Your Ultimate Guide For The Perfect Wedding Venue

With new beginnings come great responsibilities! And when the beginnings are great, the work is already half done. A wedding is one such new beginning in life that comes along with many responsibilities, especially when you’re planning for a perfect one. And to begin all the preparations, selecting a suitable venue comes first.

Finding the perfect venue isn’t easy. There are so many things you need to look upon and so many options you need to choose from. Make sure you choose a place where all your loved ones come together and enjoy their best. Here’s how you can select the most appropriate venue for your big day while making it a hassle-free task:


The location of the venue should be the first and foremost thing you need to look upon. If the wedding and reception are to be held at different places make sure that they are close to each other. Thinking about the accessibility of the venue will lead to lesser problems for your guests. Consider choosing a venue that is easily accessible on the road and is near the airport.

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Keep An Eye On Your Budget

Don’t let the grand venues make your pocket go small! Fix a budget and then plan accordingly. You shouldn’t go for some alluring place that you can’t afford. You got to make the event a happy one, don’t let it be ruined by something less valuable than the happiness itself.

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Type Of Event

By keeping in mind what type of event it’s going to be and what elements you would like to incorporate in your wedding, you’ll narrow down your list of potential venues. If you’re planning for a certain kind of wedding, say ‘a modern wedding’ then look for art galleries, well-designed banquets, or restaurant spaces. Choosing a place that enhances your wedding theme will enable your wedding to feel more connected to the space.

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Parking Facility

People when going to attend a wedding seems to be less worried about their looks but more about the place for parking their vehicles. Make sure your venue has a proper and sufficient parking area else make arrangements for valet services or book a plot nearby for parking.

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Services And Amenities

When looking for a perfect venue for the ‘D Day, you need to be careful that everything goes smoothly. Find out what services need to be included and what needs to be ignored. It will help to know beforehand what you’re looking for along the lines of venue amenities.  

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Guest List

You should be aware of number of guests that would be attending the event. Always ask for the capacity of guests the venue can occupy while you’re looking for one. Having too big room can make the space feel deserted. However, having too small area can be suffocating and guests may feel crowded.

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