List Of Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Bangalore

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After calming the brides-to-be in Chandigarh with a list of top makeup artists in Chandigarh, we’re headed down south to Bangalore. This is the silicon valley of India as Information and Technology companies bloom here. Youth from across the country come flying here to get good jobs and earn a high number salary. That means the youth have a good amount in hand to spend on their weddings. A trend of classy and out-of-the-box weddings is underway in every corner of the city. With fashion and style getting high priority, a bride must look her best at her wedding, right? So, here we are, with a list of the best bridal makeup artists in Bangalore. Here we go!

Gouri Kapur

Gouri Kapur is among the most famous names in Bangalore. She has worked and done makeup for a number of celebs like Deepika Padukone. Girls have a liking for the way she does the base for a flawless look. Brides also love her use of gold tones that compliment the Indian skin.

Contact No: 9844110132

Yani Shrivastava

If bling and shimmer is not your style, Yani is your gal! Yani not only nails the Indian bridal look but also stumps the international one. She takes into account your preferences and notches it up with her magic to give that perfect look. The makeup artist maintains an even tone and her signature style is a naturally radiant look.

Contact: 9886727871

Tony Michael

Publicado por Tony"The Makeup Artist" en Lunes, 28 de enero de 2019

Tony is originally from Cochin and is now settled in Bangalore. The guy who picked up most of his makeup techniques merely from watching movies has been in the makeup business for more than eight years now. Tony has worked with a number of fashion models and celebrity and prepared them for their shoot.

Contact: 8047097624

Rekha Krishna Murthy

Publicado por Makeup by Rekha Krishnamurthy en Jueves, 23 de noviembre de 2017

Rekha is among the best bridal makeup artist that you can find in Bangalore. Apart from being a top-notch makeup artist, Rekha is also a stylist and a grooming expert. (Seems like you’ve got some help with your overall bridal look!) Rekha takes extra caution in understanding a bride’s needs and incorporating all them in the best way.

Contact: 9845480507

Makeup by Ramya

Ramya is one of the most affordable makeup artists in Bangalore. If you check her portfolio and look at the bride’s pics, you’ll notice all of them have a soft, dewy glow in stark contrast to a coarse matte look. There are dusky brides in her portfolio who look as gorgeous as the paler ones. That’s Ramya for you, ladies!

Contact: 9066306333

Divya Hegde

Yet Another Picture Of The Coy Priya !!!

Publicado por Divya Hegde – Makeup Artist N Stylist en Jueves, 6 de febrero de 2014

Divya Hedge is an old name in the bridal makeup world. She has been in the makeup world for more than 9 years now and has worked with a vast number of brides. That means she knows ways and tricks to accommodate different ways and makeup sensibilities with skin tones.

Contact: 7834822228

Kulsum Parvez Makeup 

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Publicado por Kulsum Parvez Makeup Studio en Sábado, 13 de julio de 2019

Versatility is Kulsum’s main selling point. Be it a Christian bride or traditional Kannada or Telugu, she can work her magic and pull off different looks with ease. Kulsum especially mentions in her profile that she aims to go for the look the bride wants. Wouldn’t you want that?

Contact: 9886965599

Manjeet and Priya

Publicado por Manjeet Khehra en Viernes, 16 de agosto de 2019

Manjeet and Priya are known as the Bangalore makeup industry’s power couple. Since they are the power couple, you can safely assume they have years of experience in doing bridal makeup. Thus, they can easily help you get that right bridal look for your D-day. You can freely opt for their free trials and be 100% sure that your needs for the perfect look will be taken care of.

Contact: 9972012250

Maithri Devanathan

Publicado por Makeup by Maithri en Jueves, 8 de agosto de 2019

Although a diploma holder in apparel designing and fashion technology, Maithri had a knack for makeup. This made her take the bold step to venture into makeup artistry. Her primary specialization is bridal makeover but she also provides makeup, hairstyle, styling, and saree draping services.

Contact: 8892413207

Gayatri Raghavan

Publicado por MakeUp and Hair by Gayatri en Jueves, 23 de febrero de 2017

Gayatri Raghavan has MAC for nearly 2 years. She offers her clients all the latest tricks and techniques in the makeup world so that they can be satisfied with the look they get. Gayatri has worked on a number of projects with celebrities and styled models for popular ad shoots and corporate shows.

Contact: 8047097616

There you go, ladies! The list of best makeup artist in Bangalore to hire for your D-day.

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