Din Shagna Daa Chadeyaa…Bridal Entry

Gone are the days when a Sharmati Hui Dulhan used to make a grand bridal entry for her wedding. Nowadays, the bold and beautiful bride amazes everyone by the way she walks down the aisle at her wedding venue. And here we have some incredible ideas on how to make the most awaited moment of a wedding the ‘dhamakedar’ one!

Here comes the stunning bride walking down the aisle in the most amazing ways you can ever expect!

Image Source: Wedding Nama Photography

On A Traditional Palki

Some things never go out of fashion, no matter how old are they. A modern bride and a traditional palki are the perfect combos for a grand entry. Carried by her brothers in the beautifully adorned palki is indeed an emotional yet heart-warming moment for everyone.

Image Source: fotographia9

Under The ‘Chaadar’

Nothing is more adorable than witnessing the bride being lightened up by the beauty of her surroundings. Especially when she is being brought up under a chaadar made up of lights, kaleeras or the blossoms. Escorted by her brothers, the bride walks securely yet gracefully. 

Image Source: Fotowalle
Image Source: House On The Clouds

Swag Wali Entry

Being a sanskari Dulhan yet with a hell of lot of swag can set up the whole place on fire. Entering your own wedding on a bike or some vintage car can leave your groom enthralled. He won’t stop admiring his swagger bride till the very end of the wedding!

Image Source: Wedding Nama Photography

A Rock & Roll Entry

What happens when everyone sees a bride entering the venue by dancing on the beats of dhol, nagade and shehnaiyaan? Of course, they all cannot stop themselves from tapping their feet too! Be that bride and make everyone dance along with you on your auspicious day.

Image Source: ZoWed
Image Source: The Light Smiths

Be The Queen

There’s no doubt you would be the queen for the day but you can enhance this thing by making a royal entry. Do that either by haathi ki sawari or come on a beautifully decorated carriage. Feel extra special on your special day and leave an impact for a lifetime.


Image Source: Chris-Keeney Photography
Image Source: Morvi Images

Being Daddy’s Little Girl

Beginning your new life and walking down the aisle with your father is the most blissful thing you’ll ever experience. Holding his hand and being his little girl for the last time can be overwhelming for everyone beholding the love between a daughter and her father.

Image Source: Dipak-Studios

Go Desi

You can be a modern bride and yet add a desi touch to your wedding. Make a bridal entry on a decorated tractor or a cycle rickshaw and leave everyone surprised. Shades on and the shyness have gone!


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