How Technology Has Transformed Indian Wedding

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It’s 2019 and technology is an essential part of our lives. To be more precise… an inseparable part! Whatever we do today, wherever we go, they are all in some way or the other dependent on technology. And Indian weddings are no different! As we all know, planning a wedding has always been a traditional family affair. With Couples going through months of stressful planning, carefully judging every factor closely like costs of venues, list of vendors and other things. But today, couples are relying heavily on technology to make these months before the wedding a little less stressful.

Now, let’s take a look at some of these technological aspects which have completely transformed wedding planning for couples.

1. Looking for the perfect partner


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Those days when looking for the bride/groom used to happen through our relatives or vichole. Now, we have online vichole who help us find our right match. Online platforms like, and have made finding the perfect match an easier affair.

They use highly efficient algorithms to increase the probability of finding an apt match by suggesting a profile with accurate compatibility. This makes looking for the right partner as easy as it sounds!

2. The big task – Wedding planning

Earlier, wedding planning used to be a family affair. Each family member is given a responsibility – flower arrangements, getting a halwai, looking for a pandit, etc. But now, there are websites and apps that help you do all this alone. These wedding planning have everything – list of banquet halls, wedding planners, wedding vendors (mehndi artist, makeup artists, photographers in India, caterers service In India, DJ, etc). All you have to do is sit back and go through each list and select the ones that fit your bill. To add a little ease to your already easy time, is your one-stop solution to all the big tasks for you to undertake.

3. Shopping

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Wedding time is the biggest shopping season for any couple and family. Since Indian weddings are a long affair, we need clothes for each function. Engagement, mehndi, sangeet and wedding, each function requires a different attire. Then you need jewellery, makeup stuff and the list goes on. Generally, you would be going from shop to shop to get all this stuff. But with online shopping portals and wedding designers, you can sit back in your PJs and compare brands, look for different styles and simply click to buy. Are you looking for the best Event Wedding Planners in India? Peppynite has tied up with the Best Event Wedding Planners in India for you.

4. Sending Invitations

Gone are the days when you got wedding cards/invitations printed from your local printing shop. And then you visited each of the invitees individually. (Well, not really, we mean, people do get cards printed and with wedding card designers taking the country by storm, there’s a growing craze.) Now, you can get select designs for your cards, get them customized to give a personal touch and then send them to your guests. All this without the legwork and printing. Pretty cool, haan?

5. Destination Wedding

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A destination wedding is THE new trend in India. With social media doing its part in spreading the word, couples are looking at other couples’ online posts and pictures and heading to exotic locations to get married. They are going through destination wedding packages online instead of going to agents and getting the best deal for themselves. All this while sitting at home, getting cosy! now offers you the best destination wedding packages across India to your favourite locations.

These packages cover the hotel stay for your family and your guest and all the arrangements for the functions. Needless to say, you can book a flight or train tickets to the destination online too.

While these are the major sectors presented by technology to which couples have said yes, there are a few other things made easier by technology. And they must be mentioned too…

1. Wedding shopping suggestions

No matter how much technology gets into an Indian wedding planning, it cannot take away the need of family members in arranging things. And the wedding shopping can absolutely not happen with your family. Instagramming and sending links of items to your friends and asking them for their suggestions, colour combinations, it all goes on. Even jewellery selection is done through social media in many cases.

2. Streaming your wedding online

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Yep, it is a thing in other countries and the idea is catching up here too. Couples can stream their whole wedding online for their friends and relatives who couldn’t make it to the wedding. You can either create go online and stream the whole event through live video option on Facebook or you can get your website to stream it. But your friends and relatives will certainly miss out on all the spicy gossips, tasty food and warm hugs.

3. Wedding list or wedding registry

Another thing from the English countries but we are seeing this thing catching on slowly. While here in India, we have a tradition of giving shagun more than giving gifts, our imaginations when it comes to gifting actually isn’t that good. And couples do complain about some unnecessary gifts they get. Couples create their online registry and upload their wishes. Now, friends and guests can take a hint from it and gift the same.

Technology has taken over most of the things and Indian weddings are no different. With people wanting comfort and leisure, technology was bound to occupy most of our daily lives.

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