Floral Wedding Decor- Epitome Of Love And Beauty!

Calmness to heart and a treat to eyes,

Flowers have always been the choice of the wise!

After the stunning bride, it’s the wedding décor that fascinates most of the guests and leaves them awestruck! And there are some things which never lose their beauty and essence no matter in what style they are being used! And flowers; being one such example will leave you with no choice but to admire them the most!

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Soothing, pleasing and immensely flourishing, they give whole ambiance a vibe nothing else can provide. Keeping everything natural yet very royal. Floral décor is the soul of the whole ornamentation of the place!

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Be it the decoration at the entrance or when your guests are showering you with love and those *fresh blooms* or be it the flower shower photoshoots or the floral jewelery for your haldi or mehndi ceremony, they not only give the magical vibe and a happy feeling but also making the so-called boring rituals interesting and adding a glimpse of purity and blissfulness.

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*Some major wedding décor goals*

Most desired couple of our country; ‘Virushka’ tied the knot under the canopy of flowers and the mandap was undoubtedly a deconstructed affair! Pastel flowers stole the thunder at the wedding ceremony of the star couple and there’s no wonder how the couple and the décor complimented each other so well and so deliberately.

Who knew flowers could be this stunningly beautiful!
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And this breathtaking couple adding more to the beauty of it!
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Flower shower photoshoots will definitely be the most striking part whenever you would be cherishing your memories and reminiscing about your wedding days! You get so many candid amidst those flower showers; shots while the love and blessings are all around and when you want to go all filmy, you can do that best with all of it.

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*And why should brides have all the fun* 😉
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Weddings can never be completed without the touch of flowers else it would be like all work and no play!

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