Natural Makeup Looks at Special Occasions

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It’s not easy to pertain yourself to the best makeup nowadays with so many trends, perfect looks, and different makeup techniques on going nowadays, but there is always a solution to your beauty that can make you soft- subtle to wild-glorious with your perfection to it. For most, women’s makeup is like an armory to everyday beauty. An essential part of most women’s makeup is the first expression to love for you especially when it comes to your beauty. Women are very particular about proper lip shades, eyeshadow palettes, contouring techniques, hairstyles, and more. But there is one thing in common, that is natural beauty or natural makeup looks whether it’s for your special occasions like weddings or day-to-day basics. It creates friction to the unique texture and simplicity of your face. 


Beauty lies within the eyes.

Beauty lies


As you may be aware, eye makeup is very much popular and exploring when it comes to making eyes bold at every spectacular event, but something that is trending makeup is beautifying your eyes with subtle and easy. Eye makeup is an important element of every occasion, and the eyes that carry you with it are pretty simple to create that dramatic avatar with lighter colors such as nude pinks, blush, cream, and more. Making your makeup minimal is the finest method to go for any wedding or date night.


Carry makeup with nude lips. 

makeup with nude lips


When it comes to cosmetics, nothing beats the lips. Keep it bold, simple, and one-of-a-kind by carrying lipstick colors that will elevate your style with stunning lips. Your favorite brands have some great nude tones for your beauty that may range from pale taupe to neutral beige to deep browns, providing every skin tone with a wonderful blend of tints and texture. You can also look at Alia Bhatt’s makeup trends to nude makeup and finest lip shades.


Flaunt ways to express it through facial shimmers. 

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The perfection in carrying great face makeup is to make it shine with the correct cosmetics that you use such as suitable moisturizers, creams, foundation, bronzer, concealer, and also with a tint to provide a glamorous look to any wedding occasion. In India, it is simple to discover the greatest makeup brands and an artist who will teach you and revitalize every beauty product with great perfection, allowing it to be worn at every wedding, birthday party, date night, or another occasion. To showcase your inner beauty, choose nude makeup that is straightforward, expressive, and elegant.


Flow hair with the blow.

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Everything that you see takes time and attention similarly when it comes to flaunting hair, perfect shine, or that glamorous hairstyle that you want to show off on any special occasion. Your hair makes you feel attractive, beautiful, and unique, and for most women hair is an ornament to one’s body. But then, how to carry your hair when it comes to any celebrations? Your dress on that celebration molds your hair statement into one. If you carry traditional dresses with that light makeup on you make your hair flaunt with a bun and flowers on trail, when it comes to casual dresses at any birthday party or celebration let it flow with the confidence of straight hair. It is always necessary to use that good product to make it shine beautifully with that hue to your feels like mild shampoos, conditioners, the hair creams to make it smooth and silky. Enhance your appearance with makeup and hair to become flawlessly glorious. 

There are times when you cant learn everything reading you need a visual prospect to make yourself go into proper details. So, when it comes to tutorials, practices, or visual appearance then perfect tip for you to learn it in simple ways.  It’s easy for you the best thing to learn from is social media, yes social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can give you everything easily, teach you, explain to you with full concentration. However, when it comes to beautiful cosmetic looks, people go to Instagram, where hundreds of influencers can transform you into the ultimate wedding, party, or date appearance. Makeup serves as an identity for conveying one’s own splendor. We have some extremely well-chosen makeup influencers. 


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Slay yourself with the best makeup artist influencing social media today. And learn the best techniques to explore makeup.  


Sandhya Shekar- Sandhya Shekar is an Indian celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist best known for her unique no-makeup looks, in which she strives to produce natural appearances on her clients using her makeup expertise. Go through something natural with shine and tint to your facial texture, she will make you go look marvelous. Flaunt in the best way possible with her ways. 

Instagram: @sandhyashekar 


Mickey Contractor- Makeup trends and styles keep evolving around to make you feel updated and upgraded when it comes to Mickey Contractor’s perfect finish looks. He is one of the best celebrity makeup artists who mold one into further beauty. As an inspiring makeup artist, he shares tips and tricks in the best ways to express it through makeup. For an instance or flex, you could easily visit Instagram. Look for his ways to express your makeup with amazing techniques and abilities. Use proper moisturizers, eye makeup, and more. 

Instagram: @mickeycontractor


Arti Nayar- Arti Nayar is Bollywood’s favorite makeup artist, bridal guru, and her meteoric rise has been fascinating to witness. From helping famous makeup artist Namrata Soni to now being an artist in her own right with brand advertisements.  Stars like as Katrina, Parineeti, Sonam, and Sara Ali Khan on her portfolio. She has also worked on films such as ‘Bharat’ and ‘Namastey London’. The girl has proven that talent is here to stay. She is known as one of the most versatile makeup artists who is an expert in portraying minimalist makeup tips. Her blowing hacks and flaunting techniques on Instagram tutorials can make you go run after her more and more. 

Instagram: @artinayar


Namrata Soni- Well we speak about so many makeup artists that teach you with the help of tutorials and short videos on social media but what happens when you want to reach the same pace of wavelength in becoming another best celebrity makeup artist? We, have an answer for you. Yes, Namrata Soni is one of the best makeup artists who hold an academy where she tutors all the new young learners to become better artists in themselves. Her makeup styles are so unique and amazing that she also stands as a winner of the Dada Saheb Phalke award as one of the best celebrity makeup artists, so if want to flaunt in the same career not just by learning but reaching too, then she is the perfect choice for your perfect career. 

Instagram: @namratasoni


Puneet B Saini- For a vast variety of people makeup is an ideal mystery to express love to themselves, then Namrata B Saini is an ideal choice for you to be a part of something unexpected and unwieldy glorious. Working as a celebrity makeup artist and professional trainer for more than 20 years in the field of makeup. She is best at expressing innovative and incredible ideas that will make you crazy. Her makeup is immensely expressive and naturally divine which makes you go wild in the perfect simple makeup. If you want to go for something nudes and hues then she is best for you. 

Instagram: @puneetbsaini


You are an ideal beauty with the sole of perfect emotions and gratitude that could be expressed with makeup. Glorifying yourself with someone who could make you feel deadly gorgeous is only with makeup. When you use it, it not only express feelings, moods but also marks your powerful persona. Wear makeup like a queen because you are one. Hope the article makes you aware of something unique and guides you through the perfect makeup vibes.  Your mood is your makeup, embrace it with love. 

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“You are beauty, you are bold, wear your makeup where no one can hold.”

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