Different bridal looks but with the same emotions

Indian bridal looks

A wedding is something no one wants to compromise on, and everyone wants the best on their wedding day. And one of the most important things for which a bride never compromises is her bridal looks. Every girl dreams about her wedding outfit; on her special day, how she will look, how she will carry it, and many other things related to the outfit. These wedding outfits are so precious for a bride, and in Indian culture, different bridal attire is worn according to their culture. Still, one thing that remains the same for every bride is the emotions and sentiments related to that outfit. So, let’s talk about some of the significant bridal outfits worn by Indian brides.

North-Indian bridal outfits

North-Indian bridal outfits

North-Indian weddings are all about big-fat investments in food, book venue, decoration, outfits, and many more. The same is with brides. Also, mostly north- Indian brides wear heavy bridal red lehengas, along with heavy makeup and jewellery from head to toe, which makes their whole look very royal.

South-Indian bridal look

South-Indian bridal

South-Indian wedding brides wear a heavy silk saree with a Zari border, contrasting with their heavy gold temple-style jeweler. They carry effortless hairstyles decorated with minimal flowers and accessories but eye-catching makeup. Also, the bride’s feet are decorated with red alta, and when she enters her wedding, she looks no less than a goddess.

Maharashtrian bridal look

Maharashtrian bridal

Maharashtrian weddings, popularly known as “Lagna,” are simple yet lavish weddings, and the same thing is applied to their brides. Mundavalya (a string of pearls or flowers with two dangling ends on either side) is also worn. Maharashtrian brides wear a traditional saree called Nauvari, which is usually a bi-coloured paithani with a golden pattern border, with a beautiful Nath, along with very light and elegant makeup. For the hair, jeweller is made of gold pearls and mogra flowers.

Bengali bridal outfit

Bengali bridal

Bengali brides typically wear a bright red Banarasi silk saree with beautiful alta on their feet and hands. And this dark red goddess look is further highlighted with a white temple structure mukut, which gives them a complete royal and goddess look. The bride’s forehead and chin are decorated with sandalwood paint and red paint designs.

A Kashmiri bridal outfit

Kashmiri bridal

Kashmiri’s bridal attire is vibrant, bright, and glittery. The bride traditionally wears a Pheran, which is similar to a salwar kameez with the addition of a veil adorned with beautiful zari work as well as traditional Kashmiri thread work. A tarang is a headdress worn by the bride. It is made up of a long kalpush that has been folded three or four times. In terms of jewellery, brides wear an elegant waistband around their waist and a pair of gold pendants decorated with valuable stones, tied to a gold chain threaded through an ear piercing called the Dejharoo.

Gujarati bridal outfit

Gujarati bridal

Gujarati brides traditionally wear a red and white ‘Panetar.’ Pallu was maintained in the front rather than the back. The bride’s head is covered by a heavily embroidered dupatta. Simple to large stone-laden ornamentation may be seen on Panetar. The majority of the jewellery a bride wears is made of kundan and gold.


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