Expanding craze over destination wedding at ‘the land of kings’

Destination Wedding

The land of kings is the name given to Rajasthan because of its royal history and now Rajasthan is also becoming the land of destination weddings. Not only common people, even Bollywood and business icons like Priyanka Chopra,  Rajkumar Rao,  Isha Ambani, Neil Nitin Mukesh have also chosen Rajasthan as their dream wedding venue.  so, what’s the reason that almost everyone dreams that their destination wedding will be in Rajasthan

Lots of choices

When we talk about destination weddings, the first thing that comes to our mind is which city would be best suited for your dream wedding.  and in Rajasthan, there are lots of cities which can make your wedding a lifetime cheering memory for you.  Although the list of these cities is very long, let’s talk about some of the major beautiful cities of Rajasthan.


 The pink city of India is one of the best destination wedding venues as you will find everything that you need for a destination wedding, from a grand venue to the smallest need which can make your wedding more mesmerizing.


If you are looking for a destination wedding with a combo of hills and Rajasthan’s royalty then Ajmer would be the right place for you. Along with the rich Rajasthani culture it has a beautiful view of Aravali hills. 


The city of lakes and one of the most romantic venues .so, what else would you need for your wedding? It would be one of the best venues if you want a marriage with lots of romantic moments with your life partner.


Want a wedding at your dream venue in Rajasthan but also want to experience a romantic time at the bank of the river during your dream wedding then Kota would be the best place for you as it’s one of the most popular cities of Rajasthan along with a bank at Chambal river. 


The golden city of India is one of the most loved cities for destination weddings. This city will provide you with royal hotels and palaces along with beautiful locations for your pre-wedding and wedding photoshoot.

Flavors of authentic cousins

Flavors of authentic cousins    Flavors of authentic cousins   Flavors of authentic cousins

After the venue, the most important thing that is very important for any wedding is the food .everyone want something special when it comes to wedding food and drinks either they are guest aur the bride and groom itself in this count Rajasthan will provide you with one better from another cousins whether its traditional dal baati choorma,  Laal Maas, Mirchi vada,  Mohan maas, gatte ki sabzi,  Ker sangria and many more.  Wait, how can a wedding be possible without a sweet dish? So, here are some of the most famous Rajasthani sweet dishes: Kalakandn, Maha thal, mawa Kachori, etc.

Less crowded and more developed

Less crowded and more developed

Less crowded and more developed

Less crowded and more developed

Rajasthan is the biggest state of India with less population and well-developed infrastructure. It attracts many people who want a royal wedding with family and friends without any outer inference or disturbance.

Rich and Royal culture

Rich and Royal culture

Rich and Royal culture

Rich and Royal culture

Rajasthan is a place where you will find a royal touch which makes you feel like king or queen. You will find one of the most royal palaces for destination weddings. These palaces are a piece of art and have a history of great kings and queens.

Provide the best romantic photoshoot

best romantic photoshoot

best romantic photoshoot

best romantic photoshoot

During weddings, the photoshoot is the thing with which none wants to take risks. Everyone wants to shoot their lifelong memory with their loved one and for that you need a perfect location. Rajasthan is the place where you can find ample locations where you can capture your wedding moments.

Great hospitality

Great hospitality Great hospitality wedding reception

From pre-wedding celebrations to wedding reception everyone wants  great gestures from the host. Rajasthan has it all as they have different and charismatic ways of hospitality for their guests.

Something to everything

wedding outfits

wedding outfits

Rajasthan will provide everything what one need and want for their wedding. They can also get something above their expectations which will enhance the beauty of their wedding.

Wedding cost

Wedding cost Wedding cost

Well the cost for destination weddings depends upon the

the venue,  location, number of guests, number of days, and hence the cost for hosting a normal destination wedding in Rajasthan will range between 15 to 35 lakh and above that depends on the nature of the wedding and how grand the wedding you want.

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