your eyes and the sincerity will show.

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5. Carefree Whispers

carefree whispers

Another famous photographer says that couples whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears is one of his favorite poses for candid wedding photography and also formal wedding photos. This pose is all about a sense of knowing each other’s secrets. The pose looks very mysterious. If you tell your partner a joke, there will be a full-bodied laughter too!

6. A Lifted Hug

lifted hug

This particular pose is the best for candid pre-wedding pictures. Variations in lifted hugs are amazing at showing carefree love. Lose yourself in the moment to get the most natural shots.

7. Dancing Away

Dance Away

If you are engaging the Best Pre Wedding Photographers in India, they will tell you that music always helps you get in the mood to pose. Soft, romantic music can help the bride and groom reflect their mood. The beautiful shots resulting from these will make the candid wedding photos even more special.

8. Formal Chair Pose

Formal Chair Pose

Beautiful interiors are essential to get this pose right. Sit on the chair while your date sits behind you on the armrest. Look at the camera without cracking a full smile. This pose depicts power and royalty.

For those of you who think you are ‘bad posers’, here are some tips by the professional photographers…

  1. Prepare for it. Think it through and know what is the kind of vibe or mood you want to convey. Would you like to be a fun/romantic couple? Would you like a vintage look or monochrome? The photographers will always want to discuss this with you.
  2. A theme is always a good idea. If you want to have a royal themed destination wedding, for example, may be your pre-wedding pictures can also revolve around that theme.
  3. It is sometimes good to go with the flow. Photographers will tell you that sometimes do not prepare or practice. If your photographer has ideas, hear them out too. The best candid photos will always result from a photographer who will be observant.
  4. Have some poses listed out and prepared for. You may also research and save some references for the wedding photographer so they know what you want.
  5. Don’t be afraid to try new things. This is especially true if the photographer is suggesting ideas because they come from a place of experience.
  6. Enjoy the shoot. Once you have figured out how you are going to pose, just be in the moment! Have fun – so that it shows!
  7. Communicate with your photographer. The best photographers will always make you feel comfortable so you are not awkward.


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