The Dangling Kaleeras

I have too much jewelry on, said no bride ever!

And we of course love it when a bride puts some extra effort to make herself look more charming and stunning. And kaleeras for sure are one of those extra efforts that adds up to the undying beauty of the bride.

Image Source: Baadal Raja Company

Kaleeras besides having their own beauty have a traditional history. The significance is to bless the bride with tons of wishes and to remind her about people whom she is going to leave behind once she gets married. Also, kaleere’s shape is symbolic of the fact that the bride never runs out of food in the home and the metal symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

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Now, we have a fun moment associated with the kaleeras in every Indian wedding.  Once the kaleeras are tied to a bride’s wrists, all the bridesmaids including the spinster sisters and friends are made to sit in a row. The bride-to-be is then supposed to shake the kale’s on every girl’s head. And if it falls on someone’s head, then that girl is supposedly the next one to get married! Isn’t it exciting that in between all the rituals, the family shares a moment of laughter!?

Golden Kaleeras

Image Source: Photowalle-The Story Folks
Image Source: Dilli Wale Weddings

The fashionista Sonam Kapoor also had fun during her kaleera ceremony by dropping off a kaleera on Janhvi Kapoor’s head. Here’s a picture of the stunning sisters sharing their happiness with us.

Image Source: You Tube

Another fun moment from #sonamkishaadi, where the bride is seen dropping off the kaleeras’s on the bold and beautiful Swara Bhasker. The happiness is clearly reflected from her face.

Image Source: Pinterest

This beautiful part of jewelry comes in various shapes and designs. And brides all over have been setting trends with some jaw dropping kaleere designs.

These floral kaleere making us fall in love with them and the bride herself.

Image Source: Pinterest

These umbrella-shaped kaleere are perfect mixture of old tradition with bit of fresh style embellishing red tassels are surely gonna win the hearts of young brides!

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