The Paul Bangalore: Unwind In Your Humble Abode

The Paul bangalore

Moving from Gurugram’s quiet oasis to the humble abode in another IT hub: The Paul Bangalore. Just like Gurugram, Bangaluru is a thriving city with youth from all parts of India flocking here. Everyone here is working hard all through the week to make their dreams come true.

And amidst all this scuttle, lies The Paul Bangalore, a luxury living in the heart of the city. When you want to escape this rush but can’t get out, retreat here to unwind, relax, refresh and be pampered. The Paul Bangalore, with its 57 suites, is a Luxury Business Hotel in Bangalore that invites you to relish the luxury of a different kind. Investing everything in comfort and redefining new meanings of luxury, this hotel dedicates its efforts to maintaining world-class standards while constantly providing personal service without intruding on privacy. Book your rooms through Peppynite.


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Just like in Gurugram, the youngsters of Bangaluru have the perfect place to have their wedding. And there is no compromise at any level so that you get the wedding of your dreams. The Paul Bangalore’s suites are a place to be! With an unparallel luxury oozes from every piece of decor, you’ll be spoilt like a little kid at a funfair.

Each of the 57 luxury suites at The Paul Bangalore, has been created to provide unrivalled luxury and incessant comfort. Luxury accommodation is emphasised, and style and elegance reigns in tune with immense living space and unparalleled service as each suite enjoy innumerable luxurious accessories.

The Paul Bangalore has four categories of Suites

  • Studio Suite
  • Executive Suite
  • Premier Suite
  • Club Suite

Studio Suite

Studio suite

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The Studio Suite speaks of elegance loud and clear with warm wooden floors, luxuriously comfortable furniture, well-styled living and one bedroom with balcony and accessories. These suites are superior in size to the regular hotel room and efficiently utilizes its space to provide ultimate comforts of premium quality.

Executive Suite

executive suite

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The Executive Suites are an ode to style and comfort. The suite has a living/dining room and 2 individual bedrooms which have a distinct taste of luxury and comfort about them. For a business traveller who has had a long day, the lavish comfort and decor of the Executive Suite make it a perfect choice.

Premier Suite

premier suite

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The Premier Suite is an epitome of premium luxury in its spaciousness, with its elegant decor and delectable comforts in the living/dining hall, powder room, 2 bedrooms with state-of-the-art bathrooms and extensive balconies.

Club Suite

Club Suite

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The Club Suite is the culmination of The Paul Bangalore’s attempt to attain perfection in its style and thus presents its prime suites with finesse. The premium suite promises its guests every possible comfort during their stay through its plush living room, dining hall, 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms and balconies.

The next big thing about The Paul Bangalore is the banquet hall that is perfect for all the wedding function you will have.

Banquet hall

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The hotel staff is there to take care of every need and want you may have. Be it the solemn setting of a mandap of your wedding to colorful and memorable parties after the wedding, they do it all. The banquet hall can play host to 170 guests at a single time. The staff works closely with the clients to make everything work, right from the theme settings, to flowers, stage decorations, entertainment, DJ, musicians, light, and sound, etc.

Love birds of Bangaluru, if you are looking for the perfect location for your lovely wedding inside the city, there’s no better option than The Paul Bangalore.

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