How To Plan Your Wedding the Bohemian Style!

When one thinks of a Bohemian wedding, breezy, laid-back, in nature’s lap, that’s what springs in our minds. It’s pretty easy to see why Bohemian weddings are getting really popular among young couples. They speak of care-free, stylish yet a nature-loving attitude of the couples. And they’re pretty inexpensive too!

So, if you love-birds are thinking of a Bohemian styled, outdoor wedding, we’ll help you plan certain important aspects of your wedding. Let’s go for a Bohemian ride!


boho venue

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A classic Boho wedding is all about outdoor setting and enjoying the serene nature around you. And by outdoor setting, it means, a farm or a park or on a beach. Make the most of your surroundings and arrange for decorations keeping in mind nature around you. Book your wedding venue at Peppynite.

Flowers to go with

Boho floral

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We already did and we will continue to specify how a boho wedding is all about nature and your decor will flow with it. That makes flowers an important part of the decor. The bride can go on and have multiple floral pieces for headpieces, centrepieces, etc. For centrepieces, a collection of bottles in different shapes and sizes filled with grasses, fern leaves and garden roses, these can include rosebuds too, all these would work well.

Your Decor

boho decor

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It’s quite obvious that a Bohemian wedding mostly has large floral hangings and a fair share of greenery. Now, add pieces of some interesting vintage decorative bits and use an assortment of serving plates and dishes for that extra zing. A combination of different styles and colours of chairs and cushions will add to that zing too. If you have a tented wedding, how about draping the insides with florals and panels of different patterns? Search for your wedding decorators and other vendors here.

Click the right picture

Boho pictures

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Since it’s a Bohemian wedding and everything is about nature and natural, pictures will also have natural aesthetic values. Now, your wedding is outside among nature, so there will be innumerable opportunities for you and your partner to get photographed with the serene surroundings. Your wedding portraits are going to be absolutely epic. Get the best wedding photographer in your city.

No heels, no shoes, no problem!

Boho outdoor

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When you’re having a totally laid-back wedding affair, why do you even need your high heel sandals? And if that’s how you feel then we would suggest you guys make proper arrangements for your guests to leave their shoes and feel secure about it. You can’t obviously force your guests but you can let them know that they are free to take their shoes off and frolic with you. You can offer sandals or flip-flops to those guests who don’t like it barefoot.

What to wear?

Boho attire

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Well, it’s the most challenging part for a bride. Choosing the right colour, the right design, then combining it with accessories, there’s just too much. But when it’s a Bohemian Wedding, one thing you can do is opt for lighter and flowy attire instead of the traditional heavy ones. Look for a colourful but light lehenga or you can match with your decor and don a floral print too. Sarees are a great option! They are classy, stylish and much lighter than the traditional lehengas.

Bohemian weddings are all about care-free, nature and everything whimsical. So, our dear couples, sit down today and start planning your own Boho wedding!

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