Wedding Vibes!!!!! What To Do Within Three Months Of Your Wedding Date??

wedding vibes


Well well well, wedding is near but when it comes to brides-to-be it becomes naturally necessary to stress to look the best on your big fat day, after all, it’s the picture-perfect time for you to get. It’s something you cant compel not to do as happiness, emotions, anxiety, enthusiasm, stress, and everything comes together for you to start a new journey with that happy and glowy face. Your skin acts as a mediator to describe your inner feelings. Your face should enlighten just like that feeling of becoming a part of someone else’s life cause you are glorifying beauty then why stress on your special days. It’s necessary to combat what you should do before your wedding happens from time to time.

Don’t hassle, we have taken all the brides into consideration and for that, we have some amazing tips for you to go for it before your big day. Yes, tips that can enhance your look without delay and have a stress-free wedding.



Here’s a list of things that you start preparing 3 months before your wedding date.

Nutrition and Fitness: Yes, it’s very important for brides to adorn themselves before the wedding. And the body is the first thing that comes into your mind because you want to look perfectly fit on your day. Firstly, crash eating should be done like avoiding junk, unhealthy drinks and for better glowing skin start a healthy diet and home-cooked meals to have a better skin also drink plenty of water. And if you want to work out to gain good muscles or lose weight start with a gym or use applications like a workout for women or female fitness application so that you can do it at home easily. The perfect apps to guide you through everything.

Beauty Vitamins: Vitamins are a very necessary part for you not just prior to your wedding but in daily life too. Take it as a necessary step in your life and have multivitamins for better and glowing skin. You should consult a doctor before taking vitamins to make your skin and hair look beautiful. Some of the best examples of vitamins are vitamin E, A, C, and K beneficiary for all.

Hair Colors: Want to go with something new at your wedding? Try something extraordinary and bold with hair colors that will make your look more enhanced at your wedding. You can take inspiration from many social media influencers or Bollywood divas such as browns like Disha Patani, Kriti Sanon, Kiara Advani, or reds like Katrina Kaif, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, or Alia Bhatt. Go with the flow with different styles and nail it at your wedding.

Laser Hair Removal: To start preparations for your wedding you should go with laser hair removal as it is one of the most amazing things. Since you know that weddings have a lot to go for then why waste time in that waxing and threading. Go on mode for laser as it’s hassle and stress-free which makes life easier and simple before your wedding comes. Flaunt it extraordinarily and enjoy it with that smooth skin.

Skincare Regimen: It’s not easy to manage skin and health in such a daily routine but when you are getting into the phase of wedding you need to take proper care of your skin. You need proper cleanse, target, tone, moisturizers, and proper sleep every night. It’s a necessary step to make skin nourishing and glowing. Also, don’t forget to exfoliate, scrub your skin every two to three weeks. Your skin will thank you for taking such proper care.

Facials and Body Cleansers: Before a month of your wedding, start with facials and body cleansers to make it clean, subtle, and soft. Find suitable facial kits by consulting a proper makeup specialist or dermatologist and make your body and skin feel fresh and beautiful. Cleansing skin can make your dirty open pores wipe off and the makeup expert knows how well to do that. You will glow at your wedding with your beautiful skin.

Hair Oiling and Massages: Everyone loves pampering when it comes to hair oiling and massages and it’s time to do that. Mothers are the perfect partner for it. Not just stress releasing of yours but also their nourishment can make your hair blow with blossom shine. Good hot oil for hair like Parachute oil that will work as a perfect partner from roots to tips. Your hair is something that needs proper love and that can be given to you perfectly by a parent. Take it to yourself and make it an on-the-go move.

Proper Sleep: When you are done with almost everything it’s time for you to take good sleep. You should start giving your eyes and mind proper care. It is recommended by the doctor to at least sleep 8 hours for good health. Because it helps you manage every day without any laziness or dizziness. And when it comes to weddings, start doing it because this will make your skin nice and nourished.

Lip Exfoliation: Lip scrubbing is a necessary thing to go for before the wedding. Use sugar scrubs to exfoliate your lips for smooth texture and go for lip balms as a must. Your lips will shine and have the perfect smooth texture when you’ll wear lipstick. As you know, wedding are for a long period of time because weddings are too long to handle.

Water Hydration: Before your wedding make it an important thing to hydrate yourself. You need plenty of liquids because water is something that will keep you fresh, hydrated, and moisturized.


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And so you are good to go with these simple few steps to make yourself feel loved at your wedding. Give yourself some pampering within three months of your wedding date and flaunt it beautifully on your day. Weddings are a long process to go for, go with the flow and become a star in your day. Hope these tips have helped you to start your wedding preps.


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